To kick off local youth leadership with robust steps

  • we aim to make it omni-present
  • with a focus on SCHOOL, young people’s daily hangout
  • we also inspire adults; they are our multipliers

The approach is simple.

Seed Info and Inspiration using flyers, local news articles, stands … also at the workplace

Face2Face Meetings with groups, using Presentations, Poster Exhibits, Workshops, Speakers

including Action Options to be part, form teams, donate, run campaigns, projects, lifestyle challenges (from heroInes’ Action Guides used in presentations and workshops) etc.

Sharing Experiences and Encounters via YL, social and news media – to show what caring citizens can do.

AS A RESULT, inspired youth form teams and take action. Preferably as part of our global tribe,  implementing humanity’s greatest solutions in real-time collaboration with today’s Gandhis and Einsteins. Adults lead happier lives, unfold their superpowers too.

Simple. You’ll see – everybody with a pure heart, good intent and love of youth leadership can do this.

YOUR ROLE is to spread the spirit and offer support on demand. You know a bunch of cool things from the Crash Course, got all u need with our Tool Packs, learn on the go from our social media, and your encounters.

You are not expected to accompany follow-up actions or take the role of a mentor. That’s optional!


Take the YL Crash Course

immerse yourself in youth leadership spirit, stories, worldview, with strong can-do feeling and lots of tools.

Seed our "ads" on social media

and see how people “like” it, build first allies

Present to Friends & Family

using the Presentation Pack, see how also other people love it, how they differ in expressing emotions, feeling vision, passion…

Contact nice Teachers

We all have contacts, directly or via friends, ask around, make it a gameful mission

Give a Presentation

at a school, of any age, using the Presentation Pack. You have experience from your Crash Course and with friends and family. See how positively students respond, differing by age, awareness, experience.

This can happen within 1-4 weeks

That’s pretty awesome, considering how empty-handed you were just a few minutes ago.

The Presentations are likely to spark DEMAND for more sessions, with this and other classes, first student club actions for heroInes, ideas for special events etc. WICKED!

With your experience, and testimonials you’re ready to go bigger.

Contact 10+ Schools

using flyers, brochures, teacher contacts. Email is not very efficient, letters … maybe. Best is to go, as a YL volunteer ambassador, to speak to secretary, then principal, showing what we offer, and proposing to starting with teachers known for their care for social, environmental issues and student-centered, project-oriented learning.

Give Presentations

You’ll be surprised how different groups are, and how guiding the process can focus their atention on the positive, leading to momentum for follow-up activities.

HARVEST testimonials. You have gold for NEWS MEDIA now. Share it, incl. your passion, the offer for more presentations.

Inspired students may want to form clubs, ask you for a second, deeper workshop-like session.

Follow up can be first actions, for the school fest, involve their parents’ companies, contact the mayor, the radio station, organize an exhibit at school, book a speaker… tons of stuff.

This can happen within 4-12 weeks

That’s mighty, considering the powers that student clubs hold in their hands … Check out the page YOUTH – TEAM UP.
Notes :

We do not expect you to do follow up !!!!

Passionate youth can self-organize.

We as a global tribe back you, them, your new teacher allies, also via Skype.


As you are waiting for the response from schools, and for the day to give Presentations …

you can already do plenty of other things. Right?

You’ll be on fire to test all your new options.

Each advances your mission – through presentations, interaction with teachers, inspiring folks …

So go ahead, play with them:

In the Family

Make a Book Gift to Kids you love

Our books are must-have’s for kids.

Spend time together, read the stories, explore the QR codes, videos, music, it’s a lovely time, with profound discovery, passion, values.

Reflect on fav' causes

Give it time, space, read stories daily at bedtime, couchtime … giving space, time for dreaming up stuff … and entering the wide world of changemaking.

Even write feedback reports to us, together. It’s a beautiful experience for kids (and you) to discover the hope, vision, powers for protecting and restoring a world of peace.

Organize an Activity

inspired by the read, Action Guides, or your own ideas. Our High Impact Starter Actions package offers fabulous popular causes and activities with quick impact.

Document, report to us.

Chip in …

Support a HeroIne (1 min)

Donate. And join the Boost! Club.

Explore the amazing young heroInes, ways to support, connect to social media and see their ventures unfold.

This is a beautiful feeling and inspires you to share with others.

Scale Up Support (1 action)

Are you inspired to scale up your support to $1,000, a milestone?

Maybe you’re the type of person, or work in an environment that makes fundraising easy. The Boost! Club page offers a tone of tips.

You may even set up a Lemonaid stand at a farmers market, with our info materials, in support of a heroIne, on occasion of a current UN Day…

In-Kind Support (Flexible)

You’ll be surprised in HOW MANY ways you and your relations can help boost young changemakers, as well as inspired local youth. Explore needs and ideas on the website.

In the City

Distribute Flyers and (Micro-) Mags

cafes, restaurants, boutiques … they have flyers lying around. Add ours. Also in waiting rooms, canteens, staff rooms in your and friends’ workplaces.

Set up an Exhibit

Yep – for long-term presence. Yes, you could add your lovely presence, for info on essentials (you are skilled in giving presentations), raising funds. offering – guess what – presentations at inteersted people’s schools, and inviting them to be part.

Drop our Article Pack to News Media

local and national. It takes 2 minutes to find out their email.

You can include your report on your first presentations, how people love it, and whether the local youth reporter would like to come along and interview the students and teachers. Yep. Plus, come to your stand on the farmer’s market.

It’s a grat way for them to upgrade their profession! An ally!

+ INTERACT with our Social Media

Yep, stay connected, daily, like, comment, share … it boosts y/our reach and spirit.

TIP! What UN Days are coming up?

to connect with teachers, journalists, organizations?


What impact will you make? What amazing people will you meet? Which actions take off best? How many allies do you have, how many youth teams? What is your worldview like? What person will you be? What after a year, five years?

See, it becomes



Social Media

follow daily, enjoy, share, contribute on your way to work, school

Learn on-the-go

listen to our podcasts, heroflix on the way to work, school

Talk Face 2 Face

Share cool stuff from social media, podcast, latest impacts of your donations, suggestions what to do …

Use Print Tools

Flyers, run exhibit, handle books

Be a Base

lay out flyers, a donation box

Support In-Kind

Print 500 flyers, offer a goodie bag, a prize, perk, free hotel stay…


help us getting stuff done, by getting your relations involved. Print 500 flyers, offer a goodie bag, a prize, perk, free hotel stay …


on what appears on your way

It’s what heroInes do 10+ h a day. And this – bring tea, cookies, have fun!


A Stand

at a market, school or town fest, conference, festival


on an occasion, inspired by Lulu’s countless ideas

Meet "LIVE" with our Speakers

as volunteer, or with a group, a class, a school via Video or onsite, also at events and festivals

A Workshop

for a specific user group
… and gradually, ever more kids and teens will start taking action with CG RISING. Ever more adults will join the Boost! Club. Bigger local campaigns will follow. You’ll experience blissful moments, win awesome friends, make splendid memories.
So – like your favorite sport, music or hobby – it requires passion, commitment, effort – but it is not hard, frustrating, unpleasant “work”. It’s super beautiful.


That’s right,


say that with fire in your eyes, and get rolling. Mobilize youth and adults, conquer schools, streets, workplace and media. Inspire 100s, team up, combine your talents and passions.