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We have a planet to save, and there is no time to waste. We have our hearts that need hope and upliftment, our mayors, teachers and youth that need skills, tools, support and opportunities to live their ideals and achieve professional goals. YL is designed to enable all you:th and adults to do so in unprecedented ways, in all spheres of life.

“Why have you come to this planet at this special time?”

If you don’t have a clear answer, engage with YL and you will start to feel the reason. Hint: it is not to stare at pixels, phantoms and plastic body modifications.

I have come to protect Life on Earth, and to help humanity achieve its grand common dream of peace, joy and abundance for all, Paradise on Earth. The solutions exist. I love the beautiful animals, plants, landscapes, cultures and kids, and want that they can live in peace, live magical moments and their wildest dreams. I am really displeased with adult generations’ performance, and the atrocities they spoill out on the biggest, best educated, most peaceful young generation in history. Knowing of the powers and potentials of youth leadership en masse, I have made it my life’s purpose to equip all those that have Heart to do GOOD with worldclass tools and support to do so. And I want them to be rewarded with a rich life.

Here is for all of you.