POOJA has got 24,000 kids from poor families into private schools – for free, incl. stationery, until graduation – by enforcing the RTE Act.

She’d love to continue, but needs to pay her bills. That’s $2,500 for 1 year. 10 cents/kid.

How many friends, workmates, schools, bake sales, Philanthro-Parties does it take?

in tandem with High Impact Hero*ines.

"Act like an Adult"
You have heard this one before, but with blah blah. Here’s a definition of Adult with a grand A that helps you be on point with your sense of self and purpose.

A Guardian of this magnificent planet of majestic mountains, forests, streams, for the little ones to grow up in in peace, joy, vibrant community, unfolding their talents and living their dream, protecting the gentle and vulnerable from violence, abuse and pollution of their bodies, minds and hearts.

That’s the definition of ‘Adult’ in nature dwelling societies with initiation to adulthood aka sacred warriors.

I say that this is where adults’ feelings of guilt towards the young generation, animals, the Earth, their feelings of despair and impotence are rooted, as they are failing to live this natural role, which is coded in their Hearts, and nature does that for a reason of purrrfection.

I say that this – and only this – is the benchmark to assess y/our ‘performance’, to achieve y/our aspirations for our babies, and our common dream as humanity. And when you live it, you need no one’s appreciation or counsel, because YOU KNOW.

Now – newly equipped with possibilities, solutions, allies and powers to realize our dream – you can dare affirm your truth about your subjective (we are not objects but subjects!) judgement of your truth, higher sense of honor, embrace your feelings, your self-expectations as the mountain to climb to achieve Greatness.

When you step into living y/our destined role in life on Earth, stuff happens.

It’s what you see young and adult changemakers do. And we are full of smiles. We have no regrets when we … die. Because with this comes redemption of all the lack of Heart and underperformance in the time of our lives that we were alone and empty-handed.

Embrace your feelings, bridled with Non-Violent Communication – Your inner Mama Bear, Jaguar, Dragon roars with a NO! at the destruction of your / HER babies, which, as Earth, is all living beings. Be true to your Heart and Belly, feel your piping hot Yes! and your ice cold No!, and with all your Love turn your volcanic rage into robust implementation of high impact solutions, SETTING RECORDS!

It is not about Revolution.

It is about EVOlution.

“You never change things by fighting existing reality. to change something, create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

It’s about REALizing projects that bring the LIGHT into the darkness and bleakness, that restore peace, bliss and abundance, that restore the Garden of Paradise.

It is loving and gentle – but has ultimate determination.

If you ever felt you cannot love that … with YL you can, also #fulltimeforfuture


Lucky you, we offer you plenty of options to do so – simple and swift – aligned with your lifestyle, and even beneficial for your profession. And those of your friends! We’ll tell you more on Key Professionals below.
Your support for youth and hero*ines is needed, powerful + makes their day!

We love them so much, we love making them GIFTS. You might, too.

We also do this for YOU. Yes !!!
a.) Because we LOVE HUMANS with HEART, who care.

b.) All of us care, worry, suffer, wish to contribute to change, to have value for Life on Earth

c.) Each of us need upliftment for our hearts, spirit and smiles in our daily life at home and work – to stay sane.

d.) And to be the best person, friend, lover, parent, colleague, boss and changemaker we can be.

Right or right?

This is why we dream this up to be most easy, individual, diverse, exciting, intriguing, lively, rewarding, creative, enriching, surprising and open to miracles as can be.

As you browse this page, please think of yourself, of your friends and relations, and of other adults in town. Plenty of people love to help – as you can deduct from the success stories you have seen.

We just need to get the word out. Check out this cool stuff!


Youth, pay attention – since this tells you how you can activate adults.



  • to YL
  • to specific YL Programs
  • to Hero*ines
  • to YL Coaches that set up LearnSpaces
  • YL Media Packs to places in need

and see results unfold online


Scale Up

to contribute 100x more than you can by yourself

  • using simple tools and tricks
  • used by young charity champs
  • such as YL stories, milestones
  • such as Philanthro-Parties, epic 48h sponsor runs
  • such as gifting cool perks

you’ll love making that impact together!


Help In-kind

in a million ways you never knew of

  • to YL and YL Coaches
  • to hero*ines

– using your free resources and relations
– such as articles, interviews, holiday lodge, retreat spaces, nature trips, printing, distribution …

Discover on YL and Hero*ine pages in the Boost Club

Pay a Visit

to your favorite hero*ines

  • as family, volunteer, coach, school trip or youth exchange
  • living your dreams
  • making a contribution by your presence
  • bringing support if you like

vividly document your journey + share with the world online, at home, at schools = grow reach + support


We bundle all of it on 1 platform, which makes a great experience


Team Up with Hero*ines and YL

for a period of time to reach milestones 

  • include your crew
  • task staff and trainees
  • involve customers and audiences

and shape the future of entire regions



1. BOOST Global Hero*ines

Together, we help take their high impact initiatives to next inter/national levels.
Their Boost Club PROFILES list story, videos, next steps, milestones, needs, creative options.


to hero*ines you love + for specific milestones. This is new!


in fresh, creative ways + bring in own ideas. This is new!


for projects and big milestones. This is new!



with family, company, as volunteer, coach. This is new!

+ Fund YL Media Sets

for refugee camps, YL Coaches in rural Africa, in poor Indian neighborhoods etc.
  • to spark youth teams
  • to activate schools
  • to get on the YL Map

as partners

  • for projects
  • for youth exchanges
  • as youth-led travel destination

Here’s what makes it so exciting!!

See success unfold

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Meet 'Live'

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Bring in Your Ideas

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You help enrich lives!
This is highly significant for you!

You can be confident that many adults will respond positively to your activities, poster exhibits + donations + Philanthro-Parties etc

  • People like you are aware of this lack and wish and seek out ways to act – that’s what brought you to this page.

We are a small %age of the population.

  • The majority are less aware, but as they experience it in action, the stories, the impact, they FEEL the JOY, spread the news and ask how else they can take part.

YOU set the spark + when they get inspired for more, YOU can empower them by telling of quick and advanced options

for Adults, how to scale up, involve the workplace, help in-kind, go visit, team up, call in a coach for a training …

for Youth and School, such as summer camps, SDG Challenge, student clubs … since almost everybody is close to youth and schools and they will pass on the news.

Casual chats are enough. There’s no need for a doctor’s title. But YL Coach certification will certainly boost your confidence, trust in yourself and knowledge of your stories, tools and relations.

+ We make you GIFTS

because you deserve it.

You contribute what you have accumulated for precisely this occasion! So, even if you always “only worked” you are precious part of the Tribe.

Also villas, vinyards and yachts can be used in-kind!



You can connect + communicate

with lovely people like you

We can all collaborate

to advance projects + the Boost Club

+ Global Community of like-hearted adults

with enormous scope of resources, relations, talents and time.

2. BOOST Local youth Leadership

“What about our local youth?”

people quickly ask. Sure, we want them to unfold their Inner Hero*ines, too. It is important to understand that boosting global Hero*ines is the best start since one experiences one’s agency + has spectacular stories to tell + high impact to celebrate + adventures to invite people to join.

Boosting local youth takes different forms. It’s great to do both. The local adds personal encounters and further options for in-kind support.

Seed Info

on youth leadership, YL activities, project partners etc. at home, school, work, to key professionals …

Guide Crash Courses

Guide Phase 1 in school classes. You could do it now, but for optimal response to young people’s questions, passion, ideas and action  impulses better first complete Phase 5.

Set up Exhibits

for long-term presence, visible to 100s, at cafes, schools, community centres, libraries, but also at work, in corridors and canteens. Will you add flyers, a FUNdraising stand?

Train Staff

Book a YL Coach for a Crash Course with special focus on your context, profession, favorite causes, regions …

Form a Local Team

with friends, set milestones, activate your workplaces, schools, adopt your district …

Act as Base

with flyers, donation box, info poster, add your own ideas. Will you do Philanthro-Parties, guide Crash Courses, build a team?

Support Inspired Youth

on demand + say what you have to offer, such as meeting space, organic food baskets, free canoeing / horseriding / acro yoga, fruit trees, media training, transport, printing, audiences …

SDG School Challenge

Spark it as school/s, as student, teacher, parent, YL Coach, as local Boost Club Team with exciting incentives, support, perks … prize, e.g. visit a YL Hero*ine, YL Camp etc.

Set up LearnSpaces

for youth to gather to learn how to create a good world, plan and realize projects;

  • an outer school HQ = exhibit + YL resources + YL Coach = people self-organize activities
  • for the public, families, schools
  • at public libraries, community / youth / nature centres, also ho(s)tels, malls, parks
  • small to XXL + certification


as Inter/National Youth leadership Learning Centre + YL Map Marker


It may surprise you – and even themselves – but there’s quite a lot of people in your town that share our core purpose “to enable Able Active Caring Citizens”. We call them

“Key Professionals”.






Civil Society

It is their societal purpose and duty, they get paid for it, many from our tax money, they are underperforming, and in every city are some that aspire to do much better

This is highly significant for us, youth leadership, our future and YOU, since they

  • have high motivation … to achieve their personal and professional aspirations
  • have unique extraordinary superpowers … that hugely amplify youth leadership reach and impact
  • make fabulous Allies … of YL youth teams, YL Coaches and YL Programs
  • can highly benefit … to achieve their personal and professional aspirations

and we believe that a brief introduction to each will positively change your view on local allies and new possibilities and to take steps to activate them. Discover big things about your neighbors:


seek to see their students become successful and lead a rich happy life. They also have a sense of a good society, a sense of public service and want school to be meaningful.

They suffer from growing pressure through students’ suboptimal psycho-emotional state, additional administrative burdens and from society, and escalating suffering, ecosystem collapse, genocides … and not being able to respond to growing students’ fears, questions, energies and unrest with an education that helps overcome these.

At every school exist 3 good teachers – the green one, the social one, the wild one, often a sports teacher.

You know that teachers strongly benefit personally and professionally from youth leadership, international propject partners etc.etc., also as an institution and community (parents and partners). You can provide it! 

Their SUPERPOWERS include daily access to 100s of students in a well outfitted space … You know that changemakers have good ideas what to do with that.

More in Phase 4 Activate Your City.

Public Librarians
have a sense of public service and due to questions of relevance and finance many libraries re-invent themselves as COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRES with a goal of serving the public also with interaction and enablement of learning activities, interactions and projects. They give tours to primary schools. They do monthly exhibits on topics and books of the month. They care for better world stuff – especially for youth.

They suffer are patient folks, but would definitely enjoy seeing things roll with exciting programs and user communities that get involved, co-create and seeing them turn things learned into world changing action will make librarians super proud when they have a wine on the couch in the evening.

They need better world stuff for youth, exciting ways to attract and involve audiences, to interact with schools, also for presentations and workshops.

They benefit from YL exhibits, YL Coach status, LearnSpace and of YL Teams making it their HQ, serving the greater community. You can provide it!

Their SUPERPOWERS include good space, status, great public, programs … You know that changemakers have good ideas what to do with that.

More in Phase 4 Activate Your City.

are mostly mere infobots, but there’s 1 good one at each medium that have a sense of public purpose and seek to be relevant for society. They write on crisis on UN Water Day etc.

They suffer from knowing they could and should do much better, but don’t know how.

They need relevant exciting, vivid stories of solutions and impact, ways to inspire and involve their audience, and new vision of what makes *positive change media culture*, where to find allies in the citizenry and how to cooperate.

You already have ideas how they benefit from YL and youth crews doing amazing things in town and region, generating positive news and photos galore. You can provide it!

Their SUPERPOWERS include access to quite an audience, and they know tons of people and places. You know that changemakers have good ideas what to do with that.

We look deeper at Positive Change Media Culture in Phase 3 … and Journalists in Phase 4.

There exist caring councillors in every city council – AS CHLOE TOLD YOU SO – and they truly wish to see good for their people, town and region … peace, prosperity, abundant nature, happy children and teens, happy families, vibrant town life, safe streets, also at night.

They suffer from eroding city budgets, prosperity, peace, recognition, media dominated by sick people, of the state of the world, awful bad governance at national and state level, intrigues in their own party, assaults in public, seeing more children being abused, climate dimming, their dreams shattered … and the lack of ability and power to make relevant changes happen.

We don’t live in a fairy tale or movie. They cannot fix the world for everybody.

They need proven model solutions and stuff that works to awaken, fire up, enable citizens and youth to create the world they wish to see and positive news that improve ambience in town.

You already know that youth leadership en masse is their dream come true. You can provide many precious impluses!

Their SUPERPOWERS include knowledge of everything in the region – problems, potentials, data, stakeholders, public services – they have standing, news outlets, access to resources, people … – you know that changemakers have good ideas what to do with that.

We look more at this in Phase 4 : Activate Your City. 

Civil Society
Organizations and citizen group want to make things better, usually with a specific cause.

They suffer from escalating crisis, loss of life, species, good governance, sound minds in media, from seeing young people’s dreams and future fall to ashes, and from lack of access to schools, and from lack of young people’s interest in joining their activities … and in many places they suffer from aggression, violence and murder.

They need tools, ways, activities and partners to connect with youth, fire them up in new ways (that’ll be to serve youth and support on demand), also model solutions for their focus causes, also ways to activate adults and to generate a positive climate in media and the city.

They benefit strongly of high impact youth leadership in schools, public spaces, media, region, the full fledged SDG School Challenge … and in their own youth chapters and their members’ homes. You can provide it!

Their SUPERPOWERS include expertise, overview, ally and media relations and a big caring membership. You know that changemakers have good ideas what to do with that.

We look more at this in Phase 4 : Activate Your City. 


Become YL Coach

Train yourself in youth leadership, YL stories, resources, methods, programs, project partners, detect allies and rediscover city and region as playground.


YL Tribe member, network access, YL Map Marker, profile and article

Join YL Online Volunteers

  • write / web edit for YL Magazine
  • translate to your language
  • artwork
  • PDF layout / design artistic wall display
  • online community + outreach

with your choice of 3 to 20 hours / week



Join as Partner

  • Organizations activate their region’s youth
  • Community Organizers act as YL Coach, activate youth, schools, set up LearnSpaces
  • Media tell positive change stories, involve audiences
  • Libraries etc. open up LearnSpaces
  • Schools use stories, form student clubs, do partner projects, do the Global SDG School Challenge


  • win-win benefits for your focus causes
  • coaching by YL Master Coaches
  • membership in the YL Tribe
  • optional Master Class long-term accompaniment


Book a Training

for teachers, for staff etc

  • 1/2 day
  • 1 day
  • 2 day

optional with

  • focus on local problems and potentials
  • YL Coaches certification

onsite or online


Want to Activate Your Workplace?

If we talk “responsibility”, SDGs, UN, creating a GOOD WORLD, we are to do it right.


change lives and land FOR REAL
and set new benchmarks in your sector and region

– take 1 action on each of the United Nations’ 17 Global Goals
– based on 50+ hero*ines high impact model initiatives
– pick from 200 proposed activities
+ challenge-specific bonus missions, backed by everything that YL offers

Global SDG
School Challenge


Global SDG
Company Challenge


Global SDG
City Challenge


* can be done over multiple years

* inspires staff, families, customers, the public

* task staff, trainees with intrapreneurship

* generates plenty of magical moments, impact, media presence, new friends & allies

We are world class and you should be, too.

Activate Your City

Get a YL Master Coach into town and

  1. do Crash Courses at several schools
  2. form Changemaker Student Clubs
  3. take High Impact Starter Actions
  4. gather all student clubs
  5. together take it to more schools

with presence in public and media


+ Your Ideas

Fantastic stuff that we cannot even imagine.

Surprise us!






social media, newsletter, magazine


into home, school, workplace, for friends, key professionals


using a mix of YL Resources



ADULTS join the YL Boost Club

view ways to boost hero*ines and local youth leadership + see progress unfold + take part as you like

Pick your favorite role

friend (staying uplifted, informed)
learner (how best boost youth leadership)
booster (crowdfund hero*ines + your fav’ YL programs)
YL Coach (certificate + collaborate with others)
Key / Professional / User (get accompanied in your ventures)