Feel Change Generation Spirit

Alright, feel the spirit of teens up to the bring determined to end suffering in the world.

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Take notes of questions that appear as you watch !!

“The future of all species and generations to come depends precisely on the people alive right now.”
– Kinari Webb

Next, their music.

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As you do so … feel into it …

can you sing that song like they do?

If you can, you tap into the emotional heart force that fuels changemakers. “You have to feel the change to be the change” – Xiuhtezcatl


Take notes of questions that appear as you watch !!

These clips are from “the world’s most criminal town” where youth grow up among wounds of colonization, racism, poverty and violence. What sound do you expect? Listen in.

And here is another very special spirit from a small red house in the forest of the fjords.
One on love beginning with “I can’t remember the last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful.” One on “I’m missing rage among the young generation. Not the rage that goes everywhere and nowhere, but the rage that gets you up in the morning to do something.” One in response to adult generations’ ignorance to young people’s wish for a world of intact nature, peace and beauty.

May you watch them all?

Of course. It’ll make you more awesome 😉

Okay, now, it’s your turn.