Urgent Update.

Media are grossly failing.

So, what do we have to do?

Denial doesn’t help.

Be true, This is an emergency.

Doom and gloom don’t help.

Be true. The solutions exist.

Young hero*ism is not romanticism.

It is the game changer for society.

All youth and adults have the right that all youth today grow up like their famous multi-award-winning peers, so that an entire generation can activate their innate Operating System of our new time, and unfold the skills of ABLE ACTIVE CARING CITIZENS – to not only create a future worth living, but a superb society no longer hurtful to people and planet!

This is not a youth thing. It guarantees a dignified life for today’s adults – whose senior years are trending towards climate collapse, corporate fascism, mind control and poverty run by incompetent, egoistic, merciless 21st Century digital adults.

We all have a responsibility to create the GOOD next level collaborative society by empowering high impact youth leadership, but people in positions of influence – journalists, city councillors, teachers, wealth holders, parents – have even greater responsibility. It is literally their job description.

The purpose of communication

is Upliftment. From parent to child, especially in moments of crisis. Also, between lovers, among playground friends, crew members, from teacher to student. It is also the purpose of our society’s mega communication tool – Mass Media. Right now, those spread mostly deception (commercial and political adverts/speeches), and delusional entertainment distracting and dumbing people down.

The purpose of mass media

is Upliftment of our society by transmitting humanity’s finest knowledge to achieve what we all need and seek – inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance for all – with spirit, know-how, hands-on solutions and support.

Especially in times of crisis – TODAY – programming is to provide solutions, changemakers, and audience interaction.

GOOD Journalists

begin to remember their role and responsibility for creating a good, sustainable society.

It’s not ‘how can I best deceive people, form their views and control public opinion’.

How can I best serve people and planet?

While grown-ups chatter on tv about fools, haircuts and porn, us young people organize in the streets and save our world.



recognize that changemakers are living precisely the stories that we need to hear today,

  • to write a beautiful new chapter in human history
  • of peace, joy, abundance, justice
  • with meaning, purpose, honesty
  • empowering everyone to to the same

There is no need for twisting or polishing them up.

Leave them raw, real, full of feelings. The truth.


at home

at school

at work

in media


every day

YOUNG Change

positive, clear, solution oriented messages – without hidden agenda of profit, power or seduction – are a true balm to our souls, and spark 100,000s of excited, grateful comments.

Interviewers experience that they cannot intellectually keep up with these genius young activists – and treat them with respect and humbleness.

Those who don’t … terribly disgrace themselves.

How many young people will get inspired …

… once YOU start sharing hero*ine stories in social, news & educational media?

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