Nidhi cares strongly for youth. Children and girls love Nidhi’s educational speeches and workshops on social and environmental issues. She is also a creative artistic powerhouse that is constantly present in news media. She is a blessing for any event – from stage speeches to traditional dance balancing a fire on her head. Stuff girls do.

Her priority themes are

  • vibrant cultural soulful identity
  • virtuous values
  • active, responsible citizenship
  • girls’ peace, well-being, equality, liberties and opportunities

For this end, she has founded SHE – Society Has Eve – to raise awareness on how the Girl child enriches our families, communities and societies with beauty, bliss and abundance. That’s a torch we fiercely carry with her to burn off the black magic veils cast on too many people’s eyes, minds and hearts.

During the pandemic’s strong lockdowns, Nidhi used art to raise awareness, while giving children ideas how to spend time off their hyper social schedules – and made news as usual. She scored a record in calling people from all over India and the world to sing an Indian version of “we shall overcome” to raise spirits and used the time at home to honor Gandhi’s birthday with a 30,000 glued dots mosaique and to publish a book on Stress Reduction for School Students, since strong academic performance is a big issue in a context of fierce competition for professional avenues in India which still has a very large poor population and few universities per capita compared to Europe and North America (Nidhi’s book being in Hindi, we direct you to Gayle who has published in English on tips and tricks for making it through school stress and challenges).

Get inspired and get creative in doing what too many people in anxiety or anger troubled by media schowing only doom and gloom forget to do, and that is to sustain Inner Peace and Bliss and to shine and cultivate it in one’s greater community. Lothlorien High Elven make this practice the #1 priority to begin and end each day. 






Do some research on the situation of girls and women in India. 

Things people don't think about

Girls in poverty cannot afford sexual hygiene products, such as menstrual pads

  • hence they don’t attend school during their moontime

Would this sabotage your education at your school?

How big is the effort to solve this problem? 

What solutions exist in poor context? What stakeholders should contribute to its solution?

– – – 

Schools do not have toilets for girls

  • hence some girls feel bad, or they miss classes because they go home or they do not attend school altogether 

How would you enjoy using boys’ toilets at your school?

How yould you enjoy it in a region where girls and women are routinely shamed, harassed, abused and raped, even by family members, brothers, cousins and teacher staff? 

What solutions exist? How big is the effort?


Nidhi seeks to run more campaigns with her newly found NGO SHE Society Has Eve, to raise awareness for how girls enrich our lives

  • are you inspired to address this issue locally? with a profound conversation, an artistic creatin, a survey, a photo essay, a campaign?
  • are you inspired to help Nidhi run activities? for example with funds?

then this is a great moment to follow your passion!




You might follow up with local action, more support for Nidhi, with funds for girls to decide to use for priority causes, with video-meetings, even paying a visit … or other ideas.

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