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YL 101.1


If you LOVE the stories, films and music that you see here, you will share them, anyway BUT here is something that can strengthen your commitment to doing so 100-fold:


of human behavior is shaped by role models

Ergo, to create a good world, our #1 priority is to make hero*ines with high impact solutions for everyone to join omni-present at home, work, school, in public space and media.

You can take these stories and tools home at the exhibit’s exit as books, poster sets and more. Posters, small and large, are great for use in workplaces and workshops, as teaching tools in class, for exhibits to create long-term presence. Here is an example.

Plus, it needs an action guide, such as “on fridays, walk out with a colorful placard and sit down in front of parliament.” This changed everything after 20 years of climate info and people sitting idle.

YL 101.2


A word on YL Posters

We use these small A5 half-page sized posters at school and in group crash courses. For exhibits we use similar A3 double page sized posters.

The Bucky Fuller Map shows the location on Earth Island.

The QR code leads to an online profile with videos, interviews and more. 

Backsides show Action Guides with 4 proposed actions, easy to advanced for greater impact.

This makes them rich tools for coaches, teachers, coaches, student leaders and young changemakers.

A word on YL Action Guides

or each YL Hero*ine we have an Action Guide with 4 proposed actions, easy to advanced for greater impact, to support, join, replicate, adapt or expand the model solution.

Youth can select their favorite challenge level and activity – each makes relevant impact – and SELF-ORGANIZE activities like their hero*ine peers … with plenty of space for individual creativity aligned with one’s lifestyle and environment.

Our core line-up of 50 young hero*ines has 200 actions. Plus, there’s 50 adult changemakers. This makes 400 activities – with favorite causes and actions for everybody.

Plus, access to YL staff, speakers and project partners for Q&A, video meetings, short- and long-term projects. Wham!

This missions-based approach can also be used at school, and we offer badges for completed missions.


YL Volunteers (self-)trained as YL Coach know plenty of stories, model solutions and actions. They are veritable cornucopias of possibilities … making them young people’s best friend for creating a good world, lives and future


May this add to your imagination as you continue the tour.

You have seen that youth can move mountains when they focus on one cause.

Let’s see how many activities one kid can fit into their lives, buzy or not, small town or city.