Youth Leadership

has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years. Millions of Girl Scouts have been living fundraising and self-designed project challenges for people and planet as a lifestyle for even 100 years. In today’s context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, teenage changemakers are popping up all over the continent, changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale.

Rightfully called hero*ines, they are showered with awards, celebrated in media, invited as speakers at school and their stories read at bedtime. Some have made “creating a good world for all” part of learning culture at over 20,000 schools, unite 300,000 active youth at spectacular events with civil leaders, sports and music stars, broadcast 6 hours live on tv.

The rest of the world is slowly awakening to doing high impact projects, and our mission with YOUTH-LEADER is to make it happen as fast as possible. It begins with hero*ine ROLE MODEL stories, since 80% of human behavior is shaped by role models, much of it subconsciously, copy-paste. And then, caring kids follow their example.

What NBA basketball players did in the early 90s was unimaginable outside the U.S. back then. European kids feeling and loving THAT SPIRIT stayed up late to watch NBA games … and started learning the moves. Today, Europeans like Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic and the Greek Freak are legends, MVPs and All Star Players.

It needn’t take 20 years for the world’s youth to do like their (mostly) North American hero*ine peers.

Whoever and wherever you are. As a caring youth and adult, your priority #1 in this lifetime is to make high impact youth leadership omni-present and unfold its powers to the max, starting today. We provide all you need to make that happen.


Our Gift to You

BE ASSURED that your dream for people and planet is already HAPPENING. It’s like the New 60s are happening and you still live in the doom and gloomy 50s. Once you see it, feel, understand it, you can live it and make it happen around you. We see that happen all the time. Sometimes, it takes only 1 story to activate an entire school or town. You’ll see many such examples! 

WE GUIDE YOU on a Discovery Tour of the fascinating world of youth leadership, and like with every sport and music, if you LOVE THE SPIRIT, you can learn to enjoy, contribute and perform it fast.

This is high value and rich beyond your imagination.

It will change your worldview, view of youth and sense of self. It will activate your sense of power, give you plenty of high impact action opportunities, plenty stories to tell, hero*ine partners to work with and backing of a global community.

It comes FREE. Because everybody must know!

This is not a handful of inspiring clips. This is like a Harry Potter + Lord Of The Rings movie combined.

Immerse yourself in it, and your Inner Hero*ine will come to life. Your personal upgrade takes a little effort – like a yoga stretch, like a gaming level – and the results will be amazing.

Welcome to your first steps to #BeMoreAwesome 




The Online Exhibit

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YL COACH Crash Course Phase 1

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“Introduction to ‘Youth Leadership”
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