We highly encourage you to first listen to it with eyes closed,

(this is a good time for headphones)

and then, a second time, viewing the video.

People call her an angel.

A growing global community, concert crowds, interviewers … everybody is mesmerized.

Warriors, Weirdos, and even the hardboiled pro Trump Iraq war veterans:

“She has reawakened a sense of wonder in me.”


The light of the new day after a long dark night full of monsters.

album #1 All my Demons Greeeting me as a Friend

album #2 Infections of a Different Kind

album #3 A Different Kind of Human

“It is okay to be sad. Sadness is part of us.”

 “I teach people emotions.”

“I’m missing anger in the youth. Not the blind rage, pointed towards all and nothing.
But the kind of rage that wakes you up in the morning, the kind of rage that inspires you to do something with the power you have in you.
So I made a song. Filled with fire. And power. It’s time for us to really fight for her. This is a cry for Mother Earth..”

“I have already composed songs to be released in ten years time, because I sense that people will need that music then.”

There is an enooooormous lot to discover about her. The music. The concerts. The video interviews. The written interviews!

To see her. To feel her. To feel the same keys loosen and dance inside oneself. Those with shamanic antenna will find a mirror.


Want another one?


As the hurtful empires collapse, demons come out in madness and fight their death fights …

… you witness the emerging liberation of the fresh Feminine on Earth. Feeling, care, connection.

#metoo #fridaysforfuture vast numbers of females, #badass #hero*ines yet mostly females

The Goddess of Life and Vitality is making her way back onto Earth first through her daughters

with the love, rage and genius of the planetary animal. To restore Paradise on Earth!

With this thought in mind, watch and feel this fully liberated daughter of the divine.


Look at your feelings right now. Do you feel GOOD?

Why not feel more like this and cultivate such blissful feelings?

If you let this teacher into your life – it will liberate the same in you. 

And don’t you let any ghoulish monster or satanic “religion” ever again hide, hamper, harm and hurt the feminine!

* watch the first 12 seconds again if you please *  

Next comes another really, really big one :