#1 Priority

This means active 24/7 and available from daybreak to midnight. There is no week-end for Natives, there is no week-end for changemakers.

“The future of all species and generations to come depends precisely on the people alive right now.” Kinari Webb

High Impact


“Der erste Schritt, selbst zum Changemaker zu werden, ist Dir selbst die Erlaubnis dazu zu geben, d. h. alle zu ignorieren die Dir sagen ‘Lass das sein.” – Bill Drayton, Ashoka (3.000+ Weltveränderer)

Genuine Spirit

“To me, being a child means running with all of your heart and soul after your wildest dreams, to run uninhibited, with understanding of the feelings in your heart, knowing what you are doing is good, and what you are doing will make things better.” Jessie-Ruth Corkins

Unbridled Passion

The solutions exist. Spirit makes all the difference. Positive vision and go for it!

“Emotions play a powerful role in our responses to foresight and can both compel us to take action and paralyze us in overwhelm.” Jane McGonigal



“Du änderst nie etwas indem Du die existierende Realität kritisierst. Um etwas zu ändern, schaffe ein neues Modell das das existierende Modell obsolet macht.” R. Buckminster Fuller

“Mit YL wird man zum neuen menschlichen Modell. zum able, active, caring citizen.” Eric, YL

Boundless Innovation

The solutions exist and we have plenty. Nearly everything has been solved by someone somewhere. All we need to do is take it to scale.




“Sitting idle putting up suffering from the abominations would be stupid.” Eric

We do Everything


“One is not enough. everything is needed, and fast.”

Fit for everybody, favorite causes and activities for everybody


“People want to help, but – they just don’t know how. That’s why I think they need a role model – like a youth, to say, if a child can do it, so can I. I can make a difference.” Olivia Bouler





Virtues define the Hero*ine, unifying core of cultures is the sacred hero*ine. We embody it to the max.



“Humanity is in its final exam whether it qualifies for continuation in the Universe.” R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path 1980


… and Spaces

“The world doesn’t change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible… Rather than worry about critical mass our work is to foster critical connections.” Margaret Wheatley

Flair of Epic & Adventure


Art : AURORA, warriors and weirdos, obviously



Omnicultural Spirit


The Sacred


No Compromise

Strict quality control. No lukewarm. currently 50% cancer, 20+% child sex abuse. How much do you want in 2030? 80, 40, 10% cancer? 20%, 50% rape? We want at max 3% and there are ways to achieve this. … The Ego, Wetiko, Spirit of ‘Evil does not belong on Earth and has no right to stay here. 

“We close the Door of Peace on the intruder, on war, so that both melt into the cement of Harmony. So that Harmony reign on this Planet, and in our Hearts.” JLB

Super Rich Benefits


“Birthright to walk like Princes and Princesses in the Queendom of Nature, in Paradise.”

It may not yet look like it, but we are sowing the seeds of greatness for countless generations to come. This is the Great Work of our time. Yours and mine.

I dare you to be GREAT.

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer
Ecocide Is A Crime Campaign

For Life On Earth

for the kids of all species

for our beautiful Future

for all our dearest Dreams

for the final battle for LIFE ON EARTH

only Humanity’s FINEST is good enough

Eric aka mani2, Planetary Guardian


to why you have come to this planet at this special time

This is For Real.