ERIC presents on YOUTH LEADERSHIP at IYONS World Summit of International Youth Organizations in Chennai, TN, India, 24-26 July 2015



Eric-addresses-IYONS World Summit Global Assembly3

It was a memorable moment when Eric entered the stage on Day 3 of IYONS, accompanied by applause from a bunch of people who had engaged in deep conversations and immersed themselves in the amazing new world of youth leadership and the powerful tools in their hands through the YL network for 2 days.

Eric opened with the mesmerizing, worldview-changing visuals of Ocean Ramsey ( swimming with Great White Sharks in the open sea, showing us how everything we believed about a planet “hostile to humans” is nonsense, and that we actually live in Lothlorien, Paradise – if WE just give up our orkish habits and start learning and implementing the myriads of solutions for creating a world of inner and outer abundance for all – in our lifetime!

Eric IYONS Summit Speech - photo by Rhiannon2-900w

Eric continued by showing the perhaps strongest manifestation of an entirely new generation – WE DAY – taking Canada by storm, non-/formally integrated in learning culture in now 10,000 schools. The video shattered everyone’s long-held ideas of limitations to our YOUNG GENERATION and their important allies: TEACHERS, and generated massive applause for Craig, FTC, We Day and our own untapped potentials waiting to be unleashed.

Eric completed his 15 minute roller coaster ride with a dozen examples of teenage changemakers re-defining possible and the rich scope of YL media, methods, and live support services that YL offers for youth, teachers, citizens, changemakers and media, Eric completed with a vision to share the upliftment and empowerment that everybody in the room had just experienced with the young people who need this most.

“The Change Generation is Rising. I invite you to write this most beautiful new chapter in human history with us. What if every delegate here brought this poster set to 3 schools around them? It would make 1,000 schools, reaching 500,000 to 1,000,000 students this month. If we get this into 1,000,000 schools, we will have the planet fixed in no time, 5, 10 years.”

15 min’s are tough on our vast spectrum, but Eric did a wicked job, as even more changemakers flocked around our table and joined our workshop(s)*

Eric got honoured with the IYONS AWARD FOR PEACE & PROSPERITY coming with a traditional Indian superhero cape. It’s been a true POWER TO THE PEOPLE moment! Thx to Rhiannon. for capturing the epic moment on film. Video upcoming!

Eric IYONS Award Ceremony - photo by Rhiannon4-900w


* Workshops on YL, our Change Generation Rising leadership program for youth at school, the Roots & Shoots Community Mapping model and Oasis game for community mobilization along the lines of “stop complaining, start creating the neighbourhood you love!”