Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez – lighting the fire at the rio+20 UNITED NATIONS Earth Summit.

Some people have a GREAT OPEN HEART from an early age, or have kept it open.

They cannot close their eyes and ignore suffering and injustice around them.

Like Harry will not ignore Voldemort and Deatheaters, and be silent,

and thereby complicit in sustaining abuse, like the cowards.

This makes them the very finest of humanity

the guardians of people and planet

and it is about time that the majority that admires them

gets their shit together because the trip of one messiah saving them all

by getting nailed to the cross or shot is over. Get up and unlock that hero*ine spirit in you!

X already had a history of banning pesticides in city parks and getting toxic coal ash regulated.

When he heard that Boulder’s city council was to permit fracking within city limits, although some of his friends already suffered from nausea, nose bleed and vomiting from poisonous fumes, him and his lil bro Itzcuathli freaked out. They would not let this happen.

They composed a song, performed a stunt at the town hall, and produced a video to spread their message online via music.

Not long until they got invited to present to a class, using the data from scientific institutions, state agencies and the fracking companies themselves.

When students learned about it, the entire school wanted to attend the session. Closing with What The Frack, the brothers offered students to sign a petition asking that fracking stay banned from within city limits.

Every single student signed.

If you say wow, and smile, you haven’t thought about that parent in the oil industry that was profiting from this dangerous industry.

Next day, a news article attacked the kids for ‘leftist indoctrination’, and demanded the teacher and principal be sacked.

False facebook and email accounts were set up to threaten X and his family. His mom would no longer let him ride his bike alone into town.
X, however, found the right words. What is wrong with these twisted adults to make money on hurting kids?
Why does the oil and gas industry bully 12 and 9 year old children?

he asked in an opinion piece in the Huffington Post, and gained national attention. PBS came down, reported on the incident, offered to make a PSA Public Service Annoucement to be aired in local cinemas.

Short after, the city council declared a moratorium on fracking within city limits.

The Battle of Boulder was won!

13 years old, Xiuhtezcatl performed at California’s ARISE Festival, stunning the cream of alternative artists at the press conference. And these guys immediately recognized his badass spirit. This kid was the real star.

The next day, legends like Chalie 2NA and headliner Nahko Bear got X and Itz to jam on stage together, firing up the mainstage crowd. It was the beginning of new family, and artistic cooperation on albums, concerts and campaigns.

This stuff hasn’t happened in the 60s. This is new.

You’ll hear some of it later.

Not long until X was on the news again. This time, as one of the young people sueing the United States Government for subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, thereby contributing to climate change and breaking their constitutional duty to ensure that the land, water and air be forever protected for future generations – something enshrined in constitutions since the time of Rome.

The lawsuit has been facing vicious opposition by the Obama Administration, joined by an institution representing little the planet’s entire all oil and gas industry, trying to dismiss the lawsuit as irrelevant. Imagine these fine young people, some not even ten years old, facing the dark-clad representatives of the Obama Gvt and dirty industry telling them they have no right to demand a future worth living. When Judge Coffin declared the lawsuit was proper to proceed, it sent tremors across the nation’s media landscape incl CNN frontpage news. X became omni-present in media, from talkshows to fashion magazines and Hollywood’s red carpet.

The Obama and Trump administration have a few things in common. One of them is fighting tooth and nail to sabotage that the case proceed. 

In the meantime, Earth Guardians crew spark in thousands of places all over our beautiful Planet.






and friends organize TEDxYouth Redmond from home.


is working on her new book.


and his friends run Free The Children, the world’s biggest charity of children helping children from home. His brother Marc hangs out in the kitchen in the back.


and friends prepare the next Philanthro-Party smash hit. They also do photo-shoots for her books at home.

“On February 14, Valentine’s Day, a school shooter murdered 14 of our friends and 3 school staff. We knew that this was not the time to retreat and be silent. This was a time to stand up and scream No More of these bullshit gun laws. We have a right to be safe at our schools and in our streets.”

So, we sat down together to change the future of this country. First, we decided to shake out the biggest youth march in history. We only had a few weeks time so we got busy. Twitter was booming. Emma gained a million followers in a week. Likewise, gun industry supportive trolls started spitting lies about us setting off a barrage of death threats.

But fear wouldn’t stop us. This wasn’t about us. It was about our dead friends.


and fellow school shooting survivors planned #MarchForOurLives on his living room floor.

“I had the idea for #NeverAgain sitting on the toilet in my Ghostbusters Pajamas.”

We began with a nationwide walkout during school time. It was only for 14 minutes, in honor of our killed peers, the right thing to do, but teachers, principals and politicians were freaking out. It got the media attention that we sought. And it rattled up our peers. They show backbone for what they stand for.

Then came the day.

500,000 young people turned up, and millions in hundreds of cities across the country. It was livestreamed for hours on many major channels, probably the biggest live broadcast civil action event in history.

We’d been on television a lot, and we started to bring in youth of color onto stage to share their stories that no one ever aired. But we knew we had to go face to face with young people. So we set out to spark chapters at schools that would mobilize our new voter generation to wield their electoral muscle and vote for candidates supporting common sense gun control laws.

During summer break, we organized a 20-state tour to mobilize our generation across the country.

At times, we weren’t sure we would survive this. For lack of sleep. And for death threats by crazy people. We were followed all the way by counter protesters wielding guns at our noses. One day, David jumped the fence, freaking our security staff, to go speak to them, and deconstruct the lies they had been told about us. He ended up making new friends pledging to defend him against anyone with their life.

Nothing better illustrates our aims than this scene. We need to come together and speak in truth and common sense to fix our country.

"There is no adult supervision"
“… beyond Matt Deitsch and Kaylyn Pipitone, two 20-year-old college students and recent Stoneman Douglas alums who help with things that only adults can do, like signing contracts and insurance forms and paperwork for their 501(c)(4).

“We want the grownups we need in this, and nothing more,” says Kasky. “We only have people doing the things that as 17-year-olds we cannot.”

At an early #NeverAgain meeting, parents asked how they could help, recalls Alex Wind’s mother.

The answer came back: “Order pizza.”


"It feels like the last rehearsal of a high school musical"
“… halftime at state championships, the final days of senior year. The kids stream in and out on no particular schedule, tumble to the floor to read their fan mail, twirl around on chairs while composing tweets and crowd into a tiny conference room for calls with reporters or lawmakers.

One day, they spent an afternoon making a video mocking NRA spokeswoman Loesch (they call her “the woman from the SuperBeets commercial” after digging up an old spot she did for a beet-juice product).

Another day, they met with Representative Ted Deutch, a Florida Democrat who represents Parkland in Congress. There’s a sense that anything can happen in this little corner of the teenage universe, because all kinds of things can.”


The spirit of the journey was well captured by media. Good journalists really learned to pay attention. To stand back, observe and listen.


Never try to “act like an adult” or “put on a show”. You are already perfect. Hero, silly, teen. Be yourself, authentic, and you win.

I had heard of the Parkland students, and their use of school walkouts, student strikes. So, I decided to do the same thing.

[you see … the power of hero*ine role models is profound, and has considerable ripple effects …]

Now that youth have yelled at government, news media and a global public have at last begun to take notice of youth power,

… what when these millions of youth discover that there is more than tiny tweaks of lifestyle asking politicians to do something, and – nothing happens.

What when they shift #FromProtestsToProjects
every day at school?

We are yet to show you youth who are changing laws and industries.

But first, let’s look at something else. At the SPIRIT.