So … all this beauty is happening in the world. And most people agree that this should happen everywhere. So, how can it happen in your life and region?

We have stories, films, music, and I know most of these people personally. They share the dream that our entire young generation should be empowered to lead rich lives of purpose, passion, friendship and adventure like the youth featured in this exhibit.

As you can tell from the exhibit, we can support changemakers, book speakers and coaches, use these stories and activities at schools, in our professions, we can form youth teams, run campaigns … so all we need is to make it conveniently accessible and usable for everyone.

With YOUTH-LEADER, we have bundled up resources, tools, methods and support services for all of you to amplify youth leadership in the world and make it part of your life. 

Check it out!

First, everybody should know. 

We can take the stories home, to study them, have them close by our bed, and for the little ones grow up with the spirit of Youth We Can from an early age.


With Family & Friends activities,

to make changemaking part of daily life… coloring, planting, music/al, nature walks, restoration, photo, film, art …

At home, in the community, in the region

It should also be public 

and long-term, so that many people see it, converse, connect with others.

Schools, public libraries, living museums, cities, community centres

love teen hero*ines and active citizenship, and to connect with the citizenry, youth and schools.

One can do this any time, but for public displays one can very well team up with the City for UN Day of Youth, Earth Day, Spring Of Sustainability, SDG Campaigns etc.

Poster Set for Exhibits

Hero*ine Posters

with flip cards, full story, SDG icons, action guides, QR codes to online profiles with multimedia contents, social media, latest news.

Easy to make

with a nice handmade touch

+ Youth Leadership Essentials

methods, use at school, partnerships …


An Explorer Guide with questions.

Student teams like to get creative

… and add activities, donation boxes, surveys …

In public

we can add FUNdraisers … to involve people, make an impact, build a tribe, generate nice photos and media presence … for more reach

What people say

Germany: “Students and teachers agree: the exhibit was the best thing at the School Project Day. Our principal decided to set up three changemaker courses for 8th grade students to thart the next semester.”

India: “The posters were a smash hit with the students. I was so tired in the morning, but after this experience, I am full of energy. You should have been there to see it! Our principal decided to set up a long-term exhibit.”

What school teachers say

Korea: “I used some of the stories in class. It’s been one of the most energized lessons of my teaching career. Even the most quiet students had something to say. Students ask how they can get involved.”

What adult educators say

Poland: “I used the cardgame in my Business English for Adults Class. To be honest, the group is  lazy and more into flirting. I distributed cards and tasked people to explain their hero*ine to their neighbour. I have never seen them so focussed and passionate! They really wanted to get this story across. And as you predicted, there’s stories for every type of person, eco or business. After the session, a big entrepreneur stopped at the door and told me he was was really impressed by Gabrielle’s entrepreneurial spirit. It’s been a really amazing experience.”

What psychologists say

New Zealand : “This would be useful for work with challenged youth dealing with mental illness.”

Poland : “This would be good in prisons, especially with young delinquents.”

Australia : “YOUTH-LEADER is a blessing for parents and families.” 

Are you just kids? Ordinary citizens? That’s fine. You can do that. Or step up as a local team or YL Coach (view Tutorial + Crash Course below) as part of the worldwide YL network.

Next, very important – how do we get from Inspiration to Action?

There’s definitely need for help. And it is surprisingly SIMPLE.

We can find an enormous lot of guidance in the success stories and secrets that we have learned from hanging out with our hero*ines and genius folks.

We have bundled up a Crash Course – for individuals and for groups that propels you into the amazing world of youth leadership and gives you an incredible lot of knowhow and advantage over … everybody else … enabling you to bring hope, tools and opportunities to others!

Online Tutorial & Crash Course

We have compiled the most awesome stories, films and music to fire up people’s Inner Hero*ine in the

#BeMoreAwesome Crash Course
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with feedback, reflection, questions and a handful of practical activities to swiftly experience youth leadership essentials and get ready to move mountains – seriously! – by doing like our hero*ines.

Crash Course for Youth

Crash Course for Adults



Do you deserve a Badge for this?

Yes. Crash Coursers even get a YL Coach Certificate upon completion and those doing great things for their people – receive Warrior Honor Shirts. So #BemoreAwesome


YL COACHES are ready to activate groups !

… using a mix of the magic you’ve tasted in this exhibit

Session #1

 (90 mins) : 24 story posters, films, music + open conversation + instant actions + YL offers + harvest feedback + agree on follow-up 

leads to the formation of a 

Changemaker Student Club

that unites fired up students across classes and grades. That’s new and powerful – read the Bulls Eye toggles!


#BeMoreAwesome Crash Course for Groups

Session #2

 (90 mins): Roadmaps to follow Hero*ines’ Paths observing which tricks they use, 190 steps, 150 tricks, create own roadmaps, present to the group

ready to turn them into action and use our full scope of resources and global network

Here's what youth say

90+% of students agree : super new + super inspirational + super important for their generation + should be at their school + 10+% willing to get active right away, 70+% willing to be contribute and be part on occasion. That is spectacular results! And you can guide this 1 or 2 session course. Easy. One can also make it a project week, or do 4 phases.

And you can do this. Easy!

Ponder this ...

Of course, not all students will join a changemaker student club, but they all respect and back young activists now. If just 1-2 per class join, it makes 20 to 100 at a school! Wheew, that’s one formidable force, and equipped with tools for 400+ year-round actions and an enormous global support network of hero*ines!


shall be able to act and team up right away and experience quick results, also gain presence at school and in media – because it’s fun, grows reach, impact, support, demand, community – and once again, fun!

YOUTH’s daily hangout being school

we provide Student Clubs with tons of support to do everything that teen and adult hero*ines do :

  1. Projects and campaigns
  2. FUNdraisers of all sorts
  3. Lifestyle Challenges and Social Experiments
  4. music, media work, arts …

We unite youth in #BeMoreAwesome

our global changemaker training and action program for youth age 8 to 18 offers options for everyone to act at their own pace: 

Friends Crew

casual pace – action on their favorite causes

Student Clubs

regular action – activating their school for year-round action on loads of causes

Warrior Clans

fulltime athletes in close cooperation with changemakers all over the planet

Team Headquarters with Flair

Just like music band rooms and teenage rooms have posters of their hero*ines, a Changemaker HQ requires proper ambience!

We got that to get started.

You know that behind each face is a story

… a success model and guidance to copy-paste an enormous solution to your city and wherever needed. That’s strong.

This knowledge must not get “out of sight out of mind” hidden away in books. It has to be out there, in our faces – also these posters serve us introduce newbies and guests to the world of changemaking and to what your crew is doing.

Honor it. Get it. Use it.

60x80cm 2x3ft

60x80cm 2x3ft


shall be able to wield their superpowers to inspire kids, donate, fund, use our stuff at work, team up and experience quick results.


can be Dream Teams, if kids and parents share the passion of doing good for people and planet. In any case, kids and parents should activate SCHOOL, so that this daily time is filled with precious activities and friendships!

ADULTS’ daily hangout being the workplace

we provide lots of resources, tricks and opportunities to inspire and involve colleagues, customers, trainees, staff and even run projects and campaigns with changemakers. 

We unite adults in the Boost! Club

a crowdfunding community for young hero*ines and local youth leadership – with tons of activities, far more than ordinary crowdfunding platforms offer – by

  1. supporting young hero*ines : through FUNdraising, (an incredible lot of fresh and fun) in-kind support, and even teaming up for projects
  2. activating the citizenry : by seeding flyers, posters, media reports
  3. kickstarting and supporting local youth : through seeding media to schools, giving presentations (crash course sessions #1 and #2)
  4. supporting your favorite YL programs (you’ll agree you want those in the world)

with a lot of fun and personal and professional benefits!


The YL Boost! Club

unites caring adults globally to unlock millions for today’s young hero*ines!


Extraordinary win-win benefits for teachers + journalists + public librarians + city councillors + civil society

Donate & Fund

for favorite causes


in so many fresh, fun ways

See success unfold

online as changemakers vividly post weekly

Meet live!

via video – for Q&A, celebrate common achievements, plan what’s next, bring in own ideas, make friends …

Team up

for projects, to reach milestones, bringing in your unique resources and relations – as a YL team, school, company, tasking staff, trainees, your million followers, airline customers …

Go visit

as tourist, trainer, guest, friend, volunteer

Act Local

activate local citizens, businesses, schools, youth teams … supporting them in-kind – and enjoy seeing them thrive!

We truly collaborate with today’s Gandhis, Galadriels & Gryffindores! 


ending the scourge of GMOs, creating healthy food abundance instead


500,00o books for indigenous community schools


spreads a culture of Philanthro-Parties to FUNdraise for fav’ causes

Namaste Nepal



plant-based diet, protect ecosystems, explore nature and cultures, yoga and meditation


raises a monthly average of $15,000€ for great orphanages


Change Generation music, sacred practices, 50 ways of sustainable lifestyle, stop fracking, reforest, rewild, restore ecosystems


100,000 cards for long-term hospitalized kids


Seed Libraries and tower gardens for public libraries and schools

and many more


brings 10,000s of poor district kids into school

The Red Brigade

trains 10,000s of girls self-defense against sexual assault, changes laws, worldview, culture, provides education, training, jobs …


multiplies local biodiversity by creating ARKs for wildlife

Polly & Jojo

enable us all to cast a protective web of law around Earth by making Ecocide – the destruction of nature – a Crime Against Peace – and thereby end investment in dangerous industries or go to prison for life, all company and personal assets seize, like for genocide 

and many more

that our young generation will carry in their hearts through this life

Which (ad)ventures do you wish to join first? There is time for many of them 

since each only take specific time, and many even interlock and amplify one another!

Do you want to MEET Hero*ines? Of course.

And we make it the most exciting possible!


No powerpoints.

You’ll know their stories, videos, social media and when we meet we dive right into a conversation, on what’s current, your burning questions, your ideas, fun anecdotes, what’s next and how to be part. Plus options to take action

  1. before the meeting
  2. after the meeting

to celebrate achievements, bring in ideas, plan, team up to scale up their impact, literally shape the future of their entire regions and also scale up inter/nationally, benefitting also other hero*ines we connect with!

Yes! Awesome.

Get started on your Crash Course to enter the Tribe!

Meet Speakers

Changemakers that truly care to empower our entire global young generation, and their adult allies!

Via Video

across timezones, also in evenings, on week-ends

At School

with activities for any age group

At Events

adding youthful spirit and options to actually move something

Meet Coaches

teaching you global expert knowledge on all sorts of causes making life more blissful and awesome

Meet Project Partners

and dream up ever bigger ventures

Visit Project Partners

as tourist, friend, trainer …


in our hero*ines’ projects!

Organize Exchange Visits

with changemaker youth crews from both countries

Let’s also think beyond our personal bubble to – activate society!

Where can youth and adults come together to learn, team up and act to create a good world for all? 

Nowhere, really. So let’s create a pop-up model for this that serves people to get started right here right now with lots of fun, action, can-do feel, results, beauty and flair of adventure.

Interactive Exhibits

are a simple way to set up a basic framework.

It gets easy nowadays when connecting them with the SDGs as

SDG LearnZone

  • with a focus on Youth Leadership and Active Citizenship
  • with options to add local issues, call for hero*ine nominations etc etc
  • with UNESCO and UNU status. Who could possibly say no?

The SDGs are en vogue, but a bit blabla lame.

With us one can learn to Live the SDGs – in Action! 

Public Exhibit Space

Evolve them to LearnSpaces

for youth and adults to meet to change the world

  • at school
  • at public libraries
  • eco-ho(s)tels …

and where you see fit.

these spaces can all greatly benefit through exciting uplifting contents, with citizens that self-organize activities, form crews and connect with the greater community

SDG LearnSpaces are fabulous at schools & public libraries

Add activities, workshops by the host space, by coaches, with YL resources

All sorts of activities in all sorts of spaces, also at Community Centres

Users using YL resources reach into homes, workplaces, schools, public space across town, activate the LearnScape

... and expand into the LearnRegion with its special features

... connected to partners all over the planet, ready to collaborate

and realize dreams together

These are excellent Headquarters

for changemaker student clubs at school and after school, in libraries.

The posters and books show 400+ activities, activating many allies

reaching into the city LearnScape and -region 

Then, of course, we really need to make the most of SCHOOL, the space where all young people spend 8+ hours every day of their 10 forming years.

Each of us can activate 1+ schools around us by seeding info to caring teachers, caring parents, caring students or by even giving Crash Course sessions #1 and #2, in one class, inspiring youth to spread it following your example, or on a project day, week, school fest, UNITED NATIONS Theme Day …


Activated Schools

are a blessing for the world.

You’ve seen what student clubs rock, but look at it again and feel these marvelous youth make life more awesome

What should life at school be like?

Schools' official purpose is to activate able, active, caring citizens of peaceful, thriving, libertarian, democratic, sustainable societies

and the kids love it

Schools are MANY ... some raise $40,000€ in 48 hours

which means that you can build schools, gardens, academies ...

which is the big dream of some beautiful people

Project Partnerships & Exchanges

helping changemakers shape the future of entire regions

The Global SDG School Challenge

is a soft, non-formal curriculum that involves the entire school community to rock

  • 1 impactful action on each of the 17 SDGs
  • based on 100 hero*ines’ initiatives
  • and some bonus challenges

making sure we don’t just talk but get stuff done and FEEL THAT!

The Youth will want to meet

their fellow Warrior friends

from other schools, cities, countries, continents

and what better adventure to spend the holidays?

Parents and YL Coaches
ask us “can we join, too?!”

YES! Not always but often, and be part of the crew.

Pure epic. Everybody is so excited, so mount your horses and get these programs started all over the planet!

YL Warrior Summer Camp

With legendary Coaches!

and Opportunity to extend eco-cultural holiday stays

after all, once one has travelled, one might as well take advantage!

Isn’t that what you wish kids to grow up with?

En masse? At every school on Earth?

For an entire generation to grow up with humanity’s finest, changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries at record speeed and scale, upgrading society from voters to changemakers, like we upgraded from minions to voters.

It’ll change everything.

Play your part, and seed it around you

in your favorite ways, along your dreams, for your milestones. It’s about your future life on Earth. Also as a senior.

We report on all of it in our media

the unfolding adventures of hero*ines, visionary changemakers, and our wonderful youth crews and adult allies!

YL Magazine

telling our unfolding adventures – with lots of action and ways to be part

Local YL Magazine Editions

created by local teams and schools

YL Radio & Podcasts

co-created by youth and students!

YL Youtube Channel

with conversations, shows, tutorials…

YL App

bringing you everything we got in real-time with many ways to contribute

You can be part!

as volunteer writer, translator, artist, social media wizard …

and co-create a 

Local YL Magazine edition

featuring local changemakers and cool stuff, as part of our global magazine

Aspiring young Artists, Musicians, Creatives …

experiment on creating Art in Service to Life on Earth! Exciting!


Change Generation Music

that activates people to get up and act for people and planet


to support hero*ines initiatives

in in/direct personal cooperation with the amazing changemakers and musicians you experience in our tribe

Have you seen enough to know that this is a new time of exciting unprecedented opportunities?

Welcome to the world of Youth Leadership and YOUTH-LEADER!