At age 12,

Chloe formed a student club to protect her idyllic home from overdevelopment with marinas, helipads and golf resorts. As they learned of climate change, they were the first U.S. students to install solar panels on their school and led the biggest reusable bag campaign in the state.

Changemaker  Teens do not stop.

Many pursue meaningful studies.

At uni,

Chloe was shocked to learn that while professors lectured on climate crisis, Harvard invested part of its $30 billion endowment in fossil fuel industries. With two friends, she founded Divest Harvard. Soon, her razor sharp words made the NYT frontpage, 70,000 supporters joined, DH became the icon of the global divestment movement, inspiring churches, state funds and cities to divest over $7 trillion € from fossil fuels.

After this adventure, and graduation, Chloe returned to her beloved rural state of Maine.

Many choose professional paths with purpose.

Some score historic political wins.

Working on a book on how the climate movement can become a stronger political force, and composing a blog post on twens running for political office in record numbers, she realized “I should do this”.

Chloe bluntly says that all political parties have disappointed us, but decided to run on the Democrat platform, because they believe in open access.

She knocked on every door, asking her constituents what they need and that she wants to make it true. “No one ever asked me this,” said traditional Republicans – and voted for her. Followers saw Chloe’s handmade campaign evolve and win this rural, working class, ‘most senior district of the USA’ for the Democrats for the first time in history.

Her first speech as member of the Maine House of Representatives was interrupted a historic record number of times by Confederate General looking character, often just seconds after speaking.

Six months later,

the House and Senate passed the first Green New Deal on Earth, adapted for rural working people of Maine, followed by several other bills her constituents had asked her for, such as better rural transportation, access to healthcare, better handling of rape kits …

Chloe has weekly open meetings in cafes or online and strongly emphasizes that she does not vote on bills along party lines, but unites people from all walks of life for direct, concrete steps to protect and improve their homeland. For the first time in history, a group representing pipeline workers endorsed a progressive candidate.

Two years in office, at the next election cycle,

Chloe stopped her campaign for Senate and directed her volunteer flock’s efforts to helping the elderly get through the Covid-19 pandemic. They called every single senior in the state, informed on health hazards from the early turbulent days onwards, did grocery runs, arranged medical transports …

A few weeks before the insanely chaotic national election … people voted Chloe into Senate … winning against the Republican minority leader aka the strongest Republican in the state.

Sound bi-partisan legislation is beong made on all sorts of issues.

As we write this, Maine Senators work to weave a right to healthy nature into the constitution, so that no future law can threaten it.

Good Governance is possible

but it takes a new species of honorable, bright, kind and able people.
You now know how such people evolve from childhood.


“Youth Leadership en masse is a game changer for society.”

In the #BeMoreAwesome Crash Course, we see and hear more from Chloe on the secrets of success and core messages in Divest Harvard and her political campaign as lessons for all people seeking to reestablish honorable functional governance for their people and the Land they love.

May what you have seen have opened your eyes and heart to a beautiful world that is already happening, and once all of us make it happening in our cities and regions, the next level able active caring citizenry will emerge and with it the good future.