Having a ball
makes a difference in a child’s life.

In some places, this is all they have. A bundle of plastic bags.

So, what do you think? What do you do?

1 ball + delivery is $25€.

1 single ball can bring alive an entire village.

With kids storming up and down the pitch all day. Some have started village leagues! Last time we checked, Ethan had served 1,000 of villages in 50 countries. You can help him add more to the map! 1 with 1 click.

Hand-delivery included

How many can you score with a big, creative FUNdraiser action?

You might get some ideas below… 😉

Our grandparent generation remembers
life in poverty and ruins.

Today’s youth can imagine what that means. And they don’t sit idle. 

Here’s what young people are doing to boost creativity, community and cooperation.





elementary school

middle school

teacher salaries



new crops

health camps

annual work visits

student exchange

In 2015, the enormous Nepal earthquake destroyed the entire region, and laid every house and turned everything they built into rubble.

Only the school stood untouched on the hill.

For the valley under shock, it became a symbol of hope.

Now all 7 villages in the valley wanted to have a school. And the students took on the challenge.





In 2019, the mission was accomplished. 

Namaste Nepal had financed construction of 7 schools. Worth

Seven hundred thousand in 4 years. Yes.

They had approached their state’s minister of education. Bamboozled, he asked “how can I help?”, and they said “put it on the ministry’s newsletter to all schools, with a call to get involved.” And of course, schools joined in.

Many score $10,000€ in year 1, $20,000€ in year 2 – and it only gets better.


$3.1 million for orphans at age 19

There’s 140 million orphans in the world, and it is not their fault.

Their problems will become ours, too, once they become adults.

Unless we help them live full lives as children.

World’s Children’s Peace Prize

You there. Stop thinking small. Please!


Use your Social Life for Doing Good!



How could you possibly resist to buy fairy juice?

What do you do when you hear of water crisis in African villages?

Set up a LemonAID Stand.

Or you are Lulu …

and call out a Water War: “Girls against Boys! Who will raise more money?”

400 stands popped up from coast to coast, raising a considerably higher amount!

What do you do on your birthday?

You gather your friends for an adventure – and go on a Water Walk in town …

… and your wild enthusiasm scores


+ It is on TV

because it’s lively, youth, vibrant, positive
and kind journalists love to report on that

+ Next, on the radio

because it is a story and message that people enjoy to hear

It’s so much FUN – let’s just carry on!

And thus Lemon:AID Warriors were born!

LemonAID Warriors is a youth activism organization that shares simple, realistic tools for children and teens to become effective agents of change in their communities. We recognize that kids and families are very busy, and it’s hard to imagine adding anything to our already crazy schedules. So our action plans aim to turn what is already on your calendar into opportunities to serve. We call this action plans “PhilanthroParties”.

Pancake & Baking Parties

preparing next day’s bakesale at school

Water Themed Parties

with challenges, contests, FUNdraising for WaterAID

Music Festivals

since Lulu is a drummer of a punk rock band.

Family gatherings, birthdays, holiday parties, sports team events, sleepovers and play-dates can be given a little twist to support a cause through raising funds, raising awareness or simply by spreading kindness.

Delicious Spring Tasting Parties

Labor Days

Party-In-A-Box for the unseen, gifted to their school’s facility manager

Superbowl Parties

creating greeting cards for elderly homes while old people are watching tv sports

We also have ongoing signature service projects that local kids can join in on. Currently, we are working to build an orphanage in Tijuana, provide scholarships to 50 children a year at our partner school in Zimbabwe, and host holiday parties at a local Domestic Violence shelter, among others.

Visit recipients

in Africa

Visit recipients

in Mexico

Invite Lakota friends to L.A.

stroll through Hollywood, meet favorite youtubers

MARCH 2014

“Eric, something crazy is about to happen.
But you can’t tell anyone yet!”

Two weeks later!

MATTEL’s Monster High

announces a new ghoul in their line-up, to be sold in toy stores around the globe

BOO-LU – The Ghoul Who gives Back

comes with a special call to players and fans to throw a PhilanthroParty, report and win a $1,000 Skullership for their favorite charity!


We can do so much good as a generation.
Let us become a Generation Of Generosity!

Homemade tomato soup for the homeless

Can Carnival

Ice Dream Philanthro-Party

Halo Award

At the UNITED NATIONS – with Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Women Of Worth

In Teen Vogue, Pajama Party

In Forever 21

It’s so much fun to see our members who joined us as really young children grow into positions of responsibility.


Mentoring the next generation leaders of Lemon:AID Warriors is my new favorite passion.

Not to forget good ice-cream

As a youth-run organization, our ambitions are not always taken seriously. Our actions are often dismissed as symbolic gestures. But children and young people are capable of accomplishing enormous tangible good! We can have a profound impact on our local, national and global communities.



Lemon:AID Warriors gives young people tools and support to carry out these aspirations. But ideally, our schools and our entire society would also be on board.

It’s not hard work that people think twice to join. It’s fun, it’s PARTY, you’ll always have merry crew to join you at everybody’s fav place at school, and the best place to be on a saturday & sunday morning for fresh cookies and breakfast at the farmers or flea market.

To help young people everywhere activate their communities, Lulu has published a fireworks of ideas for Philanthro-Parties!

Should there be copies in your public library, school and student club headquarters?



1st, there is so much need in the world.

2nd, changemakers are to be the good guys. #bemoreawesome

3rd, there’s always opportunity to add charity to one’s activities.

4th, it’s good to vary your activities, see quick results and benefit from …

Presence in Public

that is well received

Presence in Media

because they love positive people-powered solution stories for the betterment of our local and global communities

Presence at Schools

as you get invited as speaker and role model



for own causes

Each sale on a normal school day makes $20-50.

$100 a week is easy. 

Plus, there’s week-end markets.

Imagine a certain girl added this to #fridays.

7,000,000 strikers could make $700,000,000€ each month to finance ecosystem restoration. Easy.

It only takes spirit, will, fun, ideas.

The key question is : 

How big is your heart for people and planet?

Do you really, truly care?

If yes, … you are no longer empty-handed.

If my generation is to face the great challenges we are about to inherit, service needs to be a bigger part of our education.

It’s a challenge to get schools and larger institutions to step it up and make service and volunteerism a bigger priority.

I wish there were more opportunities to support the next generation of compassionate leaders.

While we are the future, we need to start acting now, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Madi, LemonAID Warriors

My favorite childhood memory is visiting my first Philanthroparty, a can carnival!
To get in, you had to bring cans to donate to the food bank.

At the event, we played many games related to cans, like a can stacking game or “can-can competition”. It was the first time that I was able to see the impact that the youth can have on our community and the world. While I was only in Kindergarten, this passion for activism continues to guide my decisions in life to this day.




Service Learning is most powerful when organized by creative, fired up students that approach it with as much passion as their favorite sport or game,

at lunch, recess, club time

at fests, as contribution to subjects

after school

on week-ends

with partners in the community

So, don’t be shy but actively cultivate your childish creativityIt’s a magical ticket to success!