Humans are mammals.

Like all mammals,

we learn our behavior from others.

From role models.

Much of it subconsciously. Without even noticing.

How many PERCENT of our behavior is shaped by role models?


almost all of it

much of it subconsciously,

It also functions via media.

Is it true? Check for yourself ... ponder some examples

You can listen to music, but you learn spirit and expression from watching … your favorite singers.

You can read a sports rules manual, but you really learn from watching … players. Really good players.

You can read about nursing a baby, but you really learn from being with … other moms.

Learning takes place at many unconscious levels … your material, emotional and spiritual body are all learning at the same time, not just your tiny brain trying to make its logical connections. Who cares about logic as an intuitive sports player? Who cares about it as a natural born mom or massagist? Who cares about logic as a child brutalized by parents, siblings and street suckers? As a not suffiently loved youth seeking appreciation by wearing the right clothes, the right eye shade, driving the right motor roller, having pants down ‘just right’?  

You can read a powerpoint on starting a trekking business, but you really learn it from visiting enterprises, and meeting experienced entrepreneurs in the field.

All that fashion craze and make-up behavior comes from … seeing what? (it’s not like it’s people’s own ideas!)

Teens streaming on twitch, youtubers develop production style by … watching what?

Teens ridiculing, shaming, bullying, harassing others comes from … what?

People choosing motorized machinery or violent, paint inflicting processes in sex … whas it their idea, their invention?

Twig sized females with tiny dogs on glittering leashes exist since … whose appearance?

Marching around like nazis comes from … seeing what?

People enthusiastically taking on mixed martial arts fighting do so after … seeing what?

Terrorist beards and cutting off heads comes from copy-pasting … what?

Inspiration to join hero initiatives and do eco-social good comes from … what?

#FridaysForFuture crowds in 1000’s of cities come from … seeing what?

WE teams at 16,000 schools come from … seeing what? 

Which of the above helps achieve what truly matters to you

in terms of good of people and planet?


You never change things by criticizing reality.

To change something create a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

R. Buckminster Fuller, futurist, 1960

To create the next level collaborative sustainable society you need pertaining inhabitants that make up this society.

The new human model – “the able active caring citizen” – will make minions, morons and impotent voters obsolete.

Eric, YL

How many hero*ines do you, do the youth of your city, have around them in their daily lives?

How can millions in your region … level up to relevant active citizenship, if they do not have can-do feel, genius solutions and ‘hero*ines in their lives?

They won’t

They can’t.

Until YOU






with authentic stories

vivid & memorable

with real spirit

not tweaked by non-hero writers

with action

projects not protests

Badass young changemakers are appearing all over Earth,

with powerful model solutions, their stories vividly told online,
accessible via email and skype.

What is the gender quota by the way?


GIRLS (or more)



For you to ponder : Why do girls rise to protect and restore life and peace?

What keeps boys from living their true self and being awesome?

Does it matter? Will you change it? Who if not you?

How do kids get badass?

Today, kids grow up with adult stuff early via social media

They behave like models at age 12 (copy-pasting…)

In music and sports, kids growing up with this stuff outperform adults.

Grace VanderWaal, age 12

Winner, America’s Got Talent

Sky Brown, age 9

Professional skateboarder

What if all kids grow up daily from early age

with the finest changemakers on the planet today?

You see that young changemakers have a rich life

full of joy, friendship, adventures, skills.

They are not losing their childhood.

They are living it to the max,

outperforming adults

saving Earth

What adults will you show them?

Models? Marketeers?