Since Phase 1 can also be run through like a POSTER EXHIBIT, we’ll finsih in style with a Boutique … like you can do when you set up an Exhibit. Just saying.


pick free flyer

pick free digital media


Take the “exhibit” home

purchase book, cardgame, poster set

purchase YL 101, magazine, student planner

book a speaker (flyer with info)

book a training with a coach (flyer with info)

YL Project Partners (flyer with info)

YL Youth Exchange (flyer)

YL Tribal Travel (flyer)

What You Can Do With Us

YL 101 (coupon code, free digital download) (more coupons for YL manuals after Phase 4)

free YL manual Global SDG School Challenge (fit for companies and cities too)

see in shop (((YL Manual Activate Your City (free digital download after Phase 4)))

see in shop (((YL manual LearnSpaces (free coupon code after Phase 4)

purchase merchandise

purchase music album 

purchase 20% off for KALIMA DESIGN Fair Fashion

upcoming Amazon jewelry

purchase LearnSpace Pack for schools, libraries …

+ donation boxes for red brigade crew, babar, neha

forward action call on social media

forward Survey on social media

send / print / hand flyer to teacher

print donation box poster + flyers for your counter

print place mats for your canteen

(add YL COACH SHIRT at Phase 5 info) + at certified coach info

(design a YOUTH-LEADER CREATIVE COACH) > with pics of coaches + qr links to videos


YL coach essential activities are





You have made the experience … of a Coach’s most important tool : stories.

1a. stories most important – story posters 

1b. posters for exhibit long-term presenc ein public

1c. your pocket companion cardgame

+ to let others quickly Discover Youth Leadership (so you don’t have to talk for hours) send people to the online exhibit / online Crash Course

2a. daily life online, rhythm flow of inspiration : yl magazine provides

 2b. but also you to beat the drum and forward wave flow of inspiration to your spheres of influence and social network, newsletters, your workplace and school – sign up yl social media – use digital tool sets of videos etc – use print posters aligned with UN Days. you can print a UN Day list that we can serve with YL hero*ines here … they give you monthly occasions and opportunity to address, inspire, involve people… with many different activities. example: books, youth, girls, teachers (fundraise for babar + contact local teachers, youth write articles on their awesome teachers’ good actions, also for publication in YL),

3a. Most YL Coaches are citizens that give guide workshops, set up exhibits, network with people 

3b. Some YL Coaches are Community Organizers, also in rural regions. Their goal is to engage local youth, attract families and schools for long-term cooperation, gain solid support from city administration, allies, partners and invite allies and coaches to offer workshops for ther youth. These Coaches want to SET UP A SPACE. For this LearnSpace we provide …