“I wanted this nightmare to end for my country’s children.”

Read Golden Kids' story

Civil war in Liberia. War bands ravage the country, cut off people’s feet and hands. Kimmie had spent time eating roots to survive. He looked so meagre that people took him for dead and dumped him on a heap of dead bodies. When his mother found him, she saw he was still alive.

In his time of recovery Kimmie decided that he wanted to end this horrible situation for his generation.

Kimmie and friends dreamed of raising their voices to speak out for peace. Their dream became a reality when Search for Common Ground produced Golden Kids News. Philip Hellmich remembers visiting the program:

“I was immediately impressed by the image of a small child with large headphones speaking into an even larger microphone. I struggled to hold back tears as the innocence and purity of a child reaching out to other children in the face of horrible atrocities stirred my own heart: to compassion, beauty and hope, the very essence of being human, all of which will need to be cultivated if we are to move beyond war.”

Golden Kids News became a listeners’ favourite. It changed their idea of youth, and inspired similar programs in nine other countries. Will you create a kids powered radio show in your community?


Kimmie later broke the news that President Taylor recruited 1,000s of child soldiers – and rose to the top of the brutal dictator’s assassination hit list.

Kimmie fled the country to Canada and started fundraising for development programs. Meanwhile, Taylor has been tried for war crimes at the International Criminal Court – and in prison.

Kimmie is back in Liberia and runs development programs.



“It’s all bloody lies in those food adverts. It makes children sick and parents are feeding them this!”

Read Coral's story

Coral is an 8-year-old unschooler, a longtime vegetarian, and a one-of-a-kind gal who is intensely passionate about health and nutrition. Feeling that school was too slow boring and having ‘quit’ after first grade, Coral studies the world from home, and oftentimes yells at misleading food commercials on TV.

It’s time you view Coralganics videos – teaching children about ingredients in common foods and helping them live healthier. Chick-fil-A’s looking fresh after 6 months? That’s disgusting, as are the ingredients!

Watch her tell pediatricians off for recommending Flintstones vitamins and question Time Magazine and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s nonsensical claims that processed, canned foods were no different from fresh, organic foods!

A healthy life is yours!

Read food labels, question false ads, share knowledge, and, first of all, subscribe to Coralganics! Coral however, also lives the solution! She loves gardening, cooks yummy meals, together with her little sister, and knows how to live life to the fullest in the family home! Coral also presents at schools to educate her peers.

Don’t you agree that producing such clips would make an epic school exercise, too?! We can’t wait to see your clips!

“We are only going to protect what we love, and we are only going to love what we understand – by having experienced it.”

This is a 17 min video. You are not obliged to watch it all. You can skip through it. However, do spend a minimum of 3 min’s on it, so that you get the feeling, the magic in her work, her message and what your youth can do by following her example of going on micro adventures and filming the experience for others to view on social, news and of course – YL Media

Read Abbie's story

During a childhood crammed full of mountain treks, den building, canoeing and animals of all shapes and sizes, Abbie developed a deep appreciation for the marvels of nature. As she learned that this miracle is threatened, and vowed to do everything in her power to protect it.

Next Christmas, she found herself with a magic wand: a film camera that would define her mission:

„We need information on our planet, wildlife and conservation with a youthful perspective.“

13 years old, determined Abbie began filming local wildlife, and at 15, had produced her first award-winning short film on protecting our ocean wildlife from plastic trash! Films on nature, sustainability and historic hiking trails followed.

A day after she completed school exams, she took off to climb Africa’s Mt. Kilimanjaro and film a scientific expedition documenting the grave impacts of climate change on land ice, wildlife and farmers. Little later, bushcraft and survival videos popped up on her page!

Today, she combines all her passions and skills for producing short films on small and big adventures crisscrossing Britain’s and Europe’s trails, coasts and landscapes, with tips on gear, on overnight hiking, and kicking your butt – especially if you feel down – to “Spend More Time In The Wild!”

Get those boots on, get out there, enjoy the vistas, the stones, the snails, big birds, bats, warm sun in your face up on the mountaintop. And the night, the wind, surprise rains. Eeek!! Yes!!

Not to forget about ART. You’ve seen art in service to raise funds.

We are also interested in new art conveying the spirit of

“it’s out planet, our future, and we’re going to save it no matter what!”

What’s that gonna look like?

We create it with you.

MUSIC is one thing, adding FILM is another. Think:

How would you wrap issues of colonial wounds, drugs and teen pregnancy in music?

Positive Change Media Work is easy for Changemakers. 

We simply film what we are doing, for others to unfold their powers.


We create meaningful moments at school. And record them.

They did it for one conversation, add a concrete question at 3min23, with a dose of fun; remember?

To do it right, *get tangible*

Pay attention at 3min41. Blahblah only does 1%. That’s damn close to 0.

What’s next? They don’t know! … since all they know is what they’ve seen and copy-pasted from failing adult generation in town and on media. But it’s simple:

Add experience of *tangible projects and impacts* that restore Paradise City with the peace, prosperity and bliss they want … as some of what you’ve seen and many others.

  • Crash Course Phase #1 can be done before this school encounter, or together. We suggest before, so already our students aren’t boring anymore, and know *the obscure others* have seen the same thing and agree on that priority and passion with you. That’s a hot start!

We add follow-up options for fired up youth to self-organize, such as

  • Phase 2 the Hero*ine’s Path + YL For You, with 200 actions + roadmap design + 35 YL programs with favorite causes and activities for everybody
  1. enabling fired up youth to self-organize follow-up as club and beyond school, backed by the global YL Tribe and emerging local Adult Allies. And igniting other schools like wildfire with ripple effects cascading across the region, including youth-led nature trips and more. Bam! Bam! Bam!
  2. enabling caring teachers and principals – which EXIST at both types of schools as this video proves to self-organize multiplex projects of high pedagogical value, aligned with
  • subject teaching
  • extracurricular prograns
  • excursions and field trips
  • school fests
  • project days and weeks
  • parents
  • partners
  • UN Theme Days
  • city programs

also as soft year-round curriculum with YL’s

  • Global SDG School Challenge
  • Local YL Magazine
  • LearnSpaces for youth to gather to create a good world etc

Think of affluent + poor schools all over Earth

  • in the US, in South America, in Africa, India, Australia.
  • We also do this with Western + Eastern Europe School Partnerships for social entrepreneurship, cultural and natural heritage, wildlife migration trails, youth-led eco-cultural tourism …

Got it?!

We got the coolest hottest stuff. Take Part! #MakeSchoolAwesome

One creates moments in public. It’s called a Social Experiment.

Everybody loves it and every city and small town farmers market and town fest needs it.

The most stupid age restriction on the internet

They must have flagged the entire channel because in other videos (not this one) they do the “underpants subway ride” (ohah, people in underwear, what a disturbing thing for youth to see, like there’s no public swimming pools, beaches, skimpy advertizing every 50 yards or youtube flicks). Well, our youth crews love and do this stuff in their town. And cities LOVE it. so make sure to watch!

It heals people and public space.

And when you film it … more people get to feel it. View the views counter. Next you do it.

YL crews, clubs and clans do it.

Stop being boring. #bemoreawesome


Essential Insight #9


  • without much cost, time or training 
  • enjoyable by audiences
  • relevant for society
  • of high pedagogical value
  • for use at schools as resource
  • for use at schools as activity 
  • using common low cost and free technologies, softwares and APPs  

and on this page you have seen high quality high impact media productions

  • that adults never did
  • that adults cannot do

Once again, an essential factor is SPIRIT.

We look more at this in #bemoreawesome Crash Course Phase 3 POSITIVE NEWS MEDIA + MUSIC

Positive News Media

Media are our society’s macro communicaton tool, and so far they make zero relevant contribution to positive change. On the contrary. You have already tasted something different in the Crash Course, and will have ideas when we ask

YL Magazine features

  • solution stories, hero*ine role models, interviews, actions, UN Theme Days, music, art, freebies, audience involvement and more
  • online, as digital PDF, and print medium, as wall display

and our community contributes and co-creates

  • stories and stuff
  • write, edit
  • translate
  • share, promote
  • distribute

and youth teams and schools can create LOCAL EDITIONS

  • on local solutions, changemakers, actions, allies, needs, global solutions, action options and more.

So exciting! TAKE PART!

We dive deeper into diverse positive news media on the planet in PHASE 3 : POSITIVE NEWS MEDIA + MUSIC