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“(Training) young people as agents of change in their communities” has been part of civic education in North America for 50 years.

Today, in context of global learning, social media and escalating crisis, it is taking on truly sensational dimensions. Youth are changing lives, laws, learning culture and industries at record speed and scale, also without training.

This exhibit tells their stories.

Hiya! My name is Eric, curator of this exhibit. 

If you thought what you have seen on media gives you even a slight idea of what youth are rocking today … be assured : you have seen nothing yet! Expect beautiful surprises.

I know most of these youth personally, and will give a few comments during your tour to guide your attention to a few really important things, because this world is no longer as boring as you know it from school.

These amazing people are real, and ready to work with caring people like you to fire up the planet’s youth to make changemaking their sport and kickstart the Change Generation!

In a few minutes your view of youth and our potential future will change. And you will know how to be part and evoke enormous changes. So, take some time for yourself to reconnect with your most noble dreams for Life on Earth, … have fun, rejoice, and get started right away!

Like in every exhibit, there’s a lot to see, much is intense and can be exhausting. So get a yummy drink and take snack breaks – they’ll be good occasions to reflect on what you’ve just seen. 

I guarantee you, it comes with rich rewards. Enjoy the Experience!


Photos belong to featured changemakers, contributed for educational purpose for people and planet.

Printed poster sets for exhibits and educational resources are available in the boutique at the exit.