Are you on fire to change society?


With us, your powers do not end with a small donation.

We want that everybody can evoke the big changes that their hearts wish to see.

Which are yours?

Here are big steps that every city needs now.

Everything else can follow built on this foundation.

Help High Impact Changemakers achieve a milestone, spread the initiative, with beautiful benefits.


We collaborate with high impact changemakers whose proven initiatives can be scaled up, powered by people.

Raabia. A 5-crew Ranger Unit

Raabia is a rare voice raising awareness among Kenyans who widely consider wildlife protection a ‘colonial luxury’. We wish to activate Kenyan youth.

  • Ranger crews protect the region’s wildlife from poachers. $50,000 trains, equips, pays a new crew of 5 for 1 year
  • Raabia’s speaking tour to Kenyan schools, seed this exhibit, establish international school partnerships, via skype and visits to Walk With Rangers

Finance Pooja for 1 Year

Pooja got 24,000 poor kids into school last year by enforcing a new law. She would love to keep going across the state, re-open her micro school, train kids to run eco-social campaigns and promote youth leadership to schools.

Since she lives in the poor district, too, she can live and operate on $1,500 per year, but we would like to make it $2,500, so she can have her own apartment, be mobile, have a life…

Red Brigade Rescue Centre & Academy

Usha Vishwakarma and Ajay Patel have made the courageous crew of rape survivors famous across India. They tirelessly change laws, rescue and de-traumatize victims, train girls self-defense, 30,000 to-date … in a very hard place.

Their dream is to have a “home” for their crew, serving also as training ground, school and rescue centre. The land is aquired, now they need $70,000 to build it. In-kind architects might reduce the cost.

Kinigi Eco Lodge & Youth Leadership Community Centre

With local crew, we develop a piece of land next to

  • Volcanoes National Park,
    home of the endangered Mountain Gorillas
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Campus
    of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

into a multifaceted social enterprise serving international travellers with a community tourism experience + capital dwellers with a family-friendly eco-cultural escape + the greater community with jobs, training, cultural heritage + Rwandan youth with leadership programs + youth leadership summer camps for East African youth

Kinigi Eco Lodge & Youth Leadership Community Centre

… engaging Rwandan and global schools in a holistic development project

via video meet-ups, development cooperation and volunteerism visits + changing the bleak image of Africa with stories from a society that has brilliantly re-invented itself after a genocide + our crew has 100s of stories to tell! Hostel, lodges and infrastruc-ture can be completed in chunks of $5,000€, scoring lifelong free access for oneself and close friends.

Empower Local Youth
to unfold impact like their hero*ine peers

Activate your Workplace

Inspire co-workers and clients to donate, help in-kind, team up, activate local youth.

  • generates donations
  • in-kind partnerships
  • community


Adopt Your District's Schools

Seed media packs, give presentations, do exhibits, support inspired youth teams with funds, in-kind, mentoring.

  • equips teachers and student leaders
  • sparks student clubs
  • year-round high impact actions


Activate Your School/s

Use stories, do Crash Courses, form student clubs, do Philanthro-Parties, set up project partnerships …

  • brings global issues alive
  • boosts student motivation, learning culture & community
  • sparks student clubs & year-round actions


Activate Your City

with Crash Courses at many schools, reaching 1,000’s of youth, uniting 100s in Changemaker Student Clubs, unleashing year-round actions – so everybody notices “something in town has changed!”

With many options to align with your personal passion and focus topics.

  • considerable tangible impact
  • reaching into many spheres of life

Activate Yourself.

as citizen to really know and go through steps, an able, active, caring citizen, and ally of young people and changemakers.

Take the personal Crash Course

Activate as YL Volunteer

Give presentations, network, do a ton of things aligned with your talent, passion, setting.

No matter what color, gender or creed,

All honorable people belong to the same tribe.

Nupa Tatanka

Activate major programs to boost youth leadership globally. Each unlocks a major lever.

The Planetary Guardian

Eric’s youtube channel on youth leadership, interviews with hero*ines and more.

Back Eric’s livelihood, so he can freely operate for everything YL : guiding teams, networking, coaching, dreaming up new ventures …

$2,000€ monthly

Activate the YL App

for greater reach and interaction

  • for YL Magazine
  • for FUNdraising and partnerships
  • serving 100+ hero*ines to boost their reach
  • serving our youth teams, volunteers and local units
  • with live-meets
  • with user uploads

$15,000€ or in-kind


We tell the story of the rising Change Generation, shape positive worldview of Youth We Can, educate people by seeing “live” how projects unfold, report on inspired youth and citizen activities, and reach into

  • schools and public libraries
  • canteens, cafes, waiting rooms

training aspiring writers in positive change media culture, helping news media make sense

minimum $20,000€ annually
on a roll $70,000€ annually
full operation $100,000€ annually


Our groundbreaking action training, education program and reality game

  • connects the young generation with today’s Gandhis and Gryffindores
  • to implement solutions for peace, well-being and sustainability
  • in real-time cooperation

To make it really awesome and successful, we need top quality feel, flair, interface and usability – like the world’s most popular computer games. This takes skilled crew and time. The impact for people and planet will dwarf the investment.

$70,000€ seed funding for Year 1

YL CAMP sites

Gift us great spaces for

  • YL Summer Training Camps, in nature, with pleasant activities around
  • YL Workshops in cities9

Tribal Travel Agency

Help us spread the word on our Field Partners’ offes for

  • tourist visits
  • volunteer stays

Help in-kind.
The opportunities are practically unlimited.



Spread the word.

Team up for monthly column and special steps to activate your citizenry.


Your company and organization reaches caring citizens, parents, who know teachers, have skills …



We are available.

Invite a Speaker

We are available.

Publishers, translators, editors

Help us bring our books and resources to your language hemisphere, into your book stores and schools

Educational publishers, too!

Help us print & distribute

  • books
  • t-shirts
  • cardgames

Airline, Train & Tram media

Spread the word.

Team up for monthly column and special steps to activate your citizenry.

Help us travel and stay

  • airlines
  • hotels
  • rental cars


Design art, for t-shirts, posters, our media, …


Clad our hero*ines and staff into epic clothing like Balmain or … yours. For photoshoots, for take-away, or for the walkway + incl. fundraiser gala!

Photographers & Agencies

Gift our Hero*ines and Staff free epic photoshoots like AURORA does

So many new opportunities.

What have you learned today?

The Future is Bright

for those who Choose to Create it

Thank you

for learning about the truth, what is truly going on, and how you can help empower

the Change Generation.

May you wield your powers well.

May your path florish with friendship, and your dreams be filled with love for youth, people and planet.

Now, as exhibits do, I release you into the exit hall, with a lounge, nice music and our gift shop. I look forward to seeing you on board, and moving mountains together!

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