“I think it’s really hard for 1-dimensional activists to create a multi-dimensional movement.” – Chloe Maxmin

We provide diverse causes and activities +¬†everything that grand changemakers use. No lacks, no limits. Full customer satisfaction ūüôā To start with flying banners, ever go bigger and never stop!


… doing like your hero*ine peers
taking 1 or more actions each month
from age 8 to 18.

How awesome will your life be?
What awesome person will you be?

Here’s what we give you to live it.

“Responsibility is not a bad thing. Children love challenges, but when expectations are low, trust me, we will sink to them.

Tell us kids about problems in the world. Not to be frustrated, but to be able to do something about it. Knowledge is not for a stamp collection, it is for doing things.

If you shield us children, you are witholding from us to make a difference.”

– Adora Svitak

“With the mountains of abominations piled up by idiot adult generations and the shit to rain down on youth in coming decades – what goals do you set?”


As you have seen, youth can take action anywhere, anytime without need for anything, and (a) we want to inspire and equip individual youth to realize their good aspirations for people and planet  BUT with YL (b) we have more in mind.

We want to see youth leadership crews at all schools and in town, doing plenty of activities year-round, with felt impact on lives, land, learning, laws and industries. That’s positive change in practice. In numbers.

That’s easy, if you consider that

  • 90% of youth find youth leadership inspiring, important for their generation and should exist at their school
  • Just 1 student per class in a changemaker club means 20 to 100 at 1 school
  • equipped with 100s of optional actions, top quality global partners and local allies
  • present in public spaces and media like their hero*ine peers¬†
  • imagine this at all schools in town¬†¬†

It’s what the world needs, what our cities need and what we all love to see.¬†

THIS requires a different GOAL, crew, vision, tools and friends than common single-focussed youth crews.

A cookie sale won’t cut it. Nor plastic pick-ups and trash bins.¬†Stop lying to yourself. And to the kids!

We have a Planet to save!!

At YL, we are not afraid to tell it like it is, because we know 1,000s of people-powered solutions to solve everything, and folks like you and school youth can implement them, with ease and fun and rich benefits for their personal and professional lives and futures.¬†Simply imagine copy-pasting 100 solutions to your city.¬†That’s an evident thing to do.¬†¬†

Let’s get to work!

You just have to choose the life and future you love, say No! to binge watching (soma, drugs) and say Yes! to living your lovely awesome HP and LOTR hero*ine self FOR REAL. You used to be alone, you are no longer alone and empty-handed!

You have what you need to activate yourself, your school, your city and shape the future of regions near and far. It’s new, fresh and exciting! You just need to wield it, and like with every sport and music – as you practice, you quickly develop skills and get rolling!

Welcome to the real-world Hogwarts! #BEMOREAWESOME

#2 Let’s get into the right spirit



An action program for youth age 8 to 18

Newbies can be insecure about their role and abilities to “change the world”, to “organize projects”, to “spark and cultivate youth leadership”. But it’s really simple. You have seen how easy big book drives etc can be. Most actions are quite simple, but complex, exciting, and you can rev up the challenge level as high as you like. Wham!!

You can take it easy, as fun sport. You can freestyle. You can go full-time pro like an athlete. Whatever you choose, you are part of the Tribe. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

Like sports or music, changemaking is for EVERYBODY … the¬†silent, the loud, the intro- and extrovert

Like in Sports and Music ...

(1) one can be a fan, a supporter, play a little bit, occasionally, or full-time like athletes … and EVERYBODY is important part

(2) focus is on the noticeable, spectacular athletes … but

(3) everybody makes precious contributions.¬†It moves mountains to simply share online, hand a flyer to a teacher, a note on a solution to the right person can spark powerful replication by others, to put up a donation box on the counter, a poster exhibit in a popular cafe, a monthly post to a million followers, many students buying the crew’s best brownies and lemonAID … we provide tools for this, from social media posts to High Impact Starter Actions that generate swift results and community

(4) to sustain inspiration, momentum, and multifaceted fireworks of action, there is need for a constant year-round flow and drumbeat like sports offer with weekly training, freestyling, matches, tournaments, trophies, continental champions and summer training camps and badass athlete training academies

(5) for constant upliftment, learning, a sense of epic and global community there’s need for magazine, hero show etc

(6) there is need for places to MEET (Changemaker Club HQs at school + public LearnSpaces for people to gather to learn, plan and realize projects and campaigns; we have a bundle of tools for setting up such spaces and offer certification as Youth Leadership Learning Centre) 

(7) one needs to have access to plenty of instruments and tunes to wield and play – that’s high impact model actions on all causes, with favorite activities for everybody, and tools and tricks, initiatives to join on the fly

(8) Youth Action needs to be omni-present at home, in the family, at school, the workplace, in public space and media

(9) It must be fit for use at school, and enrich learning culture, with trackable learning goals

(10) There is need for magical coaches on demand

(11) There is need for inspiring encounters with hero*ines

(12) There is need for a global community of like-hearted folks

All of that serves to spark, run, build and evolve local crew, allies, supportive community with resources and relations. The more you activate in town, the more wild, beautiful, impactful, diverse, future-proof, crisis resilient and award-winning your town + region to Able Active Caring Citizenry will become.

Here’s a super important question.¬†

#3 FAQ : How do we sustain inspiration, pace etc?

Remember Kid President. Whether youth or adults, we are the few and new among boring people that run on outdated windows 95 mindset that cannot play the new hyper positive fast sparkling heartcentred software wired with the Living Planet. Their non-hero*ine mindset, family, school, work, the city, tv constantly pull us down, and everybody has made experience of lockdown, isolation … so,¬†frankly, we all need CONSTANT UPLIFTMENT to keep spirit up, focus, priority goals, to unfold our spirit, wings, boldness and activate peers.¬†

To keep our AWESOMESS up

…¬†to sustain inspiration, momentum, and multifaceted fireworks of action, there is need for a constant year-round flow and drumbeat of action as¬†we know from¬†Sports, or Music Festivals, or Online Games …¬†with weekly training, freestyling, matches, tournaments, trophies (wins wrap up, exhale, inhale > next round!). We may call this structure a League.

Our YL Programs provide such structures:

  1. for youth, we have #bemoreawesome
  2. for adults, we have the Boost Club (next page)
  3. for school, we have the Global SDG School Challenge

You will discover them later. For now you shall know that you NOW have

  • constant wildfire upliftment
  • community of fired up practitioners, newbies, experts, hero*ines
  • diverse roles, favorites for everybody
  • countless ways to contribute – from athlete to muesli man
  • tons of action
  • tons to celebrate
  • simple tools and swift steps to create omni-presence of this spirit online, at home, school, work, public space

that combine all the cool elements you see next. It’s simple. You’ll discover with ease, as you follow online, explore and interact with our social media and newsletters at one’s your own prefered pace.

Now marvel at what’s available for all youth on Earth now … and start dreaming. We have exciting years ahead!

Now, you will better understand and appreciate the stuff we provide. Here it is.


with high impact initiatives replicable by youth everywhere 

Many of them are available via Video


with transformational solutions for society that youth can

  • implement
  • spread
  • forward to practitioners
  • form local chapters


for each Hero*ine

  • with 4 missions (actions)
  • easy to advanced
  • for greater impact

with favorite causes and activities for everybody

= 400+ ACTIONS

  • impacting 1,000s
  • reaching 100,000s via media

near and far



Elite Changemaker Training for Youth age 8 to 18

self-paced = it's for EVERYBODY

embody HEROINES (do like them)

accomplish MISSIONS (100 Action Guides)

gain BADGES for completed missions


gain CREDITS for impact, headlines made


ascend RANKS per 3 missions

GLOBAL COMMUNITY like in online gaming

PROFILE to evolve as CV of Awesome

MAP MARKER for crews, clubs and clans



PROJECT PARTNERS - team up with Hero*ines



VIDEO Meets + Youtube SHOW


MAGAZINE to co-create

DEDICATED patreon Community


Common aspects of Gaming and Youth Leadership in YL

We do not gamify to lure youth to do good. We originally did it on demand from youth that asked for something fun to challenge their boring peers to get active. To be more awesome. At first, we thought “competition is not what Doing Good is about” until we realized that in ONLINE GAMING, youth do¬†

  • take challenges – again and again, that’s marvellous resilience against frustration!
  • know diverse character classes – warriors, healers, … – we got even more
  • learn to wield their skills, moves, ultimate powers – we got those, too!
  • enjoy and study champions’ origin stories – we have real ones
  • have a sense of honor and chivalry – going AFK, orkish behavior suck = byebye, banned¬†
  • score wins, credits, level up
  • have a feel for myth – can take an “epic” view and see the Grand Quest of our Era¬†
  • enjoy interacting with story and non-player characters – we got plenty of magical people, for real
  • enjoy intriguing bonus quests on the gaming map – our cities and regions are full of them
  • do #speedruns – straight to goal (next level) without distraction and delay – that’s what the world needs
  • understand what #bossbattles mean – honor living legends and understand what’s coming in life
  • love #epicwins – scoring those in real life is possible with us!
  • higher ranked youth are not envied –¬†since their skills are earned through talent + time of practice
  • skills are respected –¬†since¬†they are earned and applied with honesty
  • newbies do not feel bad about themselves –¬†since impact comes with practice + they do make impact!
  • lower ranked youth are not disrespected –¬†since they share the same Spirit + make many impacts, too
  • hall of famers (like our Hero*ines) are honored as legends –¬†since players know this is divine, a blessing for so many lives, the Land and all of us, have huggable big Hearts, their uber awesomeness brings out the best in us and¬†they are our guiding stars at the firmanent and always at our side for our evolution
  • FUNdraising “farming” (gold) is part of gaming life – with patience and tenacity

and that’s why we have designed #BeMoreAwesome with a gaming flair.

We experience

when we use gaming terms it makes youth and young adults SMILE and UNDERSTAND how rocking epic, virtuous, courageous and adventurous changemakers are (also Peacemakers who go where there is no peace!) and how awesome youth leadership FEELS.¬†For many, it changes worldview on “doing good, civil society, activism”, for some it is a veritable awakening.

But check out the Remarkable Benefits that this unfolds in our specific context.


"Gaming" Benefits for YL's HIGH IMPACT Youth Leadership

Action matters. Talk happens while you play and it’s action oriented. Talkers don’t play our sport. They are not even in sight in our community. Can you imagine? Heavenly! Age limit 8 to 18.

Goals are clear. No endless discussions

Mission-based action gives concrete focus and goal, which is important with “so many things to do”, and gives success, celebration and wrapping things up – which is important “with endless suffering in the world” to move on, take on new challenges, learn more, have more fun and grow the movement to #bemoreawesome

Pace is high through plenty of actions, weekly UN Action Days, mission targets, quick results, lust for more, progress beat felt on social media

Vision beyond short term actions to rise as Warrior, shape the future of regions

Self-responsibility to evolve skills, set targets and earn one’s Shirts … and Sovereignity

Sense of Epic of changing the world, the Quest to liberate the Land from evil cause*rs of suffering

Sense of Sacred of restoring Paradise

Sense of Self in this grand picture as on the right side, good, wise, important, impactful, a part, and sacred

Self-evolution to embody the Virtues like hero*ines do, acquire the bond with body, nature, animals …

High benchmarks.¬†Low spirit earns nothing. A cookie sale won’t cut it. #bemoreawesome

Epic Wins help gain the global community’s attention for extraordinary achievements

Boss Battle Calls raise the entire community’s attention for collective priority participation

Quests are understood as life-long challenges with masterful skills to learn and evolve

BADGES for completed missions. Sense of awesome. Rapid success, tick off, move on. Recognition by other warriors and by society, of lasting value for CV, for life.¬†Helps us see a Warrior’s thematic foci

CREDITS¬†for impact and headlines made. Shows who excels in FUNdraising, media presence etc. – guiding everybody’s attention to learning from them, and helps us detect special talent to get on the Show

RANKS. Sense of self, track action, show experience, oneself in context of others with same pure priorities. And in context of a society with other priorities and no less experiences in making impact

IMAGINE A GATHERING. Online, you can tell from a glance at Ranks how awesome participants are, from Badges if they share your foci. Face to face, jackets with Buttons, Patches, Flags tell you you are among an Army of Light and Beautiful Beasts. You don’t want to miss the campfire tales of Warriors Level 70+, that’s 210 missions each! Can you imagine their experience, impact and stories? True Legends! What a crowd!

Profiles show all this, combined with Warrior Chronicles they make a CV of Awesome

Warrior Chronicles (on social media) show their activities, vividly documented; adds to CV of Awesome

CV of AWESOME helps us open our fine young changemakers their professional path as adults, so they can glide into positions of influence, because who but them do we all want there for the best of all?

APPLICATION FOR INTERNSHIPS, STUDY, WORK: “Warrior Level 70!?!? We are honored that you choose our our company / organization / institution. What would you like to do?” … and insiders will add “what do you say, how can we as a company / institution / organization #bemoreawesome?”

Season’s End – we gather for celebration of epic wins, honor continental champions …

Summer Camps – Ranks, Badges, Credits, CVs of Awesome help applicants raise FUNDS for their journey, and help us define special camps

Mentors. Ranks help us detect, select and appoint mentors

Code of Honor.¬†Live by it or you’re out. No toxic discussions, no take-over by dominant egos. That’s very helpful!

“It’s just a GAME.”¬†We can say this whenever people get too serious.


for completed missions

  • by international education standards
  • in personal electronic backpacks for use with CVs, documents, social media …

+ fit for school use

+ turn into buttons



shipped at season’s end

  • for fun
  • for Warrior jackets
  • as lifelong magical artefacts

“May it be a light for you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”

“Banish the words impossible, hopeless from your vocabulary. We CAN change the world. WE teams at 20,000 schools are proving it every single day.”

“Children and youth know that not all is good in the world, and they want to help.¬†What they need is to know what works, and some support.¬†And as they heal the world, they also heal their own hearts.”

– Craig, Free The Children, WE

Crash Course + Tutorials

for a flying start

High Impact Starter Actions

for rapid impact

Social + Magazine + Books

for constant upliftment

Youtube Show + Podcast

Hero*ines, Insights, Join us!!

Global Tribe

UNITING newbies + badass hero*ines + YL Coaches + Magical Coaches harnessing the powers of local and global Adult Allies united in the YL Boost Club (view next page)

Poster Sets

public presence + interaction

Stands + Philanthro-Parties

lemon, bake, theme parties …

Changemaker Student Clubs

equipped for year-round action

Club HQ Decor + more

flair of adventure

Do your Teachers talk of Sustainability and SDGs?

If we talk SDGs and creating a GOOD WORLD we might as well do it right.

Global SDG School Challenge

activates the whole school community


changing lives and land like the role models used in your educational media
with a soft curriculum that involves the whole school community


– take 1 action with tangible impact on each of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals
– based on 50+ hero*ines high impact model initiatives
– pick from 200 proposed activities
+ bonus missions to earn the BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, TROPHY *

* can be done over multiple years
* reaches into families and community
* generates plenty of magical moments, impact, media presence & new friends

We are world class and you can be, too.

Hero*ine Speakers

inspiration, learning, cooperation

YL + Magical Coaches

evolve projects + practical skills

Project Partners

global long-term cooperation

Partner Projects

with schools, community organizers

Summer Camps

discover + protect the planet with fellow Warriors, plan campaigns

Tribal Travel

visit hero*ines, family, work visit, volunteer, youth exchange

Corona*tion Academy

home + online practical activities

YL Youth Creative Coach Certificate

Teach cool practical skills to children, teens, at schools, fests, libraries … crash course, colors from plants, soap, sprouts, vegan delights, fermentation, music, positive news …

YL Academy

ace resources on global issues

YL Coach Course

for adults + certification

YL Coach Certificate

Complete the Crash Course for your own awesomeness, get certified for recognition by teachers and others, guide Crash Courses for groups at schools …

LearnSpace Set

to meet + self-organize projects

YL Inter/National Youth Leadership Learning Centre Certificate

Set up a space for YOUTH TO GATHER TO LEARN TO CREATE A GOOD WORLD, TO PLAN AND REALIZE PROJECTS with exhibit, ambience posters, tools and action guides to self-organize learning and activities + YL Coach + activities + YL Hero*ine Project Partnership = outer school HQ, preferably at an intersection with the public like public library,m community centre that win-win benefits

+ Your Ideas

Fantastic stuff that we cannot even imagine.

Surprise us!





social media, newsletter, magazine


into home, school, parents’ workplace


using a mix of YL Resources


YOUTH join #bemoreawesome

view what fellow youth rock + unfolding adventures + action opportunities + take part as you like

Pick your favorite role

secret agent (just observe, learn, one day you may act)
warrior (complete your crash course, act as 1 or team up)
crew of friends (take action on fav’ causes as you like)
student club (regular action at school, using tricks)
warrior clan (high paced fireworks of actions)
+ vividly document actions + share on YL / news /social media

You may not yet understand how exactly all this works for newbie kids, but

  • you know it’s all common sense stuff
  • you know kids do it, so all kids can
  • you know that #BeMoreAwesome offers 100x more for youth to grow up as changemakers than anyone else

so … this is the thing to recommend to kids and youth to join and make this “sport” part of their life.

Same thing for adults but different. Let’s check it out! And join in!