you have ticked off your new powers and their challenge level. Now it’s about doing it. You may be surprised how parts of your mind or belly will respond to it. As usual – just observe, gather your thoughts, remember what matters to you and what you want to happen on Earth, no matter what. 

We want you to make this experience with easeHere are simple swift steps to take to make your experience REAL. We add optional actions that are originally meant for Phase 5, since many of you are able and willing to take them right now. It feels like playing.

Also, 🙂 we don’t want you to feel bored, small, bridled or underestimated. So, there’s a few basics. And a lot of optional things to shoot at the Stars #bemoreawesome

1. Connect with YL

on all channels


2. Boost a Hero*ine

with a donation; and if possible, also in-kind

For an optimal experience

browse Boost Club profiles to know stories, in-kind options, milestones and make your choice

For optimal results + impact

use their stories, posters, link to inspire others to take part 


3. Share favorite stories, films, music online

and call people to visit YL, discover youth leadership in online exhibit and crash course, YL Magazine

For an optimal experience

add your comment, speak with passion, add anecdotes, ideas, action calls, milestones, progress news

For optimal results + impact

do so every couple of days over 4 weeks, observe responses and follow every opportunity for conversations, turning inspiration into action and networking


2 minutes


4. Add an Action Call

to donate / to reach a milestone / to join you / to connect with schools etc.

For an optimal experience

do it to boost youth leadership, YL or for a hero*ine you truly dearly love! Wish to reach it and be over the top happy if it works out. Let go of pressure, it’s new for your relations, it’s practice, training, observe what happens. No hero*ine expects it of you, no hero*ine even knows you. Your contribution will come like a surprise gift from heaven! 

For optimal results + impact

dare feel your love, mixed with anxiety of failing the goal and knowledge of the chance to reach it, knowing that even if you don’t reach it, you do 100x better than nothing, tried the best that is possible right now under these circumstance; you know this will get easy once schools are activated

5. Gather best friends

over coffee & cookies to view 20 stories + videos + music + hear their responses and ideas

For an optimal experience

use printed copies of story posters. For best color, sturdy quality and low price, we recommend to purchase our Bundle.

You are ready to casually guide Phase 1.


For optimal results + impact

make a list in your mind or on paper of what would be great concrete outcomes, such as … wow, great new worldview … tears, hugs, hope and what’s next? … new crew, a team … decision to activate friends, school, workplace … first actions … concrete action for your fav’ hero*ine you have begun to FUNdraise for … as options to offer to your newly awakened NEWBIE companions that don’t know of actions, YL programs, partners, strategies as you do … leaving open which steps they pick based on their passion, ideas, relations … 


1 nice afternoon

+ Combine with your 1st experience in POSITIVE CHANGE MEDIA CULTURE

Document, share, get published in YL Media + on social / news media


with photos + feedback posters + video testimonials and share with social, news, YL media to grow reach, fun, impact







2 photos of yourself

1 in team page style, not boring like a passport, but friendly, fun, can also be outdoors or wild

1 expressing your feelings about youth leadership and your new superpowers


1 minute

2 photos of digital activity

such as you pointing at your favorite hero*ine in the Boost Club, a music video you love or celebrating success or video meeting with allies


1 minute

3 photos of local activity

group crash course

1 in interaction with stories, posters, films, music …

1 in conversation

1 group pic expressing feelings after Phase 1


1 minute


1 Testimonial Video

on your experience on what eye-openers and value you have gained from the Crash Course; 10-60 seconds is enough, phone selfie video is fine (horizontal, head, good lighting, okay sound, as still as possible); speak to us (and viewers) like to a friend, no need to be shy, do like the kids do!


FORM with final questions and ATTACH DOCUMENT a zip file with all completed docs

Phase 1 completed

You have earned

Digital Certificate


Introduction to Youth Leadership

by Youth-Leader, Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University

YL Messenger


Initiated to Youth Leadership + YOUTH-LEADER

Competence Partner of RCE-Ruhr, United Nations University

We will send them to you upon reception of your completed Phase 1 Reflection documents.
Please allow a few days for processing and delivery.  

Download your free digital manuals

>>> The YL Coach Path ahead

to practice, sharpen, strengthen, expand your skills … and then take more actions.


The Hero*ine's Path + YL for You

from inspiration to action

Positive Change Music + Media

that inspire to take action

Activate Paradise City

detect allies, spaces, localize actions …

High Impact Starter Actions

put all your knowledge into action

COMPLETE the Crash Course

to GROW your competence, confidence, vision and options

Get a YL Coach Certificate

optional YL blog post + YL Map Marker + printed, signed + member of the YL Tribe
Coaches Community

> Recommended

to connect with the YL Tribe, stay uplifted, learn-on-the-go, connect with others, dream and take action.


A few minutes



Your Benefits

Your daily life connects with taking action like and with your hero*ine peers and fired up youth like yourself, of diverse character all over Earth

Your ultimate training program

  • to stay inspired
  • to learn solutions
  • to dream big
  • to grow your bond with hero*ines, coaches, project partners, youth teams all over Earth



Your Benefits

Your daily life connects with boosting young hero*ines and local youth leadership

You strengthen your

  • knowledge of tricks, in-kind options, milestones
  • bond with hero*ines, project partners, caring citizens, YL Coaches
  • scope of partners and action

as you enjoy seeing success unfold



Explore, use and tell people of

Your Benefits

Online, Home and Family Activities to use with youth, in the family and to promote to parents, teachers, news media, family and youth magazines 


People are fed up and tired by the pandemic. This time period is perfect to get their attention, help them and connect them with YL.

Observe the option to gain Badges, Certificate and to guide activities in schools years 1 to 9



Engage with

Your Benefits

Daily upliftment, constant learning, curated best stories and updates from hero*ines packaged online, as digital PDF and print magazine

a strong asset

You are part of a world-premiere medium with relevant quality content that we together can evolve, seed online and locally … and as you get used to it, you will know how to contribute + use it to grow your reach + how to create a Local Edition as exciting educational projects and powerful tool


Get the Book + YL 101

Get something tangible. It’s better than digital. It’s an artefact in your hands, a companion, a tool to show others

Your Benefits

Tangible media are better than digital media. They are better memorable, a veritable artefact in your hands, a companion and tool to quickly inform others and show at a glance “how much gold there is to discover”, and you can leave it with them to dig in the same day


Serve Your People

Many people that like to work with kids, youth and nature, i.e. your local crews and allies strongly dislike electronic media. 

You need tangible media to best serve reach, awaken and serve

  • your elven allies
  • children
  • educators

Get the Bundle

  • Crash Course
  • Poster Set for Exhibits
  • XL Ambience Posters
  • Cardgame
  • Manuals
  • Flyers

Your Benefits

Go through Phases 2 to 5 at ease on your living room floor or table. Feel well equipped to guide Phases 1 to 5 with groups or freestyle with parts of it as you see fit on occasions  


This is a Coach’s Tool Box

Never feel empty-handed. When you lack a screwdriver, you can delay work to later, but when you work with people, delaying to later is not possible, it destroys flow and follow-up.

If you know that you want to boost High Impact Youth Leadership using YL resources and relations, get it. 

These were very simple swift steps. Many people are on fire to do something real right away. Here are examples. Don’t be shy to take action! We are here to help.