“(Training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years.

Today, in context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, it is taking on truly sensational dimensions. Youth are changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record pace and scale, also without training. This exhibit tells their stories.

Hiya! My name is Eric, curator of this exhibit. You are going to discover a new beautiful phenomenon that has been happening for years without the global public paying attention. Expect beautiful surprises! 

Keep in mind that these amazing youth are real people with high impact initiatives that you and youth everywhere can do. They embody everything that we all have been hoping for and show us that we can now realize our dearest dreams …  like they do and with them. By connecting with YL you can even meet many of them via video and work together. So, take some time to reconnect with your most noble dreams for people and planet as you watch this … everything you see means new opportunities for you. 

I know most of these youth personally and will add a few comments to respond to common FAQ, because this world is no longer as boring as you think it is. This is the time to #bemoreawesome. We’ll add some options to practice it right away, so get going!

When you enter an exhibit

you expect a rich experience, right? Not just a half dozen items.
And today, with films and music, too. Cool museums have interactive items, too.

Hence, expect quality. And volume.

A rich exhibit

has a bunch of collections, or it would not be complete.
This does not mean that you have to look at every single item in detail, right?

Hence, stroll through the rooms, take it all in, focus on your favorites. You can come back.

You are here for a reason

to get inspired and empowered for Youth Leadership.
You are on a visit to the real Hogwarts, a school of magic for creating a Good World for All.

It looks stunning from the outside, but it feels truly spectacular and amazing inside, when you immerse yourself and interact with its magical creatures and secrets. You can even wield magic, make instant impact, and take home magic wands – to wield in your life. You may be on fire to join or launch an epic project tomorrow.

A visit to The Louvre is going to leave you tired.

This multimedia journey into the fascinating world of youth leadership is stunning, mentally and emotionally intense. It will touch and blow up your heart real big and make it beat real hard. That’s good.

Like in every exhibit, there’s a lot to see, much is intense and can be exhausting.

So get a yummy drink and take snack breaks – they’ll be good occasions to reflect on what you’ve just seen. 

We guarantee you, it comes with rich rewards. 

Enjoy the Experience!

Photos belong to featured changemakers, contributed for educational purpose for people and planet.

Printed poster sets for exhibits and educational resources are available in the boutique at the exit.