Emma (of Books With no Bounds with her sister Julia, both are World’s Children’s Prize Ambassadors) has been selected for the role of Master of Ceremony for the Award ceremony and banquet.

Enjoy Emma, laureates Malala, John and Indira (who is now also a great friend, YL Heroine, Speaker and Field Partner), many more young changemakers and excellent musicians, Queen Sylvia of Sweden, and the Prime Minister in this best of 58 min video of the award ceremony.





As you can tell from the photo, it’s a terribly serious event, – everybody has to be stern and in a bad mood when people playing the role of queen or prime minister are present. We think that’s something that needs to change. Poor people, who with all the “importance” assigned to their status cannot just be themselves, enjoy life and be a good role model to people how we are supposed to be able to feel. Right? They can learn a lot from changemakers… but for this they might have to become changemakers in the first place, huh?

Emma has made a lot of new friends also part of the JURY, and we hope they will be able to embark on beautiful projects together.


WCP jury