YOUTH-LEADER’s focus in Europe is to rebuild animal habitat, restore soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests the most. Our project partners promote agroforestry and educate farmers on the benefits of improved forestry practices, providing communities with sustainable sources of food, wood, and income.

Select one of our tree planting projects to learn more and help to support reforestation in Africa.








Youth Leadership – doing high impact projects changing lives and land – is new to Europe. The need is great, the demand is too, at last!

The potentials are enormous and the doors are open. Europe being the most humanist evolved, peaceful, libertarian, educated, egalitarian, affluent and administered region on Earth, Eric being in Berlin and touring Europe with workshop and coaching programs, you have all you need to …

activate your region

connect with the YL Tour of Europe

form a YL Country Crew

work with European partners


Invite and host a YL Coach to activate youth leadership, scout your region, add it to the YL LearnPlanet Map and initiate partner projects.

Our priorities

Seed stories, poster exhibits

Map spaces, allies, changemakers


European Tour

YL Coach, adult, youth trainings


West-East school parttnerships

Swift impacts, milestones

Activate cities + regions


YL Magazine, national issues

Summer camps

We provide tools, magazine, coaches and project partners.

You best get started with our menu’s TAKE PART section.

Recommended: Think big soon. We are here to help.



travels Germany with horse and goat. She has much to share on exploring inner and outer nature as initiation journey into adulthood, barefoot life, the sacred feminine and life cycles. 


travels Europe with a rich program to activate regions for Youth Leadership, add them to the YL Map, report solution stories, grow our crew initiate projects with youth, citizens, teachers, cities…


hitch-hikes the Balkan to explore this amazing region on her way to further South East, scouting regions for YL Partners and report on good projects. She embodies trust in people being GOOD, with fun anecdotes, knowhow and wisdom to share.


turned her love for adventure in nature into eco journalism into youtubing on life on hiking trails of Britain and Europe with a myriad stories on cultural heritage, joys and tricks to Spend More Time In The Wild.



Map changemakers, spaces, allies, seed YL media using our methods and see activities spark all over your region.

The 5 Youth Leadership Essentials are your 'machinery'

and you have a Toolbox with 35 Building Blocks to get them whizzing

that you use as you please as you evolve your activities


We also organize at national level, for ease of cooperation, common causes, reasons of culture, language and funding.

Our country crews are like a VOLUNTEER COMMUNITY. Some folks take roles for communications.

Do you feel called to do this for your country? Get in touch.


A powerhouse of eco-social awareness and financial resources for development that needs to get activated for projects!

View YL Germany


Epic city Sarajevo + our #1

  • YL Summer Camp host country
  • National YL Magazine Issue
  • partner schools country

View YL Bosnia-Herzegovina


Eric being half-French and knowing France well, he waits for someone with the Heart and wit to get France out of the muck of passivity … people that are neither monarchists nor communists … but someone bright and new with verve.


Get inspired from them how to

  • start youth leadership in contexts of challenge, crisis, no resources
  • launch youth-led models to bring great benefits to refugee camps
  • put YOUR country on the map starting with your own region
  • team up for exciting projects wih your school or company
  • activate an entire country
  • end hunger the simple way

View YL Africa


View how

  • high impact changemakers in challenging conditions benefit from being part in the YL Tribe
  • you can team up with them as school, company, group to boost their amazing initiatives that touch all our hearts

View YL India


European Partner Projects

Add exciting continental dimensions to your projects to complement local and global activities.

Europe is a cultural and administrative unit with own rules, common understanding, rule of law, languages and infrastructure … and it needs to get protected in its own ways … and there are many open ears and resources for “working on a peaceful Europe” that you can tap into … as you are offering something NEW : youth doing projects not protests – you will experience that people’s relieved sighs and smiles translate straight into ope-mindedness to work together on making it true. DO IT! 

Pan-European Collaboration

has many fans, supporters and strong allies that most citizens ignore.

As a Changemaker, you shall build on these allies, since they sit in solid environments – with resources, relations and access – and they win-win benefit from your offers (YL actions and programs). That is the perfect combination. Here are examples:

In Cold War years, they teamed up for intercultural dialog; now we can do it for work on ESD and SDGs to safeguard European cultural and natural heritage (avoid illegal mining, dams, logging etc), restore peace, reduce poverty, launch small social businesses and youth-led family eco-tourism. Seize it.

love above mentioned projects for learning, interaction – and now that teachers and students have come to realize that protests do not help achieve their rights and dreams for the future they deserve and that they need to do something about future angst and despair – also FOR ACTION.

Do Crash Courses on both ends, assess priorities and passion, even aim to complete the SDG School Challenge, activate schools  along watersheds and wildlife migration trails … Also, CO2 emissions and pandemic have shattered merry international air travel, political tensions to-come will add to it.

Teachers LOVE adding meaning to school trips and making them the highlight of a multi-year program with rich youth involvement. West-East European school partnerships driven by Changemaker Student Clubs are perfect for this. Seize it. Contact your schools in dream partner regions and use existing bonds, such as Partner Cities and EU programs. 

have solid communication, collaboration, exchange and even funding channels. Use them. above mentioned school partnerships, SDG Challenges, common missions, long-term programs co-creating a YL Magazine Issue are a dream come true for city partnerships (which, frankly, do not have the charm and spectacle they offered in the 50s and 60s in an ear of “seen that” (on youtube), “done that” (via Ryan Air) … so passion driven encounters of youth excited to meet and hi5 their changemaker crew friends for a common mission for something greater that the city is proud of and can show off in the SDG Chronicles… that’s something. Seize it.

has many programs on youth, building Europe, common identy, nature, culture, education … and cities and schools are the perfect folks with good trusted status and skills in administrating budgets to let them do what they do best – unlock energetic support to MAKE GOOD CITIZENSHIP HAPPEN. Seize it.


in planning, coaching, partnerships, dreaming …

Some thoughts for your orientation and inspiration.

Our Common Goal as EUROPEANS wherever we live

Enable Able Active Caring Citizens that implement good practice solutions at record pace and scale. Focus on youth leadership, and global support networks, so that our entire young generation at school and their adult allies can turn their love, resources and relations into action.

Our Common Challenges

Local violence against public servants, against youth, their future getting destroyed by outdated people in outdated political decision-making, citizens incompetent to shape their life and town, media useless on things that matter (creating a good society), suboptimal school education (even thought the good models exist), mental illness, future angst…

Peace, prosperity and democracy get eroded, species get extinct, natural and cultural heritage get destroyed, organized crime and militarization, outside enemy sabotage and take-overs by non-libertarians. Conventional stakeholders in politics, business, media, education and civil society are incompetent or only profit and ego driven, ignoring the people, failing to fulfill their societal purpose.

The response is *youth leadership en masse* via schools, with all adult allies involved, win win benefits for achieving their dreams for kids and leading more fulfilled professional lives.


Up to date schools have been practicing open learning culture for 50 years, Scandinavian schools lead the world in learning culture and healthy human beings and collaborative society, and it is well known through global PISA studies. UNESCO and all sound education institutions advocate this as proper learning culture. Brain science has been saying for 60 years that good learning, intelligence and higher order cognitive skills only develop in settings free from fear, with plenty of means of creative expression and experiment. Yet, education ministers, teachers and parents continue to refuse to affirm, learn and implement what humanity has known for half a century. This is why citizens and societies continue to fail and destroy peace and life on Earth.

As European, you should know of these particularities and that we know how to add top quality youth and student action anywhere.

The USA and Canada have had this student club powered learning culture for 50 years.

France does not even permit student clubs; like in monarchy. Schools cannot select organizations as project partners but are assigned partners by the mayor and only large networks can sign up for this. This is extremely suboptimal, also because the success of school projects rests on teachers passionate about something and teaming up with people they love. There is a really bad economy still depending on extremely immoral colonial style payments from African countries, extremely grave social tensions especially in Paris and Marseille, record numbers of police officer suicides (the ultimate sign of bad governance and a society failng its ideals of fraternité égalité in all respects), and a sudden wave of green mayors in 20+ cities well aware that only citizens are the key to positive change (youth leadership being the game changer) … and a new civic education curriculum to connect with, compulsory projects at elementary schools, much collaboration and exchange travel with La Francophonie of Western Africa, where we have ace partners for high impact youth-led projects. 

Germany has student clubs, and wishes for more student companies, but students are mostly uninspired, lack vision, goals, passion, grit … stay lame or only “practice” out of interest, not with proper passion, goals and results. It’s easy to change that. SDGs are en vogue but boring (we have the hottest offers for that) teachers are in crisis, need good projects, #FridayForFuture despair grilled students need projects for relevant impact, parents are sensibilized, mayors need actions to heal growing violence against public servants and to restore the quickly eroding natural environment in times of extreme loss of financial resources. There’s high awareness of a world in crisis and people seek to have ways to do something, and there is still plenty of money, also for youth exchanges, so … go!

In Scandinavia teachers see students as friends and students affirm it’s the truth and life is good. that’s something to learn from for all other societies befallen by a certain *sickness* that is the root of all their ills at individual and collective level.

Sweden has entrepreneur student clubs, and we can add much meaning to that, inspire more students to join, add better story, generate citizen support and boost ways to contribute by doing Social Entrepreneurship for people and planet like North American teens do. Easy with YL and the SDG School Challenge etc.

Denmark has stellar learning culture, healthy youth, projects and even entire school programs devoted to travel, ecological and social projects.

In Greece – before Eric can give a workshop in class – the teacher has to ask the principal’s permission, and he has to ask the minister of education’s permission. That’s because young people at school are to be SAFE from the many people still running on an operating system of 1920s communist / fascist mindset. That’s easy to handle. Greece has extreme levels of social tension and youth unemployment, so there’s big needs that we can help with.

In Italy, there’s incredible cultural education, strong #FFF support, a new curriculum that demands climate education in every year and subject, but also a suboptimal focus on solutions from top down politics, and in many places very conventional teacher-focused teaching. Solar panels won’t solve issues of escalating youth gang violence in Naples and extreme levels of organized crime that many citizens and small business holders threatened by mafia perceive as local terrorism, and enormous environmental pollution crimes causing cancer in countless children commited by mafia-family run and EU funded programs. People will understand there is need for citizen’s upgrade in doing projects that upgrade regional citizery’s spirit and competence.

In Hungary, which is known for a conservative or even totalitarian government, citizens have voted progressive mayors into power in Budapest inner city districts and many big cities. They know that their good aspirations for people and country can only become true if the young generation grows into Able Active Caring Citizens that don’t rely on the mayor only but become stewards and co-creators of a good life in town. 

Balkan schools are still rather “closed” to “outside involvement”, but also to projects and student clubs. Students tell us (not so) funny stories on teachers and that their level of education (much better than in Western Europe!!) is not acquired at school, but from reading, from the internet and from sound common sense. Lots to learn here for Westerners, which is why we do our summer camps in Balkan states. There’s many International Schools that practice avantgarde learning culture, projects and international relations, precisely because parents wish to nurture their kids’ skills, open up horizons and opportunities abroad.

Administrative non-cooperation and lack of funds make things worse.

Different from media portrayal, Eastern Europe is not a dangerous poor dirty place ruled by mafia and traffickers. In fact, many of our young wo/men traveller scouts confirm that they feel much safer in Eastern Europe than in Berlin, Paris, Birmingham, Naples or Marseille.

Human trafficking and sex slavery are different in terms of Eastern origin states and Western receiving states, but an abomination that hurts our hearts on both sides and is something to end together.



Exciting advantages

No need for

  • flights
  • expensive travel
  • intercultural training
  • security worries

 Flixbus drives you straight to destinations in Eastern Europe and the people are beyond lovely!

Untapped potentials
  • school partnerships
  • partner cities
  • SDG development actions
  • family travel
  • project oriented youth exchange
  • rural social business
  • youth-led tourism
  • ending poverty, violence, abuse, trafficking, prostitution, organized crime, bad governance
  • protecting and restoring natural and cultural heritage
  • safeguarding and evolving peace, democracy

and all this at your fingertips. 

Much richer lives!

On all sides … so get going.

School Partnerships

A classic and powerful since schools and cities know this format but now do it for ACTION on SDGs, for peple and planet, driven by Changemaker Student Clubs… with project-oriented peer to peer learning and prepares informal exchange and visits, can lead to formal youth exchange and partner city programs.

Partner Cities

Use existing bonds for tackling common social, environmental and SDG challenges by using each other’s potentials, resources and relations. We are here to help and coach. 

Dialog + Partner Projects

International exchange can be deepenend and taken to next levels … for example in terms of gender equality, of youth-led expeditions and documentation of natural and cultural heritage (view Abbie’s Action Guide), creating YL Magazine Issues … view more European Campaign examples.

European SDG School Challenge

Do the SDG Challenge and to reach certain challenges and milestones find partners in Europe or even work together to complete your 17 SDG Actions.

Team up for YL Project Partners abroad

Unite your forces to boost our partners working on ending violence against girls and women, to boost healthy food abundance through permaculture etc. in India and Africa, using it as common mission and to boost likewise initiatives in your home region.

European Campaigns

Team up to protect and restore peace, natural and cultural heritage, protecting and restoring watersheds, wildlife migration trails, create new nature reserves and national parks, boost eco-cultural tourism, end trafficking, organized crime, tax evasion, unfair trade …

Family Travel

Use the LearnPlanet and the evolving friendly contacts via video meetings and projects to have the BEST holidays with like-hearted people, with purpose and leading to amplified action at your schools and workplaces as you return home.

Youth Exchange

Add meaning, purpose, vision, youth action, impact and unfolding stories to involve school community, citizenry and local media in PROJECT-ORIENTED youth exchanges like  Namaste Nepal student club does from the small town of Freiberg for village development in the Himalayan Mountains. We have amazing project partners for you for 1- and 2-way exchange with their youth teams PLUS we help activate European partner crews through sparking youth leadership on both sides and dreaming up common activities. 

Summer Camps

For fired up youth teams all over Europe we organize YL Warrior Camps in Eastern Europe. We also support others to co-organize camps and upgrade their own with our media, methods, activity and coaches. Dream big! We look forward to making it real with you.