Hiyah, quite some amazing stuff, heh?

Let’s take a little break. Like a snack?


So, before you meet youth doing work for the environment, changing laws etc, let me share a word on everything that you have see so far … from development and badass student clubs to vibrant FUNdraising in public and positive news media …

We can bring this to every town and school on Earth.

I mean, that’s what we all want, huh?

It’s what I want, anyway.

And I know that at every school, in every town, on every town council, at every news medium, are caring citizens of all ages that would love to see the same. So let’s do this!

“Yea, but … I feel empty-handed, alone, and how get started?”

I hear you. I’ve packaged a few things that help youth and adults to make this happen.

Can I get these amazing stories for my kids?

A big yes! We need to get these stories into kids’ homes, hands and hearts. We have them as books, coloring books, cardgames, even music and musical.

Where can I learn more?

Right on. There’s so much more, and we can learn on the go, follow hero*ines’ unfolding adventures and get involved – on social media, in our online and print magazine. You can join the team, too.

Can I help these amazing youth?

Yes! And it’s super fun! Our crowdfunding community helps take their initiatives to greater scale, see impact unfold, bring in own ideas, team up for projects, and even go visit.

Can I help in-kind?

Yes again! In many fresh, surprising ways. You’ll see some later in the exhibit.

How can I best use this in class, and at school?

The hero*ine role model stories and videos bring global issues alive, inspire students, spark projects… but it gets really exciting when you make it part of learning culture, powered by a student club and our global community.

I want to kick off a Changemaker Student Club. Can you help me?

Yes. Your needs are: inspire lots of youth with favorite causes and activities for everybody, big scope of actions to involve people, tricks to connect with teachers and public, sustain inspiration year-round, generate public and media presence. As you can tell, the teen hero*ines achieve all of it.

Our free, self-guided Crash Course and action program bundle everything they do, and guide you through essential steps to practice all of it and start with flying banners; with access to a global community of hero*ines, many benefits, badges and partners. Pure epic, and perfect for school.

We’d love a hero*ine to speak at our event.

You got it. Let’s meet-up “live” on video with your class. Use tools and activities to prepare and follow up.

Upgrade school, conferences, talkshows … with true changemaker spirit, involve your audience.

I want to inspire my city’s youth. Can you give me training?

Ace! Take your Personal Crash Course online, and become a true ally to youth. Every caring citizen should know this.

How can I contribute at my workplace?

That’s our favorite question. There are countless ways to generate help for hero*ines and local youth – adding purpose and inspiration to daily life at work.

Can I help with my profession?

Yes! Many professions can strongly benefit. Especially those sharing our core purpose to empower youth : teachers, journalists, librarians, city councillors, civil society.

Can we team up for a weekly news column on young changemakers?

Yes. With cool ways to activate your audience.

Can I join your team?

Yeeeh – as Local Volunteer to activate local youth leadership face-to-face, using our resources, crash course, and options to creatively freestyle. as Online Volunteer with YL Boost! Club, YL Magazine and CG Rising, as writer, editor, translator, artist, social media wiz, netzworker, coordinator …

I want to see this all over my city. No time to wait.

Right on. Bring YL Staff to town to run LEVEL UP! Crash Courses at many schools, reach 1,000s of youth, activate 100’s in changemaker student clubs, make instant impact, activate parents, public space, news media … and create a world of awesome!

I have a million dollars to invest in youth. Can you handle that?

Absolutely. You know today’s priorities.

I have 100,000 employ-ees. What can we do?

Oh, that’s a lot of caring citizens, parents, with kids at school … who deserve inspiration and empowerment. They are also potential donors, volunteers, staff to team up with hero*ines for in-kind campaigns. And they’ll have ideas. Let’s activate them.

I have 10 million followers. Can I help?

Yea, another 10 million citizens, with incredible reach and relations. And you – have fabulous perks to gift back for their good deeds for YL. By the way, if you ever need a good time out among huggable hero*ines, we have contacts.

I have a brilliant idea for a cooperation.

Ha, we like this.

With this in mind, keep going.