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Key message of the video

Human nature tends to compare yourself with other people, like – that person is having a better experence than I have.

It’s really important to drop that thought.

You are in a group setting, but your experience needs to be personal to be rich! 

Imagine yourself at a ballroom dance. You’re having this really intimate dance with your partner. If you are looking into their eyes, there is a magic that happens. But if you look around you and behind you and watch everybody else dancing, the magic is broken.

During this workshop, you are in an intimate dance with your Inner Hero*ine, so don’t worry about what everyone else in the room is doing. We will share, but it is about trusting and honoring your own experience.

This crash course is an immersion, an initiation. This is only about YOU. It is direct revelation. No coach or “priest” can translate or explain your experience. Whatever your experience is is correct.

And laugh. The more you can open up to a place of humor, the more the spirit can come in. What stops us from evoking positive change is that we get so serious, so rational, that the spirit cannot get to us, because the only place spirit can connect with us is through the Heart.

If you have ever been around high impact successful changemakers, you have seen that – they are in good spirits, and some are very silly and shine and laugh all the time.

Pay good attention to the young people you meet in the Crash Course. And to the adults.


everybody gets to see these videos at school, at home, at work, on social media, on talkshows, in magazines?


What youth say

“The most inspirational videos I have ever seen. I feel adrenalin running through my entire body. It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.”

“I never knew that youth could do such kind of things. This gives me so much hope.”

“I knew that youth are doing stuff, but this is spectacular. I am floored by the potentials.”

“I am in tears. Ameena is so awesome. Sorry, boys, but she is far more badass than you are.”

“The stuff that makes you say – sign me up!”

What teachers say

“As a teacher, I have been trying for years to inspire by students to get active for people and planet, in vain. Everything changed when I used the speech of Xiuhtezcatl at the UNITED NATIONS. The whole class literally awakened to life and since then, we have been organizing all sorts of activities and projects.”

What coaches say

“I have been leading a 10-week project development course at my former high school. The aim was to develop a collaborative project for the School Action Day. I started out with the aim to make them come up with own ideas, using all sorts of design thinking methods . .. but the group stayed entirely uninspired and bored. It was only in week 8 that I used YL Posters and videos – and everything changed : the whole group was on fire to take action. Week 9 was “sabotaged” by most students’ absence due to a sports competition. With only one session left, I got worried about the School Action Day. In that final session, students decided to organize an exhibit on youth leadership using posters, videos, surveys, and audience interactions. At the end of the day, I asked the crew about their experience. Their response : “Students and teachers, everybody agrees, the exhibit was the best thing of the day.” Next time, I will begin session 1 with posters and videos. No time to lose.

The uplifting can-do feeling and tangible hope conveyed by videos showing changemakers in action is ONE feeling. But there are MORE feelings in the life of an activist that we all should know before we stumble into them. In everyday life, experiences of external phenomena like disappointing adults and moron bullies cause rather unpleasant feelings to deal with. That’s easy though, as we’ll show further down the page. The more important aspect to deal with are INTERNAL energies. Deep in our heart and belly. This is not about “knowing”. This is about FEELING.

Millions have heard Greta speak and believe they know her.
But do they really understand her, how she perceives the world, what she is telling us and what’s going on?

Being heartbroken

about the state of the world means that you have won the cosmic lottery. It means that you are not a robot, not a zombie, but are alive. 

Your broken Heart means that you LOVE Life on Earth.

If you let these feelings rise like a river from your depths and cry tears, you humbly gift your pure Love to the Earth. And this will make the world COME ALIVE and ALOVE again. Through you. Because it will change you, resotre a bond with the living, and, activate you as a cell of the planetary animal and empower you with her force. It’s magic. And indigenous people know and cultivate this all the time. It is no coincidence that certain remarkable activists and sirens are born in sacred indigenous traditions.


Here is the lesson from those who succeed:

You have to FEEL the change to BE the change.

You cannot select feelings. Either you feel nothing or everything.

You feel your love and adoration for the animals, the planets, the mineral formations, the beauty of the Earth.

You feel the pain of seeing them hurt.
You feel the anger about that.

Because the truth and knowing coded deep in your cells roars that is wrong. And that voice is the one you must hear. That is the one that will protect what you love. 

You know the solution and what needs doing. This is vision. You feel responsible. this makes passion. Passion is the engine fuel that fires up your action!

Pay attention to where the power in  Xiuhtezcatl comes from.

YL offers plenty of solutions and support

so that all of us can dare feel your love and pain and anger, honestly answer this question:

“Why have you come to this planet at this special time?”

and live it – as part of a local and global like-hearted Tribe with this attitude :


Many YL Coaches add extra 90 minutes time in their crash courses at school using this page’s content. 


Life is rich and feelings are multiplex. As responsible Yl Coaches that inspire youth to take action, and accompany them, we need to understand a little more, and have a few more role model examples for youth.

As we heal the broken world,

like a doctor, we see illness, yukky stuff in people. As we unclog humanity of its blocked emotions and constipations, it happens that orkish people’s shit and poison spray all over the place. The term “people are full of shit” is to be taken literal. It takes the form of toxic comments, bullying, mobbing and crime.

Protesters get that a lot, because they address the sick, and ask people to do something, causing reactions by the sick and lazy.

Changemakers do projects, without waiting for anyone. They create the new good, and people embrace it, hence they receive very little negative attention. 

Hence, because we want impact, we do projects in YL.

Still, there is need for Protective Gear. Not plastic jackets though. We need something to cleanse and fortify …

… our Spirit.

Just like your body, it has muscles that get stronger as you use them. We’ll show you teen-used practices in a minute.


We are animal angels.

Gentle, lovely beings. And cute.

Mean people hurt.

Only few people wear impenetrable energy armor.

Greta is one example. Her “autism condition” makes that her brain will not process illogical nonsense that people throw at her, and she does not long for anyone to like her. In her words “I do not engage in the social games that many of you seem to be so fond of”.

Champion level

One person who comprehends her champion level is the highest respected Gandalf of North America, Arvol Looking Horse. He gave her a Lakota name, meaning “Woman That Came From The Heavens.”

How to delete bullies

who deny suffering and oppose positive change

in 1 second.

To finish the bully topic once and for all, here’s a magic spell by the king of youtube himself. Casey Neistat.

However, changemakers face a million more things than bullies, and not many of us are naturally born with a supershield, and that’s okay. Everybody has their own superpowers. This makes us invincible when we team up as an army.

But for sure, we need some protective gear and tricks to stay away from wasting time on internet comments, to cut our bonds with toxic people, to cleanse ourselves from other people’s shit, sadness, frustration, burn-out, and to raise our own inner cosmogalactic warrior light, by activating our inner volcano.

All Grand Changemakers

have their own mix of practices, and this mix grows and changes through life. 


have it easy. Children are freshly teleported from Heaven, in the heart, feelings and body, not in the brain that regrets the past and worries about the future, and tries to get a grip on things to control them instead of freely letting them flow. They are in a protective energy bubble.

Kid power rules

That’s why the goal of sacred spiritual traditions is to live the divine child, the krsna, the Christ, who resides in the heart. 

Innocent, loving, wildly alive and alove. So just STAY THAT WAY!

All adult high impact changemakers have that fun, silly, magical part in them. Anyone ridiculing it is simply a loser that does no relevant good for people and planet. Fact.


gradually get to discover how twisted adults are, and, regrettably, even teenage peers. The biggest abomination truly is moron teens hurting, shaming and sabotaging their kind peers for creating a good world for all. 

It’s only equalled by school employees that put them down. We don’t call them “teachers” because they aren’t. The purpose of schooling, defined by Education Law’s §1 is to enable able, active, caring citizens, and any teacher not doing so fails their purpose.

This is why our priority is to activate and anchor youth leadership at schools, uniting flocks of young people across classes and years, in alliance with caring teachers, parents and partners.

Yet, even when school is awesome, in Unsustainable Societies, there’s lots of idiots, so a teen needs a good mix of practices to stay sane. Here’s how one of the grand warriors fills up his protective bubble. Find your mix!

Sacred practice with the inner world

Sacred practice with the outer world

Good, like-hearted company of all ages!

Time in Nature

Solitude. “When I am away from the herd, alone in nature, I can better hear my creative thoughts.” – AURORA


need sacred practice for sure, to stay in harmony. 

We show you high end champs.

This is not the kind of work you and your youth will be doing with YL. Still, we know that it is difficult at any kind of the journey, hence we want you to see this high end example and know that solutions exist to organize gatherings to overcome any challenge, including war.

Take this as a lifelong medicine dose: if they can manage, then you can definitely make it, in your easy-going setting. #bemoreawesome

The BIG lesson for Humanity, you and all your friends.

Sky has grown up as a skateboarder from early age. At age 9, she outperforms professional adult women skaters. At some events, she is the only female to skate the big ramp. We see kids growing up with rock climbing outperform adults. Their flow is beyond anything one has seen to-date. We also see 10-year-old kids win America’s Got Talent, and adults clearly had no chance. 

The most important lesson to learn for creating a good future fast is this:


When kids grow up as changemakers from early age,
they will vastly outperform today’s adult generations.

One has only learned something, if one does it.

You now better understand our YOUTH-LEADER mission and priority goal

to make youth leadership omni-present in our schools, homes, workplaces, in public and media.

We have an arsenal of magic weapons for everyone to wield.


Down to Earth in Daily Life

You have seen a lot of changemaker friends in authentic, raw videos that focus on action. While all that is TRUE, it is incomplete. 

Like any teen, changemakers spent a lot of time at school, encounter ordinary, uncaring people, there’s moron trolls and orks around, and boss battles to be fought against dirty industries. And to win. Healing a sad, boring world in ruins is work, and while the videos show Gryffindore fireworks of action, our adventure takes place in the slow motion muggle world, which requires patience, farming (gold) and grinding, too. Obviously, changemakers also master those aspects of life. Hang out with them for a casual chat and hear them respond to basic questions.

This is a great training for your mental body, and for your emotional body. It’s for everybody that takes action, and also for YL Coaches who inspires youth to take action. 

Take an hour off. It’s good listening during breakfast, lunch or on the bus.

The Role of Rage

You have seen a lot of lovely, angelic beings.

There is an additional note in what makes successful changemakers that you need to see, feel and comprehend,

since positive change doesn’t end at picking up plastic straws. In many cases, it  is a) about ending extreme personal violence, like rape and murder, and b) about ending mass violence far away (by corporations). When people do not feel OUTRAGE at those things, something is severely wrong. Lukewarm equanimity is the cause of sitting idle, doing nothing and letting the world go down in ashes, and sustaining the suffering of abused children. It is like not reacting when one’s child gets beaten up or burned. This is unacceptable. 

In face of injustice, abuse and suffering, the opposite of equanimity is : fierce rage. 

That has long been stigmatized, quenched in women and eradicated in children at early age when they raised their roar against injustice, abuse and violence in the biological family they were unlucky to be born into. Now, at this time of escalating violence against people, planet and everything we love, there is no more time to politely kiss up to abusers, idiots and destroyers. Now, is the time that RAGE is needed.

Many people got to fear their own rage, and are uneasy about its spectrum, and how to handle it wisely.

We’ll show you.

On your path, you will meet young people that are angry,and BOY DO THEY HAVE REASON TO BE ANGRY!

Now, under every anger is a pain. And that pain is born from broken hearts, and this means LOVE.

And this love and anger is needed – but it must end to be messy, and begin to be sacred

to end the suffering. So, learn from the champs that know. You will understand

Inner Hero*ines, prick your ears, here is for your Hearts

to heal, to grow and to achieve your dreams.


It is not evil.

You protect LIFE against evil.

You know


Griff's Wild Tip
“Momma cat protecting her babies. She wasn’t stalking him. The headline on the video is incorrect. Mtn lions are stealth hunters. They ambush their prey. If she was stalking him he wouldn’t know it till shortly before she pounced on him. She was escorting him away from her babies. Wolves do the same thing if you get to close to their den. If this happens to you, put your phone in your pocket, throw rocks, and yell. Do not run. Back away facing her and throw rocks. Don’t stay bent down picking up rocks for too long. Make it fast. But you are way more likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightning so dont let this video keep you out of the woods.
From Beth Pratt Director of National Wildlife Federation California
“Let me fix the headline “Mountain Lion Chases Man Away Trying to Protect Her Kitten.” Another wrong headline about cougars – can we check with biologists before sharing? I think I see a kitten in this video — this behavior looks more like trying to protect her kitten — “get out of here” than stalking and hunting. She felt threatened. This is not how mountain lions hunt — they are typically stealth predators.”

We need to live them both.

Our YES! 

to what we love

Our NO!

to what hurts what we love 

Among changemakers, it expresses in many forms.

Acting from a place of peace and love,

We Protect What We Love





An anecdote on spirit

When the trainer was pitched the idea to train abused and homeless women, he called it ridiculous, since he is putting people through hell.

He had trained groups of seventy men, and only two turned up for day two. 

When he trained a group of women, all but three turned up for day two, and he realized that they had already been through hell before.  

Another anecdote on spirit

It doesn’t make sense that we protect one animal, and eat another one for dinner. Our work only makes sense, if we hurt no animals at all. 

So, they also change to a vegan diet. 

This is not common in very down to earth traditional Africa. 

But when Akashingas return or are deployed to villages, no one ridicules them for only eating plants … instead, children and women observe them with respect and ask questions. Maybe also men. 


You will see them make an Oath. Many changemakers have made a sort of pledge to themselves, to the children of the world…

What is your pledge for the young generation?


... you began your fight with strength and rage ...

You have said that you began to fight for the Waorani future with strength and rage. What was your awakening?

When I was a child, my father used to tell me that my grandfather had a lot of love for the forest. That love was transmitted to me. The jungle has given me freedom, strength. I was shocked when I saw with my own eyes the impact of the oil companies on the territory of the Cofán and Siona brothers, and I listened to their testimonies. They didn’t know the consequences of the oil spills in the rivers; they bathed in that black water without knowing how that would affect them. I know of cases of children dying from it. That gave me the courage to protect the 180,000 virgin acres that we have in the Waorani community of Pastaza. We don’t want a reoccurrence of the story that the northern brothers experienced. I’m not afraid of dying. If I die, it’s for the sake of the future.

This is my message to the western world.

“Your civilisation is killing Life on Earth.”

We Indigenous people are fighting to save the Amazon, but the whole planet is in trouble because you do not respect it

Dear presidents of the nine Amazonian countries and to all world leaders that share responsibility for the plundering of our rainforest,

My name is Nemonte Nenquimo. I am a Waorani woman, a mother, and a leader of my people. The Amazon rainforest is my home. I am writing you this letter because the fires are raging still. Because the corporations are spilling oil in our rivers.

Because the miners are stealing gold (as they have been for 500 years), and leaving behind open pits and toxins. Because the land grabbers are cutting down primary forest so that the cattle can graze, plantations can be grown and the white man can eat. Because our elders are dying from coronavirus, while you are planning your next moves to cut up our lands to stimulate an economy that has never benefited us.

Because, as Indigenous peoples, we are fighting to protect what we love – our way of life, our rivers, the animals, our forests, life on Earth – and it’s time that you listened to us.

In each of our many hundreds of different languages across the Amazon, we have a word for you – the outsider, the stranger. In my language, WaoTededo, that word is “cowori”. And it doesn’t need to be a bad word. But you have made it so. For us, the word has come to mean (and in a terrible way, your society has come to represent): the white man that knows too little for the power that he wields, and the damage that he causes.

You are probably not used to an Indigenous woman calling you ignorant and, less so, on a platform such as this. But for Indigenous peoples it is clear: the less you know about something, the less value it has to you, and the easier it is to destroy. And by easy, I mean: guiltlessly, remorselessly, foolishly, even righteously. And this is exactly what you are doing to us as Indigenous peoples, to our rainforest territories, and ultimately to our planet’s climate.

It took us thousands of years to get to know the Amazon rainforest. To understand her ways, her secrets, to learn how to survive and thrive with her. And for my people, the Waorani, we have only known you for 70 years (we were “contacted” in the 1950s by American evangelical missionaries), but we are fast learners, and you are not as complex as the rainforest.

When you say that the oil companies have marvellous new technologies that can sip the oil from beneath our lands like hummingbirds sip nectar from a flower, we know that you are lying because we live downriver from the spills. When you say that the Amazon is not burning, we do not need satellite images to prove you wrong; we are choking on the smoke of the fruit orchards that our ancestors planted centuries ago. When you say that you are urgently looking for climate solutions, yet continue to build a world economy based on extraction and pollution, we know you are lying because we are the closest to the land, and the first to hear her cries.

I never had the chance to go to university, and become a doctor, or a lawyer, a politician, or a scientist. My elders are my teachers. The forest is my teacher. And I have learned enough (and I speak shoulder to shoulder with my Indigenous brothers and sisters across the world) to know that you have lost your way, and that you are in trouble (though you don’t fully understand it yet) and that your trouble is a threat to every form of life on Earth.

You forced your civilisation upon us and now look where we are: global pandemic, climate crisis, species extinction and, driving it all, widespread spiritual poverty. In all these years of taking, taking, taking from our lands, you have not had the courage, or the curiosity, or the respect to get to know us. To understand how we see, and think, and feel, and what we know about life on this Earth.

I won’t be able to teach you in this letter, either. But what I can say is that it has to do with thousands and thousands of years of love for this forest, for this place. Love in the deepest sense, as reverence. This forest has taught us how to walk lightly, and because we have listened, learned and defended her, she has given us everything: water, clean air, nourishment, shelter, medicines, happiness, meaning. And you are taking all this away, not just from us, but from everyone on the planet, and from future generations.

It is the early morning in the Amazon, just before first light: a time that is meant for us to share our dreams, our most potent thoughts. And so I say to all of you: the Earth does not expect you to save her, she expects you to respect her. And we, as Indigenous peoples, expect the same.

• Nemonte Nenquimo is cofounder of the Indigenous-led nonprofit organisation Ceibo Alliance, the first female president of the Waorani organisation of Pastaza province and one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world – Article


In March, just days before Ecuador declared a national lockdown in response to COVID-19, the new Minister for Energy and Non-renewable Natural Resources, René Ortíz, said during a television interview that he planned to “take advantage of this crisis” to not only continue, but to speed up oil and mining projects to extract “all possible natural resources.” – Article 

“What’s more important, life or money?” Nemonte asked. “That’s the question that will decide everything. Indigenous peoples have always chosen life. We never destroyed our homes for money. That’s what the outsiders do. That’s what your society does.”


Without government support, who finances the struggle for the forest?

Small conservation groups have helped our organization raise money. Now we are looking for alternative ways to provide programs in the territory that focus on education and leadership. We will continue to look for resources to make alternative, sustainable economies. Most of the time, we don’t ask the government for help; when I do, they ignore us.

YL teams you up with them.

We Protect … Life on Earth

I’m missing anger in the youth. Not the blind rage, pointed towards all and nothing. But the kind of rage that wakes you up in the morning, the kind of rage that Inspires you to do something with the power you have in you. So I made a song. Filled with fire. And power. It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth. – AURORA

APPLE TREE was published the same week that Greta spoke at the UNITED NATIONS in New York, spewing fire at the government representatives who after 1 YEAR of protest and raising awareness on every single detail of planetary destruction through climate destroying dirty industries … brought decisions that DO NOTHING AT ALL for  a good future. The youth are betrayed. It is unveiled : there is no help at all to expect from adult generations’ national governments. They continue to mercilessly shred the hearts and dreams of the children and life on Earth.  They have no love for the Children. They have no Love for this beautiful Earth. While many have heard Greta’s words, and scandalized or celebrated them, they have not realized the feeling of the experience that has led to those words to be spoken. 

This feeling is what AURORA has formulated in this video.

I help people learn to feel their emotions once again.

PARADISE is Priority

Now, learn once more from the masters of ferocity – the animals. RAGE is only for very brief extreme moments of defense against attack. For the 99.9% of our lifetime, we cultivate PEACE, LOVE, JOY in ourselves, and around us. The feeling of PARADISE. You have to FEEL the change to BE the change. This is how we restore PARADISE in our lives and on Earth. This is the way to relearn.

View AURORA with her fans.

It will help you understand Change Generation MUSIC.





 * remember: divine child silly *


If you have fallen in LOVE, here’s a full concert. Exquisite!


means giving one’s lifetime and attention to uplift the other, to attract the good future, to convince the animals to stay on the planet with us. They are leaving because it is no longer enjoyable with us, and they do not feel loved. Do we love them? Do we care for them to stay? Or rather for some shit stuff? This is the test of this era.

What do you LOVE? What do you really, truly WANT?


“You never change things by criticizing existing reality.

To change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller 1980

tangible solutions

high impact

model solutions


all year


at home

at school

at work

in professions

in media

in public

fueled by

… the rage that gets you up in the morning and helps us leave sloth and zombie habits behind, to feel and to become fully ALIVE and ALOVE

… the dream vision that we make real now, the goal we run towards, that gives us wings, direction and concrete to-dos, that also inspire others to CONTRIBUTE

… the joy of creating a world of awesome with people we love, which feels so good that others want to BE PART

The more you are living the NEW,
the less rage is needed. 

It fires you up, makes your balloon rise, flaps your wings.
Once you fly, you glide like an eagle.

This is why you rarely see it among high impact changemakers.

But for many newbies and sleepies it can be a necessary force to experience, bridle and cultivate to get going.

This is why YL Coaches need to know.