Which Story do YOU want to live?

We shape the future.


  3. ACCIDENTS (like meteorites)
  4. and VISION

Your holiday.

It begins with vision.

Got it?

A vision of how the world, your city, your school can be like when you activate 100 solutions.

Without knowledge of solutions, and vivid impressions of how good life feels like when they are activated, nothing happens.

When you see solutions, happy people benefitting of the solution, everything happens. Becuse you want it too. Because currently, life and society suck.

The New Story.

The Anthropocene

The Anthropocene


The focus on destruction

alarms us, which activates us (okay) does not help us to achieve our aspirations


It is driven by fear for oneself or one’s children.


Altogether, it is a negative energy that blocks, sabotages.


Looking at the toilet bowl of history is staring at shit.


look at the AURORA, the new.

Look up at the shining new world.

And smile and rise, let this inspiration carry you up, and make the effort to learn and create it, spread it everywhere.

You have to get wise now

and understand what is truly going on.

Humanity opens a new chapter in herstory. We are doing an upgrade of civilization.

In recent mega crisis, World War 1, we pooped out monarchy. We re-discovered that “the people” is sacred and makes its own decisions for its common good through democracy.

In World War 2, we pooped out fascism and racism. We re-discovered that “the human” is sacred.

And now?


we re-discover that “nature is sacred”. And poop out dirty industry.

And now you have to get real : How many yet get that? few. the majority and the rigid old systems will run into crash and chaos.

You should dysconnect, say no to them, their ways, walk away from them, and



By Creating the New

model #fulltimeforfuture you will make the existing bad models obsolete.

you will make your region resilient against harmful impacts on the horizon. You have big work to do. We have 70+ good practices for you.

you will protect yourself and your loved ones

you’ll be living AURORA Paradise already, in your bubble, it will be like a tunnel of light in the dark ocean, until the crisis is over

The Crisis will pass

after some decades.

Don’t listen to moron experts or your ignorant emotional panic. We know it will pass.

In the process 50% of humanity will vanish in famine, war, disease. Accept it. It is not in your hands. Don’t get stressed out about it.

Your job is to CREATE THE NEW in the region where you are. Basta! And you have to keep the Paradise feeling for your kids to grow up in a world of magic! Not horror.

The solutions exist

for material projects, and for keeping the positive spirit : meditation, yoga, sacred practice.

It’s not about superstitious hokus pokus.

Remember : the upgrade leads to living “nature is sacred”. sacred like Lothlorien, like Harry’s Patronus at the lake. And you are living part of nature. You are a child of Earth. You are a cell of the planetary organism, of the Living Universe.

We know the Path. Many are walking it.

Aurora and Xiuhtezcatl do. Note : they are the strongest musical sirens out there. That has reasons. In fact, all grand adult changemakers have strong spiritual foundations. We know because we know them.

So, the upgrade requires unlocking this in you. It’s simple. No hokus pokus. No witch doctors.

Humans now shape the Earth

and no longer machines or monarchs or “systems”… all of them alien to life!!!!!

They brought about the demise.

Now, us humans restore the Earth as we LOVE IT TO BE. This is the new history of humanity. And it will become true as soon as you decide to LIVE IT.

Attention : the new society can only happen with a new kind of citizens!

Monarchy has minions, dumbasses. Fascism has morons, dumbasses. Democracy has informed voters that know and respect diversity and can communicate. That’s already something. but they shifted decisions and competence to a few experts. This is no longer enough.

Now, every cell of the societal organism needs to be able, understand humanity’s best solutions, and implement them locally.

This new citizens is the not a minion, not a moron, not a voter, not a consumer, but an able, active, caring citizen.


The New Human Model.

We do not speak of

  • engineering you into an android like Silicon Valley does
  • exercising remote mind control like facebook does
  • conditioning you into a slave like China does

but into a healthy bright human being with a healed heart (no shame, no worries), liberated feelings, creative skills to create the life, the community, the society you wish to see. That we all wish to see! There IS a shared understanding on a world of inner and outer peace, inner and outer joy, inner and outer abundance. This is clear, shared by anyone but a few psychopaths. They don’t count. The only question is – how can we create it?

The solutons exist by the thousands. All that’s needed is that all of us uneducated, impotent voters learn of the solutions, how to implement them, and how to  support and help others.





IT IS THE STATE OF BEING THAT PEACEFUL PEOPLE DESIRE. There is zero manipulation about it.