Meeting Eric


„Be the change you want to see in the world“ – Gandhi

is a quote that has inspired many teen heroines in the Americas and Europe.

Imagine it’s August 1920 when Gandhi launched the Campaign for Non-Cooperation … and your very special teacher arranged a 45 minute meeting with Gandhi. Would you expect him to tell a powerpoint of his life and his favorite subjects in his school days, his favorite movie or comedy show? No, it would be a waste of time and rather disrespectful. You read up on his mission before the meeting – and this enables you to come up with burning questions how to take part + how to make your school, your city, your region more awesome. Why else would you want to meet Gandhi? Why would he invest his precious time in you, unless you seek to play the same “sport”?


Inspired preparation enables a CONVERSATION

on what you wish to achieve. It also opens up time for fun anecdotes and what’s going on behind the scenes.

The big quest of y/our era

is to create sustainable societies; or in the words of today’s Einsteins “a regenerative civilization”; or in practical terms, “to achieve inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance for all”; or in teenspeak “a world of awesome”.

In this session in August 2021, you will get to meet teenagers that change lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale. Prepare you get surprised. You’ll wonder why you never heard of them before.

This week, you get a chance

to meet YOUTH-LEADER founder and Master Coach Eric Schneider for 45 minutes.

45 mins are zip zap over, so let’s make the MOST of it.

We’ll do a quick, exciting preparation that many people call “the most inspirational I’ve ever seen” + “I never knew young people could do this, this gives me so much hope” and “This should be at all schools.”

This is essential stuff to have a meeting with Eric and to understand youth leadership + yourself + school.

In approx 45-60 min of preparation

1. you discover youth leadership essentials in real hero*ines’ stories, films and music

2. you will think of teenage activism in your town and country and what you would love to see happen

3. you will engage in a few swift activities – with ease!

As a result, in our meeting, Eric need not talk basics and you listen like donkeys, but we can have a meaningful CONVERSATION in which you actively participate, set the pace and purpose >> driven by what you find most inspiring to talk about for your future … without or with massive youth leadership in India.



has been founded as a decentralized organization to help all caring people spark and cultivate high impact youth leadership in their regions, protect what they love and create the world and lives they want for their next decades on Earth.

YL is a multi-award winning initiative with multiple status with the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD, is competence partner RCE-Ruhr, UN University and offers action programs for use at school and beyond incl. a positive news magazine, development cooperation partners, youth exchanges and changemaker summer camps.

Here’s an impression of what’s in it. There’s no need to memorize it.

Just see the scope and check whether it’s cool to grow up like that from age 8 to 18.

Let’s get started

with the most important matter of all.

How do you view Youth and the Future?




In this preparation, we want to up each score by

or more. So, remember your current score for later.

It feels like an adventure game – but it’s for real.

YL unites 100s of high impact changemakers and global expert with youth and adults fired up to do good for people and planet in one grand community – equipped with over 400 activities, tools, methods and support of world class changemakers – to boost, join or replicate their model solutions, to make changemaking part of one’s daily life and to find partners to take on local problems and potentials.

We could connect you with today’s adult Gandhis and Einsteins, but we will focus on teenage hero*ines age 8 to 18, since they are more fun and give you feasible vision of what your generation at school can move – without waiting for 30 years of experience – starting today! 

Meet some fine kids you never heard of … and ponder how you’d like to see this stuff happen in your town.