“Peacemakers are the most courageous of all of us.

They go where there is no peace.”



Mayerly’s story will have moved your Heart like it has moved ours. Like it will move many others’. 

We hope that you don’t just admire her, but that your hearts gets your butt up, saying “why haven’t I heard of this before? Why hasn’t this been in all our schools for 10 years?!” Here are 3 statements that can open your eyes for what to do. 

and it is really important to act on them.

Since only then will our Heart’s’ dreams come true.


It’s not pure “youth leadership”, it’s introduced by a young adult Magical Coach, but …

it’s laying foundations for youth leadership where nothing “youth” or “peace” or “liberty” or “joy” or “education” exists at all.

This is an extremely well received story, film, eye opener … and kickstarter for creative endeavors. See for yourself.

Please view both clips.

They also expand your horizon to “other” places in the world, to the real life of children and what we all are called to do. 


Read SKATEISTAN's story

Optional Bonus material 🙂

If you love it, here’s new footage – with voices of children and PARENTS.

Skateistan today have schools in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. 

One day

when we saw another bomb blast on tv, and didn’t even care listening for details, we got news the next day that three Skateistan students selling chewing gum at the entry of this very US military base got blown up in the suicide bomber explosion. 

Real Life happens. 

For half the world’s children Real Death happens constantly.



More than twice the number of Americans die by suicide a year than by homicide. And do you know how huge mental illness and suicide impact 13 to 27 year olds? 

Not required to view the entire videos. But this is GOLD for  teachers and students … and extremely powerful for specific groups. And for YL Coaches to mentioned among youth and school classes.

This story, and the simple project that grew from a student club to a global 35,000 member organization is powerful for

Hear some statistics in her TED Talk from 3min20 until 5min to get a feel of Diana’s spirit.

Hear her personal story in minutes 1-4min in the interview.


Read DIANA's story

I’m a 22-year-old first-generation Chinese-American immigrant from Southern California, a huge matcha fan, and an absolute chaotic good on the alignment chart. Growing up, I had a secret: I have bipolar disorder, and I didn’t believe I deserved the air I breathed.

After surviving a series of suicide attempts, I found healing from an unexpected source: writing. In writing letters to strangers, I realized that I wasn’t alone – I never was alone. And you aren’t, either. 

So as a sophomore in high school, I founded Letters to Strangers, which has since grown into the biggest youth-to-youth mental health organization in the world that seeks to destigmatize mental illness and increase access to affordable, quality treatment.  

All of this has taught me that if we all had second chances, perhaps our lives would be so different. But not all of us are lucky enough to get a second chance. 

This is why I fight. I know personally that when all you understand is emptiness, one letter–one human connection–can save a life. Mental health matters; mental health is personal. I fight because I can’t bear it otherwise.

What Letters-To-Strangers do


Our chapters (usually student clubs on campuses) write anonymous, heartfelt letters that aim to share their vulnerabilities and offer support for those who are fighting through difficult times. These letters are distributed either within Chapters, to other Chapters, or to community organizations called partner sites. We believe that writing is humanity distilled into ink. Individuals unaffiliated with our network can submit and exchange letters via our free, public online platform

Peer Education

We partner with schools and other mental health organizations to provide training and talks for youth around the world. We also facilitate our own unique youth-for-youth educational mental health module (check out our guidebook for free here) designed and researched in-house and delivered to thousands of students a year in addition to interested peer listeners at our chapters.

Policy-Based Advocacy

We stay updated on current mental health-related policies and issues. Our chapters work with administrators to foster changes in the mental health dialogue and system at their institutions, such as bringing in mental health professionals to campus for the first time or creating a history-making student-run mental health task force. On a broader level, we sometimes engage in letter-writing campaigns, in-person meetings, and advocacy events to urge officials to take action on mental health awareness and treatment reform.

– – –

The estimated cost of untreated mental illness in the U.S. is $100,000,000,000€ (includes unemployment, unnecessary disability, substance abuse, etc.)

70-90% of individuals with mental illness saw improvement in their symptoms and quality of life after participating in some form of treatment.

Point is – we need to talk about it – and no longer hide it like it’s a crime or demonic possession.

You have heard her sing. 

You are yet to discover how she speaks.



One can be gentle, kind, weird, loving and spontaneous on a talkshow.

Talkshows can have kind, pleasant and peaceful ambience.

One can be oneself, gentle, weird, loving and succeed in today’s society.

People’s hearts are touched. They love it.

Dare show it.

You will being HEALING and PEACE to others.

P.S. She is always like this. Whenever she speaks, she speaks something original never heard before. Every interview seems like the first and mesmerizes her seasoned warriors and weirdos (fans) like the newbies in the clips above. What a miracle she is <3 🙂 


Alisha of page 1, offering creative play sessions for homeless shelter children.

Gabrielle, boosting the flow of free, fresh food for the needy.

Emma’s enormous book drives creating epic children’s libraries as spaces of peace and dreaming.

We hope that your region’s teens will awaken to restoring peace in the hearts of children. It begins with role models and common sense solutions.

You have your hands full of stories that you can get in diverse beautiful quality from our store. You have partners, coaches and support galore from our global Tribe.

Take your fire and optimism to new levels by seeing what happens once you have teenage hero*ines in your region.