>> Activate Youth

using your favorite activities


1/2 to 1 day each

Gift 1 LearnSpace Starter Pack

to Community Organizers + YL Partners in low income regions

to refugee camps, centres, orphanages, schools, libraries …

for $300€

Set up a Poster Exhibit

to grow visibility, reach, community, various sizes available

+ add music, film, stand, FUNdraiser to inform, inspire, involve, for photos, community, impact

Guide Crash Course Phase 1

at a school, your workplace …

+ aim to form a team, decide on swift actions and follow-up

Do a Philanthro-Party for a fav' Hero*ine

Add magic, adventure, activate relations, make impact, have fun, take photos.

Tip: align with an occasion, like a UN Day

Activate School/s

to BUILD your team, grow reach, fun, impact and experience

Activate Workplace/s

to grow support, fun, impact and experience

Aim for a Milestone

to FEEL your power, grow your impact, reach and story power

Call in a YL Master Coach to Activate Your City

with crash courses at several schools

Wanna do like the youth?

Depending on your setting it can be simple.

>>> Optional Direct Actions


A few days

Here’s a few High Impact Starter Actions that bring quick success, build community, presence in schools and media … which lays a foundation for follow-up.

Book Drive

for a YL Partner, indigenous, under-priviledged kids. Good books, HP, Dinosaurs, Earth, fairy tales, native authors … packed tidy with love, a treasure not a trashcan, making a Magical Library! Can you score 500? 1,000?

Games Drive

Focus on collaborative games with style (not plastic baby toys), such as Jenga, Settlers of Catan + add rule sheets in the target language via download or translate them

LEGO Drive

for children in poor rural communities; we are impressed by children’s generosity; adults: think of tons of idling LEGO in attics that can be brought back to life in the hands of unexpecting kids!

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

10+ keeping in mind that not speed and numbers but patience, love and magic uplift hearts! Can you activate folks to make 100? Tip: Make it a beautiful Philanthro-Party!

Charity (soccer) Balls

$25 a piece, might a sports affine environment join in?

Create an ARK

Gift private or public land to the Earth to re-wild as safe home for her children to live in peace + pin a pic on Mary’s map of ARKs

Pick 1 Ton of Fruit

Donate to shelters + food backs

Plant an Edible Landscape

in ways it fits your world, small or XXL

Build a Butterfly nursery

in or out of town,  maybe on school grounds, in parks, community gardens

Plant a Pollinator + Insect Garden

in our out of town, maybe on school grounds, in parks, community gardens

Take a Self-Defense Class

in honor of Red Brigade Trust, take pics and send them a shout out!

Take an Acro Yoga Class

enjoy the bliss, think : what if kids and teens grow up with it?

Are you a Siren? Sing Change Generation Music

that you’ve seen in Phase 1; record, share with us; no need to be ready to air on MTV 

Are you an Artist and got an artwork inspired by Phase 1 pounding in your chest?

That Spirit wants to flow! Share with us for publication in YL


We won’t keep you from following ideas that get you up and going!

Got Big Urgent Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Always vividly document.

It only takes a quick photo to share on social, news and YL media – to inspire others and grow support.

We hope you enjoy the perspectives for your path ahead. 

Let’s finish the tour like a good tourism or museum tour with a stroll through the boutique.