We are thrilled to experience the first use of YL PRESENTATION KITS by our rapidly unfolding network of INDIAN and Himalayan partner youth organizations.  And it is for more than just a few presentations! it is for an unprecedented NATIONWIDE campaign for

  • making youth leadership omnipresent in the nation’s schools
  • promoting the nation’s excellent Gross National Happiness model to their young generation
  • sharing Bhutan’s exceptional model solutions with the world


Earth Guardians are our major YL partner Tribe, with an all embracing approach for protecting our Earth, Climate, People, Now and Today. This means that they are open to all facets of psoitive change and give their members sovereignity in shaping actions and collaborations.   

Earth Guardians Bhutan can build on a Buddhist tradition, healthy society, environment, sound policies and the fact that much of the modern world and changemaking are still … new to Bhutanese youth and educators. This means, that they still listen to what we have offer, and react with genuine interest and good will for implementing sound ways for making the world the best place for all.

Bhutan’s constellation of culture, health, mindset, good governance and good education – with a core of GROSS NATIONAL HAPPENINESS governance and the GNH school curriculum, as well as international cooperation with honorable truly skilled experts for making Bhutan 100% organic and 100% sustainable is unique in the world. This  enables us to pioneer a cross-sectorial collaboration among youth, education, government and our global community, by combining

  • promotion of youth leadership and sustainability solutions
  • offering our global network as partner of learning culture, teachers,s chool boards, student clubs and beyond school
  • alliance with Earth Guardians as able and honorable and pure partner of stakeholders in education and governance
  • promotion of the world-leading GNH policy framework and curriculum
    … to the world
    … to the youth of Bhutan
  • along with instant action opportunities


EARTH GUARDIANS BHUTAN are a very active EG Chapter. Founded just 3 months ago, they already have presented at several schools and built a member base of more than 400 young people.

On occasion of HIMUN 2015, the Himalayan Model United Nations, we have invited the EG’s Bhutan to get involved and present their own and their government’s extraordinary policies (Gross National Happiness (GNH), GNH education, international expert collaboration for making Bhutan 100% organic and 100% sustainable by the end of the decade, …) to the international delegates.

Our conversation led to pacemaking EG member Tashi to join us as a YL AMBASSADOR also, and use our media in his work with high school and college students in Bhutan… presenting about

  • Earth Guardians
  • Youth-Leader




A first presentation drew more than 80 college students…



… with excellent outcomes:

  • 40 students have joined the local Earth Guardians crew
  • student want to keep the YL Poster Exhibit for studying the stories
  • students are fired up to see more YL Videos
  • students wish to also learn about The Grand Changemakers, the adults in YL
  • students are inspired to meet YL Changemakers LIVE on Skype
  • and they love our work, respect us and wish us to continue for the good of the world
  • a remarkable feedback is attached below!

Here is a collection of photos from the presentation and impressions of the Earth Guardian Bhutans first community activities, cleaning up the environment as a sacred duty.

11874150_401097720079244_118433980_n IMG_2413 IMG_2426 IMG_2521

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Thanks to the team, all the inspired students for their open ears and hearts for the good of humanity, Earth and themselves(!).

We look forward to the next sessions and seeing everybody go off like fireworks when they become aware of the full power and scope of YL offers in the video and skype sessions!

Follow their facebook page here.

Visit the Earth Guardians Headquarter website here.