Amazing, huh?

Take a little tea pause.

It’s so exciting to see how much LOVE youth have for fellow human beings, animals and the planet, what projects youth can LEAD, how they TEACH younger peers at school.


Also what new concepts and messages they bring into the world. Just think of Craig, Lulu, Xiuhtezcatl … oh, X, music and mobilizers are yet to come. And so much more!

Please tell us how you feel about what you've seen so far.


We are curious what changemakers you know!

We’d love to know of more youth, and also adults, that run initiatives that can inspire and help others achieve their aspirations for people and planet.

Tell us of a Young Changemaker


We tell the stories of changemakers in YOUTH-LEADER Magazine, include some in our educational media and programs, and seek ways to support their initiatives. So, your ‘tip’ can go a long way.

By the way ... what does this tell you about your media?

You’ve seen a handful of stories now, and Craig’s with Free The Children, WE, WE Day is rather spectacular. The first WE Day was in 2009. Since 2010, there’s annual WE Days in all major Canadian cities.

It’s a major best practice in 21st Century education culture, and the framework to enable the Change Generation, with countless benefits for school and achieving the purpose of schooling.

And you’ve never heard of it.

What does this tell you of the level of knowhow and competence of all your country’s media, also alternative media and “experts” in education and teachers? Frankly, they are way behind, like back in the dark 50s while the 60s have long been happening.

And considering the state of the world and the anguish of today’s youth, I consider this not only a complete failure of their profession – “to nurture able, active, caring citizens of a libertarian-democratic, sustainable, peaceful society” – and their societal purpose we entrust them with, and – if they don’t act to replicate it – a crime, and not only one of negligence!

Also, what does it tell us about the knowhow and performance of students, organizations and citizens in your country?

Because “our societies” is all of us. Not just the few people in government, or media or school boards. That time is officially over, and it is time that everybody starts acting no longer like a windows 95 minion program but with the high speed distributed OS powered by your heart!

You are the Creator of the next 70 years, whether we lead a life of awesome, or whether life on Earth ends.

Hence, I really call on you to take a honest look at yourself, and your performance in upgrading society – and to not sit idle but play your role in spreading this information.

a) by telling us of amazing changemakers (above)

b) by seeding our stories to 100+ people (later, using our tools) 

So, let’s have a look at how all of us can wisely use media to evoke positive changes. Let’s see how super successful teenage changemakers do it.