You don’t have to wait to be a politician for


Cassandra and friends demand that the city issue a ban on dumping restaurant grease. Adults had been trying for years, and failed. As the youth turned up, it passed right away.
Gabrielle just co-sponsored the California Bill on Zero Waste and Environmental Hunger Legislation. Her 4,000 volunteers are behind a 10-fold rise of free, fresh fruit and vegetables for San Diego’s homeless senior citizens and families living in poor conditions.
Craig has achieved that many countries pass anti-child-labor legislation, and been a driving force of the Rugmark Initiative, which has reduced child labor in the carpet industry by 2/3.
Taylor has amplified experts’ demand for a ban on shark culling and finning in New Zealand waters by activating young people via youtube, school presentations and TEDx – and won!
No more dirty palm oil!

Madi Rhiannon have achieved that Girl Scout Cookies, Kellogg’s and ABC Bakers address the ecocide, mass extinction and human rights abuses behind their palm oil products. They were joined by Wilmar responsible for half of the world’s palm oil trade. There remains much work to be done, since this ecocidal aka criminal industry keeps expanding around the planet, devastating landscapes and communities. However, if global youth follow these valiant UN Forest Hero*ines’ example, they can clean it up for good.

Make New York State A Great Place To Bee again.

Elizabeth has achieved it! Her volunteers have informed thousands of citizens, made the state pass legislation to protect bees, invest in research, and run Pollinator Weeks in villages

Robyn has addressed 27 city councils in a single year. Each has passed one, two or all three parts of the Blue Community Resolution. That’s more than 2 cities per month. At age 13.

Around the planet, adult organizations don’t have the wits and balls to demand this. And politicians across the board sustain the loss of your waters. Now is your time to follow Robyn’s example.


It's 30 cities now!


Paris, France is now a 'Blue Community'


Berlin, Germany is now a 'Blue Community'

What's your town council doing? What are you doing?

Rachel’s debate against Canada’s worst tv bully is legend. 10+ million people have seen the myths on the benefits of genetically modified foods busted, national health standards unveiled as ridiculous, culminating in the moderators affirming that GMO labelling makes sense and that “we are the lab rats” in an illegal experiment.
Now it is on millions of youth to take up the baton, and learn with Rachel about proven safe solutions for healthy food abundance – powered by people, restoring our well-being and peace. There exist plenty.
Robyn and Rachel are examples of crystal clear voices that take the public debate from plain ignorance, mad denial, criminal negligence, fabricated myths, straight out lies, blaming and shaming … to facts, honesty, and making meaningful decisions. And there exist more of their kind.
From now on, when you hear ‘peace’ and ‘peacemaker’,know that …


go where there is no peace.
They are our bravest. This includes those standing up to bullying. Be one of them. And activate the silent majority, like Mayerly.