RESULTS : Teenage Student Companies from 7 countries inspired, trained, performing to a point that teachers and European Commission members were speechless, and us moved to tears

Germany’s biggest youth centre booked Eric for organizing the week-long European Business Campus for student companies, and Eric brought in the finest contents, teamers and activities

  • Kaospilot graduates
  • hub members
  • wildly skilled in participative co-creative methodology
  • with spunky spirit, big heart and vision


  • pre-event positive news storyboards at schools for warming up
  • dynamic, co-creative methods
  • powerful videos, posters, theatre etc
  • harvesting videos and interviews at the Student Company Fair
  • confronting peers about sustainability, detecting that the vast majority of companies was unsustainable and its members uneducated about the basics of contemporary education and our needs
  • post-event multi-media documentation

involving youth in

  • workshops on focus topics
  • pitch performances with expert feedback
  • culminating in theatre style presentations to the European Commission

to a point of

  • from morning till evening
  • no partying in evenings, as they would have expected
  • continuing group work in evenings at hostels, because they were still on fire and wanted to deliver the very best to their awesome teamers
  • youth falling ill (mainly due to poor food and bad air conditioning at fez and hostels!)

and despite or because of this everybody agreeing

  • it has been the best week of their life
  • it has been an eic, life-changing experience
  • Eric is a legend
  • that “diamonds are born under pressure”