A thought for preparation.

When it comes to feeling passion for something in our heart, there is no right or wrong. We are all different, and that is exactly what we need to evoke grand multiplex positive change on everything. Whether silent or loud, elf, nerd, beautiful beast or other, we all have specific superpowers for positive change. This also means, that we all experience this crash course different. Listen to Sandra for a bit on how to make the best of your inner journey, and why the grand hero*ines have a good dose of silly in them.

Key message of the video

Human nature tends to compare yourself with other people, like – that person is having a better experence than I have.

It’s really important to drop that thought.

You are in a group setting, but your experience needs to be personal to be rich! 

Imagine yourself at a ballroom dance. You’re having this really intimate dance with your partner. If you are looking into their eyes, there is a magic that happens. But if you look around you and behind you and watch everybody else dancing, the magic is broken.

During this workshop, you are in an intimate dance with your Inner Hero*ine, so don’t worry about what everyone else in the room is doing. We will share, but it is about trusting and honoring your own experience.

This crash course is an immersion, an initiation. This is only about YOU. It is direct revelation. No coach or “priest” can translate or explain your experience. Whatever your experience is is correct.

And laugh. The more you can open up to a place of humor, the more the spirit can come in. What stops us from evoking positive change is that we get so serious, so rational, that the spirit cannot get to us, because the only place spirit can connect with us is through the Heart.

If you have ever been around high impact successful changemakers, you have seen that – they are in good spirits, and some are very silly and shine and laugh all the time.

Pay good attention to the young people you meet in the Crash Course. And to the adults.

Our perfect starter is a gentle, slow paced 7 minute film on local 9 year old kids, down to earth, and unveiling several essentials of youth leadership. 

If they can, you can. After this, you are ready for the wild stuff.


Immerse yourself in youth spirit. As you watch, you will notice that you are entering a new world.


for thousands of teens across North America, and a few other places. And it is open to everybody.


To complement this, let’s look at adults

Growing up doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

His colleagues called him crazy. Now, his program is at 2,500 schools. Meet the world’s favorite teacher.

Follow a veritable mermaid and discover that Lothlorien and Paradise are for real, right here right now on Earth.

“42 people got killed in Chicago last week-end.”
These folks curbed gun killings by 93% in Chicago’s infamous Englewood neighborhood. 


For Phase 4 – PARADISE CITY – Step 19


View this clip and take his perspective at permaculture on changemaking, like in the city, your school, streets … your experience of observation and feeling change and using music and videos (whether you “understand” it or not), of looking at a space with “energies” moving around – people, resources, of stacking yields, self-regulation, automation, levels of involvement, accepting feedback, making changes, resources and services, larger patterns and details, space and people patterns … not getting bogged down in details, flow of energy, integrate, functional relations, beneficial interaction through integration of multiple elements, slow solutions, small systems, adapting as you go, value and use diversity of various species and people, creating resilience (remember this for Step 36 climate crisis resilient regions), the edge between spaces 1+1=3, respond as opposed to react. Every element to have 3 functions, every function to be supported by 3 elements. 

You will come across much of this in your changemaking work. Remembering these “laws or patterns of nature” helps you not get stuck, frustrated, expect that things work out as easy as a toaster. Life and transforming society is not a toaster.