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Change lives, laws, industries in record time, at record scale!

How can we make the biggest epic impact, make it most fun, even make it spectacular,
for even more fun, reaching even more people via national media,
for even more fun, more impact, sparking follow-up ?

Young people’s role is clear: IMPLEMENT SOLUTIONS!

No need to re-invent the wheel. Rapidly copy-paste teen hero*ines’ solutions to your region, using their proven tools and tricks.

CG RISING approaches it like your favorite “sport” or “music”.

  • Learn the basic moves, score swift goals, go bigger, play master pieces, compose your own, share with a global crowd. Rock it!
  • Your prime HQ is school – where all youth meet every day. Unite all caring kids in one big tribe, everybody equipped and empowered to act on their passion and fav’ causes, while helping out the others.
  • Share all actions with the global tribe. Also align actions with UN Theme Days for bigger reach and impact, and global harmonization.


Sport has medals. We have badges, patches, credits, Warrior Chroni-cles – of ace value for one’s changemaker and professional path. You’ll be surprised!

Form a Team

uniting fired up youth across classes and grades

Choose from 400+ Actions

modeled on solutions of 100+ hero*ines

Go Public

with FUNdraisers, petitions, walk-acts and more

Conquer Media

by vividly documenting your actions for YL Mag and media

Cooperate with Teachers

to bring global issues alive

Activate Parents

to contribute

Run Crash Courses

at your and other schools

Meet up 'live'

online and locally

  • collaborate in real-time with today’s greatest changemakers and visionary geniuses
  • favorite causes for everybody, 400+ proposed activities
  • live meet-ups, freestyling, backing by a global tribe
  • flair of adventure
  • makes life at school awesome
  • epic skills, friends, open doors all over Earth
  • helps take humanity’s best solutions global
  • creates epic changes for people and planet
  • nurtures a new species of adult changemaker citizens
  • plenty of cool ways to involve adults, for adults to help

As impact, community and public presence grow,

bring in own ideas for campaigns responding to local and global issues. By this time, with your experience, credibility and tribe, you can reach your goals with ease and in record time.

Book Speakers

for inspiration, celebration and planning next steps

Cooperate with Hero*ines

to take their initiatives to inter/national scale

Gain Badges

credits, and level up for completed missions

Go to Camp

discover and protect the planet, meet hero*ines