The idea of education is not to turn us into your kind of adults. But into better adults than you have been.
– Adora Svitak




in North America are busy every day, organizing activities as club, during recess, on week-ends, at school fests & contribute in class. Here’s what that feels like.


met children in Indian villages that lacked hands, and there was no way their families could afford prothesis, especially since kids need new ones every couple of years.

Meghana realized that she could create prosthetic limbs on a simple 3D-printer for just $25 a piece. She calls on schools to enrich their fablabs / STEM education with meaning, development and a real impact on lives.


and her life science class crew ran a watershed restoration program for one year. Upon completion, they decided to teach other classes to scale up the program.

The 13 year olds created a curriculum, from research to field trip, and have since trained hundreds of students at several schools. It has changed their worldview and activated them as stewards of their Local Commons.

What if our entire young generation at school grows up like this?

Know an awesome student club? Let us know what they do.


First, it’s all young people’s daily hangout.
Second, it’s a unique place and time.



pure changemaker spirit
sense of adventure
daily community of 100’s
free space and resources
free support and mentoring
good status in public
good status with media
good status with funders
win win benefits


2-8 hours per day
20+ on week-ends
like gamers, artists, athletes
for 10+ years

Here’s what that looks like.

We call this

High Impact

Student Clubs

… acting like ATHLETES
not fans or amateurs.

in perfect alignment with the purpose of schooling, as defined by education laws


The purpose of schooling is to enable students to become able, active citizens of a continuously evolving libertarian democratic society, which today also has to be sustainable, in harmony with nature and a harmoniously collaborating global family of nations.

View your state’s education laws online
and make sure schools begin to fulfill their purpose.

The future of humanity rests in the hands of youth.

Youth Leadership at school is the game changer for humanity.


If 1 student per class joins the club, that’s how many at your school? 20? 50? What if 2 per class join the club?

How many, if there is a changemaker club at every school in town? And hundreds of students join in on occasion?

Imagine what they will achieve together, using dozens of solutions pioneered by their badass peers.

Do you like that?


Youth, teacher, parent, citizen – each of us can kick it off.
For your motivation, let’s look at what Craig has kicked off.