The ultimate changemaking program for youth and citizens
Make great impact by being Omni-Present everywhere : at schools, workplace, media and public with favorite causes, actions and win-wins for everyone
CG RISING is powered by a global community of high end changemakers with tools, tricks and support like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you approach life and activism forever.

Real Time Action

A Bright New World is Happening, calling you to get involved, make your mark and take humanity’s finest solutions to planetary scale to help people and planet – at record speed – as part of a global stream of action with grand changemakers

Customize Everything

Favorite causes, activities, paths and heroInes for everybody. Adjust actions to your environment, lifestyle and aims.

Organize with Ease

Build community, involvement, impact and media presence using simple proven methods. Add a new campaign, action, combine tools, and everything fits together perfectly.

XYZ Content Elements

CG Rising comes with XYZ different content elements. Mix, match and build just about anything you can imagine.

Use & Contribute

Use our rich array of tools, feedback and contribute ace tools you know, to improve our services and boost our members and global collective.

No idling

CG Rising works extremely fast. Tools and tricks generate instant rewarding experiences. Your passion is your key.

Use What Works

Outstanding solutions, ace references, proven strategies, robust tools, clear action guides. It’s like a sport or melody, you can only win.

Responsive Community

Enjoy live encounters with staff, changemakers, like-hearted youth, teachers, parents, professionals and online volunteers.

Global Tribe

Collaborate across cities, continents and time zones. Great for school and field partnerships.

Nonstop Action

Year-round stream of action, aligned with current UNITED NATIONS Days

Ultimate Amplified Impact

Focus on UN Days for high impact win-win’s with teachers, journalists and organizations.

Document & Share

Vividly document your actions and share with our, social and news media for greater impact.

High Impact Youth Leadership

Pre-made Action Packs

Jump-start wielding Presentation Pack, Project Roadmap, Pop-Up Exhibits, Education Programs… badass world-premiere innovations!

100+ Teen & Adult HeroInes

Our core line-up boasts 98 of the greatest changemakers on the planet today. Some soft, others booom, all awesome. And growing…

Each Hero > 1 Action Guide

Action Guides for boosting and replicating model solutions, Level 1-4 Actions, simple to complex, short- and long-term, at home and abroad, totalling 392 proposed activities

Instant Reward & Feedback

seeing one’s impact mirrored in heroInes’ social media streams, greets, skype sessions and poster-prints for keeping one’s communty informed

LIVE Encounter & Collaboration

A world-premiere of LIVE collaboration, planning and celebration of common achievements with the heroInes of our generation.

See Success Unfold

See impact unfold as you follow the evolving adventures of our heroInes through the year

Instant Action

Instant action for favorite heroInes with fundraisers, petitions, campaigns, media production and upload, social media blasts

Year-round Stream of Action

A constant flow of global community actions, for inspiration, getting involved, orchestrated effort, massive impact and celebration

Aligned with UN Days

UN Day alignment structures our abundance of caused and facilitates collaboration with teachers, journalists and organizations for the occasion, with tremendously greater impact

Charity & Philanthro-Parties

The classic in style, putting the FUN into fundraising for awesome heroInes, boosting initiatives to national scale

Social Entrepreneurship

Teen-powered Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business generating massive profit for social causes.

Badass Campaigning

Changing laws and hurtful industries with flying banners, shaping history.
Elements for Every Setting, Audience and Occasion
Designed for Use at School
the greatest multiplier of all!
Live your values at all time, build awesome community, upgrade learning culture and form an entire generation over years.

Add-On's in Class

Teachers love it. Students, too. Of course. Hero solution stories with powerful, authentic videos and captivating activities and instant action opportunity. You’ve got Skype meetings and micro exhibits in your pocket, even field partnerships, an ever evolving competence, magic tools and your very own anecdotes to share.

Omni-Presence as Student Club

Turn school days into awesome with a handful of passionate crew, using poster exhibits, rocking videos, constant action, petitions, campaigns, lifestyle challenges, social experiments, yum drinks and treats. The end of boring and ignored.

HQs = Incubators, Hubs & ISLEs

Turn your Student Club HQ into the place to be and besties’ fav’ hangout, ace media, actions, knowledge, dreaming up action and serving the entire student club community as learnscape.
Leadership Program. Reality Game. Education Program
With CG RISING, you can just about undertake anything. It’s the most versatile changemaking program on the planet and possibly the only one you’ll ever “need”, integrating other great programs, tools and partners on your journey.

Use, adapt and add your own focus initiatives, organizations and partners, get us involved.

Earn Badges for Completed Actions
Unleash your true hero self, earn credits, levels, honors and Real Life Value Badges.
Badges are stored in your personal secure backpack on the Mozilla Foundation platform. Use them, download, share, print, embed, attach to CVs as you like. It’s all free and open source.
Peek at the Resources Matrix with 392 proposed actions
Say Hello to Your New Changemaker Toolkit

The Immersion

Awaken your inner heroIne on a unique cinematic journey updating your worldview on the power of youth leadership, the biggest innovation of our time, a beacon of hope and game changer for people, planet and everything we love. This brief experience will give you an amazing advantage, stories to tell, and especially a load of powerful action tools and tricks.

Social Outreach Kit

Share your new found knowledge and vision online and onsite using our video highlights, facebook posters, articles, instant action fundraisers and campaigns for your favorite causes and heroInes. Use digital media as gifts to followers, employees and members – we all care! – on newsletters and social media. Add action calls in support of our Field Partners and celebrate ensueing achievements.

Presentation Kit

Use the world’s finest Youth Leadership videos, hero stories and music for inspiring a sense of action in young people, friends and adults at school, home and workshops – forming groups on favorite causes, experiencing shared determination, formulating mission statements, founding student clubs and turning new-found passion into action. Comes as print and online version, with subtitled video reel, 21 piece Poster Set, 7 Action Guides and Feedback Posters. You cannot not inspire your audience. Your qualification? Your own Immersion, your passion and the love of igniting them same in others.

The Project & Campaign Pack

Bridge the gap between first inspiration and tangible action with a world-premiere Roadmap following the footsteps of the world’s greatest teenage changemakers, re-tracing their campaigns and drafting their own on their priority causes. Comes with a 49 piece Pop-Up Poster Exhibit on Teenage Changemakers, 21 HeroIne Action Guides and 120 Magic Trick action cards.

The Products Store

Get equipped with multi-media charged with changemaker spirit, ultimate gifts for birthdays, Christmas and today, donate to schools, libraries, hospitals and youth clubs, seed them around you to open doors, liberate and equip our fellow citizens. Everybody needs this.
Collaboration Options Galore
CG RISING has cooperation options galore, all of which are available to ordinary people, youth crews, teachers, professionals, organizations, business, media, cities… some of which you can preview on the Partnerships page.

Activate Your Region

Combine your passion and resources with people’s love for youth leadership. Seed media, exhibit, present, form teams, organize actions, create media coverage, form partnerships with everybody.

Partner Schools

Spark YL youth teams in school regionally, overseas and work with those already active with our Field Partners and educational programs. Collaborate on favorite causes, for UN Days, design projects, help each other, even organize visits!

Business & Gastronomy

Super cool, easy, fun, and win-win ways of giving business holders and entrepreneurs opportunity to live their values and make a contribution, aligned with their priority of self-sustainable projects with cascading effects, their personal passion of mentoring, capital for in-kind support, and involving their staff in complex projects impossible to experiment on in their core ventures. Unlock a huge untapped potential of resources and giving back to our friends spending long hours on running businesses!

Field Partnerships

With this community, boosting hero field partners becomes a breeze. Your funds move mountains for those operating in low income areas, and can scale their reach to their entire nation. Meet Live On Skype, plan exciting actions on both sides. See your impact unfold in their social media streams, run a print display to keep your community informed, go visit and impress us!

Your Own - Built On This Foundation!

Build presence in your region, then launch campaigns tackling local issues. Never have you been better equipped and prepared. Share your activities with us, to learn from you, get inspired and involved.
Partners all over the planet
Wildly successful initiatives, people-powered by huggable heroInes we all love.

LemonAID Warriors


Learn more

Their signature :

The Red Brigade Lucknow

India’s courageous teens training their generation self-defense against sexual violence (we speak of no less than gang rape, murder and acid attacks) – with sensational impact!
Learn more
Their example has made billions of media impressions and inspired millions, from you and me, to volunteer martial arts trainers, global media, game shows, Bollywood celebrities, military officers (arranging training of their wives) and schools. The Red Brigade has already trained 30,000 school girls on their Mission One Million.

The crux is, not everybody is that awesome. The global public of journalists, celebs and citizens benefiting from their story and inspiration are not giving back at relevant degree. The Red Brigade continues operating their full-time volunteer work anyway. With YOUTH-LEADER, you can help them realize THEIR dear dream – and that’s to build a Self-Defense Academy … as a safe harbour, for training, education, sanctuary for teen rape survivors and living space. Since many of them still live under open skies or in families in which they were sexually abused as girls. The real stuff, and we work on it!

Join in, see success unfold, laws changed, celebrate victories, even go visit! Use the poster set and be one of 70 groups scoring $1,000 for the Academy. Epic!

Books With No Bounds

When Emma and Julia learned of 49 remote First Nations fly-in communities without roads, without books at home and school, kids 3 years behind in literacy, and epidemic suicide rates among early teens, they decided to help with love, solidarity, dreams and tools. Since, 150,000 good books have been sent, libraries built, environmental education launched, exchange visits organized.
Learn more
Their world champ social media stream abounds with visual impressions of their work, and has taken their example to national presence in news, adverts, at events and schools. School students, citizens and authors contribute with enthusiasm. Imagine : one book per student makes 500-1,000 books per school, worth $10,000 in a single morning. Their work is more than a book drive, it has changed their generation’s worldview on aboriginal people to “our brothers and sisters up north”, literally building healing bridges across historic divides. With you, YOUTH-LEADER takes this model to all provinces of Canada, to all U.S. states, to 100+ countries, and adapt it in places without First Nations. Join this week!

Ocean Ramsey

Swim with a true elven maiden of Lothlorien to learn what the planet – and sharks – are really like.
Learn more
What if they are not dangerous monsters, but gentle beings who detest the taste of humans and are the true stewards of ocean ecosystem abundance? What if their disappearance creates dead zones in the ocean. And what can we all now do about it? Join Ocean and teen divers to save our sharks. The rewards are beyond your imagination!

The Global Campaign To End Environmental Destruction Through Global Law

Did you know that the true geniuses of our era have woven a protective web of law to end all environmental destruction?
Learn more
Do you know that already today laws are in place to put perpetrators, company executives, investors and heads of state on trial and in prison for life for destroying pristine ecosystems and ruin the lives of their inhabitants? Surprise surprise! Join them and millions others who are casting this web around Planet Earth carried by a feeling of celebration, as we are shaping history and the future our hearts desire. Now get up, we have work to do!
A Changemakers Dream
CG RISING is the ultimate tool for young people and their adult allies today. Organizations, publishers, social entrepreneurs, teachers, journalists and foundations on six continents are connecting with YL. And we’ve been at Antarctica, too.

An Amazing Community

Awesome changemakers, eductators, citizens and youth united in groundbreaking action. The only community of only full-on changemakers – no fluff!

Quality You Can Trust

Changemakers are selected by a unique benchmark mix : completed model soluton, replicable by others, well visually documented and available by email and skye. Media designed from heroInes’ authentic materials, always equipping for action. The Pledge and Oath filter great members!

A Tool Box Users Love

An incredible scope of quality tools for applying proven solutions, strategies and reaching thousands in your city in a whiffy! Learn on-the-go, as you unlock new free downloads as you step up your actions.

Favorite Actions for Everybody

At last, favorite causes and actions for everybody in your audience. Unite all youth at school in one grand changemaker clan, with captans for their focus causes and actions, but totally supported by everyone else at the time of action!

Select Level of Engagement

Observe as a fan and friend, contribute spontaneously, or work full-time, even feed in your campaigns and causes! In any case, enjoy company of the great heroInes of today!

Dedicated Support

We have an awesome team and do our best to support anyone on fire to boost youth leadership for people and planet. Our media, architecture and community ecosystem are designed to empower for maximum independence, impact and cultivating local community.
Translated to World Languages
Our core stories are fit for all classrooms on the planet, translated by thousands of passionate online volunteers from seventy countries.
Our core hero & solution story set is available in 16 languages – as posters, cardgame, bedtime stories, teaching tool.
Don’t wait for translations. English is perfect!
Use anytime, for UN Days of Youth etc., for “American / Canadian culture”. Melting pot is out and boring. This is the new jazz, it’s unique, sensational, it works, and for once something really useful to adapt from America!


We are constantly adding new languages. Help us translate, as volunteer, donor or funder!


“I used the stories in my English lesson. It’s been the most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say. Students are asking how they can get involved.”


“Students took turns presenting their heroInes to one another. I cannot remember having seen them this motivated in expressing themselves and this attentive in listening. I am going to use the fabulous videos in the next lesson. Thank you for providing subtitles for the early learners.”
Rock Solid Integrity
Only the purest, true and powerful is good enough for our youth at this special time! Virtuous, commited changemakers, with proven solutions fit for a 22nd Century global, peaceful, just, thriving and sustainable, a sacred civilization – of peace joy and abundance for all.
What People Are Saying
Don’t just take it from us. Here are some testimonials from people who matter.

"Your kind of thinking is very rare."

Polly Higgins

Earth Lawyer
Top 10 Unreasonable People on the Planet

"YL is a blessing for all parents and children."

Robin Grille

Parenting for a Peaceful World

"Thank you for helping us protect girls from violence."

Usha Vishwakarma

Red Brigade Lucknow Founder
Top 100 India’s Women Entrepreneurs

"Thank you for helping me realize my dream."

Babar Ali

Youngest Headmaster in the World
Rotary World Literacy Hero Award

"The cardgame is a must for every kid of today."

Kjell Kuehne

Plant-For-The-Planet Global Academy Trainer
Leave-It-In-The-Ground Campaign

"We need YL in all of Canada's schools."

Emma Mogus

Books With No Bounds Co-founder
3x MC of World’s Children’s Prize

"Thank you for what you are doing for the kids."

Chrissie ‘Fire Mane’ Charley

Artist & Natural Phenomenon

"Youth Leader opens fantastic opportunities for young people."

Holger Reuter

Marriot Foundation

"A constant inspiration."

Andrea Mendez-Brandam

Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine Argentina

"The epitome of youth leadership."

Ken Jones

Legend in Wilderness Education

"I hope for YL to be in all schools of Bhutan."

Tashi Dorji

Earth Guardians Bhutan Co-founder


YL and CG RISING have scored distinguished global awards UNOV Awards 2010 and 2012 for United Nations Online Volunteer Teams India and Youth Rising for Peace, Pacemaker status in Ashoka’s re:imagine learning challenge, status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development DESD (UNESCO).

Our members and featured changemakers share hundreds of awards among them, many have received dozens of honors, and no less that the finest that our societies have to offer: Gloria Barron Prize, Brower Youth Award, Peace First Prize, Top 30 under 30, YES! Jam Alumni, FRIDA fellow, Rotary World Hero Award, UNITED NATIONS Forest Hero, World’s Children Prize, Nobel Peace Prize…

Eric is an Images & Voices of Hope Award laureate (IVOH is known as the “Nobel Prize for Media of World Benefit”, with laureates like the founders of Kosmos Journal, Frontline and the director of TED) and has been honored with the IYONS India Award of Achievement. He is also a member of the Round Table for the Implementation of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development ESD in Germany (UNESCO).


Thousands of users in 70 countries are already doing amazing things with YL. Our heroInes are moving millions, together we are shaping history. Join the most empowering changemaker community on the web.
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