Let me know your feelings, thoughts, ideas!

Okay, folks, now let’s do a little exercise.

We will use these papers during our meeting. 

Please take 6 sheets of paper.

Draw a bulls eye with 3 circles. Like this. 

Mark the page with a well visible big number and one keyword, indicated here in CAPITAL LETTERS.

1. NEW (stands for the question “is this kind of high impact youth leadership new to you?”)

2. INSPIRING ( = is it inspirational or boring?)

3. IMPORTANT ( = is it important for your generation?)

4. EVERYBODY ( = should everybody know of it?)

5. SCHOOL (=should it be present at all schools?)

6. YOU (= do you feel you like to take part, entirely voluntarily, on causes you care for, with activities and people that you enjoy? which you may not yet have discovered)


Make your 6 marks

respond to the question with a well visible dot or cross on each of the 6 papers.

  • centre = YES, I fully agree
  • medium = sort of
  • outside = NO, I strongly disagree

There is no “I don’t know” or “I have no opinion on this”. You are not a vegetable. Your mind or your feeling knows where to place the mark.

Here is what they say about school.

The idea of schooling is not to turn us into your kind of adult. But into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak, 13

If my generation is to face the challenges we are going to inherit, service needs to be given a much higher priority at school.

Madi, 10

Teachers have great powers to inspire young people for the environment or cool stuff in general. 

My public speaking skills have dramatically improved, as have my confidence and relations with family and friends.

The same is true for my teammates and they also carry this into their academic work.

Cassandra, 16

Banish the terms ‘impossible’ and ‘hopeless’ from your vocabulary. We CAN change the world, and Free The Children (WE) teams at 16,000 schools are proving it every single day.

Craig Kielburger, 29

We need Youth-Leader at all of Canada’s schools.

Emma Mogus, 15

This one is worth talking about.

The idea of schooling is not to turn us into your kind of adult. But into better adults than you have been.

Adora Svitak, 13

You are obliged by law to attend school. Do you even know why? There has to be a justification, after all.

Do you know the purpose of schooling?

The Law of Education of the State of Berlin says in §1 The Purpose of Schooling:

The purpose of schooling is to unfold all of students’ precious talents, and to nurture an excellent degree of faculty of judgement, sound knowledge and skills. The goal has to be the education of personalities that are able to strongly counter the ideology of nazism and all political ideologies aiming at a rule of force, and to form societal life on the basis of democracy, peace, liberty, human dignity, gender equality, and in harmony with nature and the environment. These personalities must be aware of their responsibility towards the community, and their demeanor must be defined by the recognition of equal rights for all people, the respect of all honest conviction, the recognition of the necessity for continuous development of societal conditions, and peaceful agreement among peoples. In doing so, Antiquity, Christianity, and the essential societal movements that led to the development towards Humanism, to Liberty and to Democracy shall be outlined.

We can sum it up as:

“The purpose of schooling is to enable able, active, caring citizens of peaceful libertarian-democratic societies that are also sustainable in a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations.”

It’s basically the same in all german states.

Makes sense?

Unless people have learned it by age 18, when in their busy work, family and netflix lives could they possibly learn it? And who would be in put in charge to enable it, if not 100,000s of able, caring educators in a safe space with good infrastructure?

Search online

Find your state’s / country’s Law of Education, check §1 The Purpose of Schooling and save the text to tell me during our encounter.


How are your country’s citizens doing?

Has the purpose of schooling been achieved after decades of subject teaching?


Have your teachers, you and your peers achieved the purpose?

How can you help them?

What if next generations do not achieve it?

Let's check back on your view of youth




Have your scores improved?

You’ve seen rockstar youth. I’ve already explained why there are so many in North America. Another reason is that english media properly report on them, so that we do have articles and videos to share with you that (a) inspire and (b) you really understand what they do, how they do it, and how you can take part. This is far less the case in Latin America and elsewhere.

What about India? There’s over 1 billion people, a lot of things to improve and a great sense of giving back to society. Please help me out for YL Magazine and tell me of young or adult hero*ines that you know of from your life, school, media … this can be from India or anywhere else; 

We seek youth or adults with initiatives that make tangible impact on lives, land, learning, laws or industries. That is what you have seen in the stories of teen hero*ines today.

We do not seek eloquent talkers or “advocates” that call government to tweak rules or pay someone to fix things.

Our optimal benchmark:

We seek people with a mix of

  1. successfully implemented model solution
  2. replicable by young people
  3. well visually documented online
  4. accessible by email or videochat

so that youth fired up to help or do like them can contact them for a couple of questions.

You need not meet all 4 factors. A mix. As good as you can.

Nominate a Hero*ine to get published in YL Magazine




Thank you!

You have seen teenagers that

learn independent, self-organized 

to create a good world for all.


Do you believe that YOU can activate youth?




With YL, we seek to up each score by +1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …

With Youth-Leader, we give this young generation an enabling environment to make ‘creating a world of awesome’ part of their lives at home, school, work, in town and beyond and on holidays.

After what you have seen and learned today, this poster will make more sense to you.

I say, with YL Warrior Clans at every school on Earth, the future will be fine.

In fact, it will be awesome, since this entire young generation will grow up with humanity’s finest solutions for peace, bliss and abundance for all.

Can you imagine the joy and jubilation, the feeling of ultimate victory? This is the real EPIC WIN.

The solutions exist. You just have to learn and wield them locally, like you learn and apply the world’s best eye shade, gaming and skateboarding moves.

At a school in India, they ask the new 6 year old students

Why have you come to this planet
at this special time?

Do you know your reason?

can know the answer.

So, you get to meet YL Captain Eric for an

an Open Conversation

on what you have seen, on what you care for …

youth leadership

teen hero*ines

at school

at university

in  your town

in  your region

in India

on Earth

… with your personal option for follow-up activities for years to come.

We have 45 minutes. We can also just hang out.

You are INDEPENDENT. With independence comes SOVEREIGNITY. With sovereignity comes RESPONSIBILITY.

Our meeting will be what you make of it.

You are the Creator of your and our common Life and Universe.



Images and Voices of Hope IVOH Award
National Round Table for the Implementation of the UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in Germany
Pacesetter, re:imagine learning competition, Ashoka
United Nations Online Volunteering UNOV Award Winners 2010 and 2012, Team Leader

* photo with Dr. Nidhi Prajapathi, India Youth Project,
at IYONS, international youth conference of youth organizations, India 2015