The global public

has only recently awakened to youth power, since news media have reported on youth criticizing government

2015 Xiuhtezcatl and friends sue the U.S. Gvt for ignoring their constitutional right to a safe environment and future

2018 Emma Gonzalez roars her pain and outrage over ongoing school massacres into the world’s living rooms

2018 Greta Thunberg crushes adult generations for their lack of heart, wit and competence for solving the climate crisis

Youth Leadership

However – “training young people as agents of change in their communities” – has been part of civic education in North America for 40 years !! and there have been 1,000s of high impact teenage changemakers for every imaginable cause – beyond anything yet ever seen on other continents. 

In today’s context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, young hero*ines are appearing all over the continent, also without training – changing lives, laws, industries at record scale.

And at last, other continents are waking up, too.

Young Changemakers age 5-18

do not demand others to act, or wait for politics. They respond to problems with common sense solutions and commit to reaching bold goals, passionate like athlets 6 to 15 hours per day.

Their pure, positive focus inspires support from all sides. They are in high demand as speakers at schools, in news media, at events, they publish books, even their own biographies at age 17.

They embody everybody’s dream of empowered young people.


makes cities a “Blue Community” – making water a human right, public and banning bottled water


(since age 9) raises a monthly average of $15,000 to give orphans in India a safe home, friends, health, education, vocational training; 2.1 mio to-date


exposes myths and truths on GMOs, 11+ mio views, forces ministers and tv folks to acknowledge lack of health testing, epide-mic birth defects in soy regions, crop failure, superweeds and -bugs …


founded a school at age 9. Today, he has 1,000 students, and his first students are teachers at his newly built second school


stops fracking, pesticides, sues the government, composes Change Generation music to awaken his generation and adults for new forms of collaboration

Our line-up of 50+ hero*ines

equips and empowers young people with 200+ actions

Youth wield adult solutions

and outperfom adults!

Do you have such teens in your city?

If not, it is high time to get active.

At School

Young changemakers have made “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture – powered by 

  • single students
  • student clubs

involving hundreds of peers, daily.

They show us how to achieve The Purpose Of Schooling.


recycle restaurant oil to biofuels, donate $200,000

Namaste Nepal

fund 7 schools, library, crops, health in a Nepali mountain village, to-date $700,000€

LemonAID Warriors

make Philanthro-Parties part of daily life at school

Watershed Warriors

teach 7th grade life science classes at five schools, with field trips to restore a river

Limbs With Love

3d-prints protheses for children in rural India

Books With No Bounds

donate 500,000 books to First Nations community schools and organize exchange visits

Changemaker Clubs

with a multiple focus can do all of this and organize a year-round stream of action involving the whole school community.



are our young generation’s most important ally.

They decide whether our young generation can grow up learning to create a good world for all, or not.

Teachers green the curriculum

with youth-powered programs like Stephen Ritz’s Green Bronx Machine, an indoor and urban farming program that has spread to 2,500 schools. 

In Class

hero*ine role models and solution stories bring global issues to life.

Extracurricular Activities

Projects, invitation of speakers, fests as highlights, involve the school community, long-term field partnerships.

Student Club Action
en masse

At age 12, Craig started a movement of school clubs liberating children from labor and slavery.

Today, action teams at 22,000 schools raise millions to build sustainable villages, pay work visits, and also nurture peace and well-being in their local communities.

WE Schools

Teachers use Craig’s practice-oriented “service-learning curriculum” to bring global issues alive with role models and real-world action – involving 3 million students

WE Days

WE teams gather with music and sports superstars, the Dalai Lama, Michail Gorbatchev, Jane Goodall, Prince Harry to celebrate achieve-ments and kick off a new year of action – 6 h live broadcast on TV

What’s happening at your schools??

It is easy to get started, with the right role models, methods and partners.

Imagine a generation to grow up like this.

What will they be like as adults … for their next 70 years?

Here are examples of what happens

When Teens turn Twens


rose to protect her town from extreme development. Her club installed the 1st solar panels on school, ran the state’s biggest re-usable bag campaign, starred in a tv series

At Harvard University

she co-founded Divest Harvard, icon of the global divestment movement, inspiring colleges, churches, state funds to divest $4+ trillion form dirty energy industries

After university, she ran for State Representative

with a highly people-oriented approach. She scored historic turnout – polling stations ran out of ballots

Historic Win

The first time in American history that a Democratic Party member won the vote in this remote rural district

The 1st Green New Deal

adapted for working class people of Maine was signed into law half a year later


was shocked by the lack of sustainability on Berkeley University Campus …

Campus in Power

… so she asked 40,000+ students to add $5 to their annual tuition fee – for a Green Fund –  scoring millions over years for projects

She helps good folks grow

Green start-up accelerators, a mobile game to increase voter turnout, e-commerce growth pasture-based meat, Oakland’s largest outdoor dance party scoring 1,000 new Gig Car sharers … and loads more

Ready to help you

shine your true light on the world

Discover Youth Leadership.

Join us for a discovery tour into the fascinating world of youth leadership, built from hero*ines’ authentic stories, videos, music, and links to latest news and instant action opportunities. See it, feel it, understand it – and get involved.


Discover amazing young changemakers, the essentials of youth leadership, and how to get involved as youth and adult. Spend any time from 1/4 to 4 hours

Further options

You can also take this exhibit home, into school, libraries, take a training and organize group sessions

Get the Book

Stories, essentials of youth leadership, interviews, Q&A 

Get the Poster Set

for Exhibits

To give you an idea

how one can swiftly spark and evolve youth leadership at school, let us tell you about key steps, our tools and methods.

With empty hands it’s impossible to inspire youth to rock, to sustain inspiration, run exciting actions and make a relevant impact. But with the gold from 100+ hero*ines in one package, it becomes easy!

  1. Ultimate inspiration : 24 amazing hero*ines, stories, videos, music
  2. Action, swift impact, sense of agency : Hero*ine Action Guides 200 easy-advanced actions, favorite causes and activities for everybody
  3. Student-organized follow-up : as student clubs, global community
  4. Omni-presence in class, clubs, at school : media, exhibits, HQ
  5. Public and media presence : vivid actions and documentation 
  6. Year-round multi-faceted action : 400 actions aligned with UN Days
  7. Local and exciting global allies : field partners, long-term projects
  8. Live meetings : Video speakers, visits, meet-ups, summer camps

You can imagine that this gives users a flying start, an inexhaustible source, and it activates lots of creative team who all contribute, and continue to grow as they reach out with all this to other schools, to allies in media, civil society, the city, libraries, business … using our guides with tools, tricks and LIVE-video coaching.

Once you’ve felt the energy, and gained concrete impressions in the Online Exhibit, you’ll know – this works. The tutorial and crash course will quickly make it second nature to you.

Would you love to be able to ACTIVATE YOUTH with inspiring presentations, workshops, and to accompany inspired youth teams – like we do?

We have compiled a bundle of stories, videos, music, instant actions from our global community of hero*ines

  • that work for everybody – especially at school
  • that form teams
  • that enable instant and follow-up actions


Your Online Tutorial

Immerse yourself in the exhibit, with actions, feedback and reflection forms. This is the training for our volunteers

With Badge / Certificate

Your Crash Course

A practical training experience in the essentials of youth leadership

With Badge / Certificate

LEVEL UP! Crash Course

Take a group from inspiration to action, form teams, make impact, build community, kick off year-round action

With Badges for Participants

Do you want to see hands-on concrete impact for youth?

Adults’ role is to support. Here are the 3 main things to do.


Spread the Spirit

at home, school, the workplace, in public, social, news media, NGO, school and company newsletters

Invest in Hero*ines

Donate, fund, support in-kind, team up for projects and campaigns

Inspire + Support Local Youth

Seed Starter Packs to schools and libraries, adopt your district, give presentations, team up with youth for projects, help in-kind


with our newsletter and social media to stay fresh, learn, contribute


as partner – as funder, organization, journalist, medium, city, government


as writer, artist, translator, social media wiz …

… and honor rule #1

The key to peaceful, thriving individuals and societies is zero violence in childhood


Parenting for a Peaceful World, Robin Grille