Chloe Maxmin is another example to make you wonder why you have only recently begun to hear of teen and twen changemakers in the media you are using. It appears more and more ridiculous.


“We are going to change how people look at this dirty industry, at climate change, and their own role in it.”
Chloe Maxmin

Divest Harvard is not the first campus that has risen for divestment. But it has become the most visible, for its size, the scope actions, the level of escalation, the media presence – all of which are a result of the genius, razor sharp messaging that activated people’s Hearts, propelled DH onto the New York Times frontpage, and Chloe into talkshows.

Students on 300 university campuses have joined the divestment movement. has taken the movement global. Colleges, churches, investment and pension funds have joined in.

Next, at 23

  • Chloe set out to compose a book on new tactics for changing climate politics
  • reports on good, young people entering politics
  • and leads by example

She decided to run for political office of State Representative

and shares her experience online


One can follow her path “live

like a real-time tutorial

and people are inspired by someone that is this

  • honest
  • intelligent
  • competent
  • door-to-door down to earth
  • huggable

People choose her

vote for her, because they see and know her QUALITY – from the newspaper and television, from their shared time at school


got active, connected with people in public, over tea, and wrote letters to the editor, telling of their encounter with chloe, and how this one was different

  • bright
  • listening
  • trustworthy

and that scored her

  • 80% of the vote
  • with historic turnout – some districts ran out of ballots!


Updates from Chloe

Hello from Augusta! We’re more than halfway through the legislative session, and there is a lot to report.

Dozens of bills have made it through committee and to the House floor. More than 40 of those bills have made it all the way to Gov. Janet Mills’ desk and have been signed into law. You can view the full list here.

On Tuesday, I presented my bill An Act To Establish a Green New Deal for Maine, which emerged directly from conversations with constituents and reflects the urgent need for economic renewal in our rural counties. We were joined by representatives from the labor community, students, business owners, and others who spoke about the need for good jobs, lower property taxes, and protecting our environment, upon which so much of Maine’s industry and culture depends.

Another update on my bills for District 88: LD 1142, which would expand direct transportation access for seniors and adults with disabilities, has been carried over until next session. The Health and Human Services Committee needed more information from the Department of Health and Human Services and transportation providers. That information will be gathered, and we’ll take up the bill in 2020.

Lastly, I submitted my last piece of legislation this week: a Resolution calling on Congress to reform the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset. This is a major issue that I heard from you on the campaign trail. The only thing that we can do at the State level is to pass a Resolution urging federal action. This resolution has received bipartisan co-sponsorship in the House and Senate.

The legislature has changed the way that citizens submit written testimony.

If you would like to submit testimony on the bill and were unable to attend the public hearing, you still can!

While we’ve made a lot of progress, we still have plenty of bills left to debate. Pretty soon we’ll be wrapping up committee work and adding more days of session in hopes of passing as much good legislation as we can. That means there’s still a lot of time left to hear what you want and need from me. Please reach out with any ideas or feedback you have.

All the best, Chloe Maxmin

The next “Coffee with Chloe” is Sunday, April 28, from 12 p.m.-2 p.m. at Lakeside Diner. 39 Washington Road, Jefferson. Stop by for a cup of coffee and to talk about issues that you’re facing, an update on what’s happening in Augusta, and to address any other questions that you have. Please let me know ahead of time if you have a specific issue that you want to talk about.


She scored the first Green New Deal, adapted for working plass people of rural Maine.

She set out to write a book on new politics.

Now, she is living it, writing history.

And there is to come in her decades ahead.

50Now – for those of you disgusted by the political #fails, their appaling #incompetence, the hack of democracy, the hostile take-over by people of an ugly totalitarian violent mindset of the 1930s …

wouldn’t this be the right time to learn how Chloe 

  • won the most rural district of America’s most rural state
  • as the 1st Democrat in history
  • scoring record voter turn-out (they ran out of ballots)
  • scoring the 1st (rurally adapted) Green New Deal
  • and many other people-oriented bills incl. healthcare, strongest internet privacy in the USA, justice for rape victims,

She demonstrates the blueprint for any place on Earth.

It’s simple. But you don’t find this mindset among conventional politicians. So – whatever age you are, whatever names and terms you know or don’t know. You will understand the principle.

So, make this the first time of your life of reading on 21st Century political strategy. This is a Gryffindore tale.

Do you begin to want kids at your state’s schools to grow up with youth leadership?

It’s how everything changes for the better.

Now that you have this knowledge and vision

What stories will you give the younger people in your life?

What role models will you show at schools around you?

How are you going to spend your remaining years on Earth?