YL 101.3



to gather to learn to create a good world, to plan and realize projects are indispensable for a society of Able Active Caring Citizens.

Do such places exist for YOUTH in your city? It is highly likely that your answer is NO. Without such spaces for youth to gather outside school, when changemaking (like sports and gaming) really happens (from 5 to 9, then all week-end and through holidays) there cannot be(come) a society of Able Active Caring adult citizens.

We have put together a BUNDLE of  resources to set up such spaces. The last thing people may think about is the most important one : plenty of proper hero*ine role models. Cathedrals, Wimbledon, the Liverpool FC player tunnel, band rooms are fully of their hero*ines that

  1. set spirit
  2. set intention

Without them, the space would be bleak, with them it is energized. Swap those role models between cathedrals and Wimbledon and the whole ambience is twisted and broken. Ergo, a proper LearnSpace must be full of proper hero*ines, not advocates, not politicians, not Che Guevara, but finest teen and adult hero*ines with replicable people-powered solutions. Most people don’t even know that such youth exist. You now have an idea, but there are many more. Further,



  • beauty
  • flair of adventure

Once again, not from off topic low spirit stock photos but from real people that live this. Hence, we have added XXL sized posters created from authentic photos of our darling hero*ines and magical coaches.

Behind each photo is a story or solution, which our users get to know with time. This is how the posters and space get charged up with ever more spirit and meaning. 

These posters stimulate vision, heart and imagination. They are veritable doors into a magical world and into a good future. This is the stuff for Gryffindore crew rooms. This is Lothlorien and Aragorn spirit. Speaking of the sacred … meet today’s noble knights.