What an amazing surprise to learn about a massive model solution for taking the young generation into decision-making position and co-create their environment and communities from early on!

ERIC with SWARNALAKSHMI  Indias Childrens President

After his speech to the Assembly, Eric was approached by Swarnalakshmi (you guessed right, she cannot see physically, but her vision reaches far!!) to make YOUTH-LEADER’s tools, examples and support network accessible to the CHILDREN PARLIAMENT network of India. Make sure to view their website and the BOOKLET showing their vast spectrum of achievements. http://www.childrenparliament.in

Swarna heads 6,000 teams in the state of Tamil Nadu alone! And there are more in 22 other states.

We are partnering for promoting Children’s Parliaments to the youth of the world through YL and for equipping Children’s Parliament teams with YL posters and videos to inspire and empower their school communities with powerful model solutions ad a global supportive community, skype live calls with hero/ines of today included, of course!

What if each group reaches 100 kids? What if 500? You do your math. This is what impact is al about!

Besides cross-promoting our core offers to young people and schools, we will be calling for submission of INDIAN HERO/INES for our collection. We have Babar Ali, now Swarna (who is “blind” by the way), and there are more… we are looking forward to the submissions and soon present an all Indian Poster Collection of teenage hero/ines with replicable solutions!

GET INVOLVED when we announce the launch for raising printing costs and organizing distribution and involving SCHOOLS AROUND THE PLANET.