"Thank you for what you are doing for our children."

Chrissie Fire Mane Charley

The most inspirational videos I have ever seen.

It makes me feel I want to get up and do something, too.

After the presentation, we signed up 80 new members.

Thank you for helping me realize my dream.

Babar Ali, youngest headmaster in the world, Rotary World Teacher Award

I hope for YL to be in all schools of Bhutan.

Tashi Dorji, Earth Guardians Bhutan Co-founder

The epitome of Youth Leadership.

Ken Jones, legendary environmental educator

Your kind of thinking is very rare.

Polly Higgins, Earth Lawyer,  Top 10 Unreasonable People on the Planet

A must for every kid on the planet.

Kjell Kuehne, Leave-It-In-The-Ground Campaign

“I never knew young people could do this. This gives me so much hope.” France

“I knew young people are doing stuff, but this is spectacular. I am positively shocked. I am floored by the potentials.” Canada

“I have cried many times already. I am going to share this with my daughter when she comes home.” USA

“It makes me feel adrenalin rush through my entire body. I want this for all the people in my country.” Egypt

“Your approach to making the world a better place for everyone is so positive and excellent. You deserve much appreciation and all kinds of support from all good people – especially financial support!” India

“The stuff that makes you say sign me up.” USA

“This should be at all schools.” Russia

A constant inspiration.

Andrea Mendez-Brandam, N+ Noticias Positivas Radio Magazine Argentina

Thank you for helping us protect girls from violence.

Usha Vishwakarma, Red Brigade Lucknow co-founder, Top 100 India’s Women Entrepreneurs

We need YL in all of Canada's schools.

Emma Mogus, Books With No Bounds Co-founder, 3x World’s Children’s Prize MC

YL is a blessing for parents and children.

Robin Grille, Author,  Parenting for a Peaceful World

"Youth Leader opens up fantastic opportunities for young people."

Holger Reuter, Marriot Foundation, Germany

School class feedback

to #bemoreawesome Crash Course Phase #1 “Discover Youth Leadership”

Bulls-eye: YES!

Circles: yes

Outside: no

It’s always like this. 90+% YES!
(how could it be any different?)

Guess how many students respond YES! to

“Is this important for your generation?”

Experts say

“Positive News. Brilliant.” Bill Drayton, Founder and CEO, Ashoka International

“You are so prolific that I can hardly keep up with you. I have just had a chance to look at the Water issue and found it astounding – so comprehensive and full of new learning for me.” Nancy Roof, Editor, Kosmos Journal

“This should be in 25,000 American public libraries.” Veteran media producer

“Excellent work.” Impact hub manager

“This is precisely what we need for Tunisia.” Judge Mokhtar Yahyaoui, constitutional panel, Tunisia

“I like the territory that your Water Special Edition covers. I like how the ‘different worlds’ of efforts are put right next to each other as part of a whole. I really was inspired by the ‘can do’ feeling of it, and the focus on simplicity in the context of global, unifying issues. Powerful.” Sustainable Development Consultant

“Internet magicians. In a short time they put together a comprehensive package of reliable information. Their special edition on Water is no exception. With thoughtful words and illustrative pictures they do more than offer knowledge on the Water issue, they will change the water related attitude and behaviour of the reader.” Helmut Burkhardt, President Council on Global Issues

“Very good stuff! I take the liberty of suggesting you think of a future issue on youth (self-) employment. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you think I might be of help in putting together such an issue – and/or perhaps others, focussing on youth (self-) empowerment.” Arthur Gillette, former Director of UN Youth Division


The most dynamic lesson in my career

Grzegoz, English-for-Adults Teacher, Poland

I used your poster set on UN Peace Day

Ameena and Adam have been a smash hit with the students. Everybody was there, the teachers, the principal, the students were so excited. You should have been there! They want to know more about using YL media at school. Our principal has already put up an exhibit on the school ground.

Everybody, teachers and students agree

the interactive Poster Exhibit designed by Crash Coursers was the best thing at our school’s project day. Germany

Without any teaching experience and 20 years out of school

I have given 3 presentations, at 3 schools, to 3 classes age 11-14. Each was different, knew more or less on global issues. I easily freestyled for each group. All students loved it, teachers said this is what school should always be like, and all 3 enthusiastically asked me to come back to learn how they can take action. Precisely as you predicted. I fully trust your guidance.

Matthias, YL Volunteer, caring daddy and wilderness educator, Germany

“As a teacher it makes me feel incredibly happy to read such inspiring and incredible articles about young people being proactive and making a difference in the world.”

“I have been seeking such young heroes throughout my teaching career. I need those for all my classes. For global learning, on ethical values, youth self image…”

“I would think that for school-age kids around the world, this would be an eye-opener!”

“I just used some stories in my English class. It has been the most energized lesson ever. Even the most quiet students had something to say. They are inspired and wish to know how they can get involved.”

“To be honest, I had been very tired in the morning, but the experience has been incredible. It has been such a rewarding experience. YL can do so much for these children.”

“Whenever we treat global issues, a dark cloud is forming above the class. But with these young role models and solutions, everything has changed. Students are so inspired and eager to learn more. I still cannot believe what has happened.”

“As a teacher, I would think that this would be most appealing to high school students. However, some teachers might decide to use it with older middle school kids, especially those that have been touched by gang violence. People like Ameena would be wonderful role models for them – the earlier we start, the better!”

“After reading these stories I introduced the ideas to my afterschool class. They researched the topics and people discussed in small groups and fed back to the rest of the class. It was an excellent way for them to practice their English, expand their vocabulary and think about things in a different way. I have passed the website on to my Korean colleagues who have also found lots of inspirational stories for their classes.”

“At the school where I work, I am the editor of the school magazine. The students research and write the articles with my supervision. Whenever we start a new issue we sit together and brainstorm ideas. I encourage the students to “think big” and write about something they care about. I recently used some YL articles as examples of exciting and interesting topics they could focus on. Through the magazine the students are able to explore different ideas and ways of thinking – they were particularly motivated after seeing some stories on the YL website.”

“These posters are excellent! I like the idea of posting them in school so all students see them, and develop their own interest in treating the subject of youth participation in schools.”

“In our school, an active youth group is keeping sustainability education alive through their projects. The wall display and materials will help them become more visible and motivate their fellow students. I will see them through the first steps. Thank you for the great project. Good work!”


“I used stories in my English class. It’s been the most intense lesson of my career. Even the most quiet students had something to say.” Teacher, Korea

“Teachers and students agree : the interactive exhibit was the best thing at the school project day.” Germany

“The posters were a smash hit with the students at our UN Peace Day. You should have been there! Our principal loved it, and is setting up an exhibit.” India

“My 10 week workshop series on Youth Power at my ex-high school was suboptimal because students were really lame. But in week 8, I used your posters and videos; students caught fire and decided to run a project. I should have used them in week #1!” 

“I’m in tears. Ameena is my hero. Sorry guys, but this woman has more balls than all of you together.” S., Nigeria

“These posters are excellent! I like the idea of posting them in school so all students see them, and develop their own interest in treating the subject of youth participation in schools.”

“Reading the stories together has instilled a sense of activism in my family. I am so impressed by my younger siblings, especially.” R., USA

“I am only half-through, and have already cried so many times. I cannot fathom what this read will do with me, but I sense it is going to do something really special to my life.” C., Jamaica

“A cardgame with REAL heros. So cool.”

“The cardgame has become our routine pocket game on frequent train journeys to visit family relatives. It’s great learning and sparks new ideas every time.” Z, Mexico

“A must for every kid on the planet today.” Kjell Kühne, Plant-For-The-Planet, LINGO

“I used the cardgame at a workshop. People drew cards, presented to their group and formulated mission statements. It worked great.” Cassandra Lin, TGIF

“I used the cards in my Business English for Adults class. It was the most dynamic lesson of my career. Usually, they are more interested in flirting. But today, everybody was totally focussed and on fire to explain their hero to their neighbors.”  Grzegor, Poland

“Everybody reacted to different heros, also the people that normally care not for the environment. After the session, a business man came over to me, to tell me how impressed he was by Gabrielles entrepreneurial spirit. I could see how it was still working in him.” Poland

“The best session of the week. By far.” European Youth Week

“I overheard my students talk about you during the break. They are really hanging at your lips. I have never seen them like this.” FEZ, Germany

“You just changed my life.”
IYONS Conference, India

“This made my day. You should have held the keynote.” UNESCO Mobile Learning Conference, Paris

“I often remember you on stage. It is an inspiration to me.” P., India

“These young people you brought into our conference have really upped the event. Our staff and audience didn’t even know such youth exist. It has sparked a lot of momentum behind the scenes.” N., Paris

“You didn’t promise too much. It has entirely changed my view of young people, and what we need to do.” Visioneers Conference, Berlin

“Strongly inspirational.” M., Folkeskole, Sweden

“Our principal observed our class while we held the meeting with you. She was so impressed by your message and the students’ reactions that she decided to run Crash Courses for all 8th graders next semester.”

“The videos make adrenalin rush through my entire body. I want this in my country. I want people to awaken to their true possibilities.” M., Egypt

“This morning I had no clue of anything. Now I feel entirely confident I can run huge campaigns. Crazy.”

“The sky’s no longer the limit.”

“The best week of my life.”

“The teamers were awesome. Eric’s a legend.”

“I am quite speechless about the youth presentations. You must have run an extraordinary program with them.” EU Commissioner

Without teaching experience and 20 years out of school, I have given 3 presentations, at 3 schools, to 3 classes age 11-14. Each was different, knew more or less on global issues. I easily freestyled for each group. 

Matthias, YL Volunteer, caring daddy and wilderness educator, Germany

All students loved it, teachers said this is what school should always be like, and all 3 enthusiastically asked me to come back to learn how they can take action. 

Matthias, YL Volunteer, caring daddy and wilderness educator, Germany

They also asked me what I do professionally – and want to book me to give wilderness courses. Everything happened precisely as you predicted. I fully trust your guidance.

Matthias, YL Volunteer, caring daddy and wilderness educator, Germany

“If this existed in my country, no one would read anything else.” J., Uganda

“Every single story speaks with the light of the Buddha.” J., India

“I love the idea of printing stories and set up a wall display, so that students see it every day for inspiration. We can also add information on activities  at our school and in the community.” Teacher, USA

“It’s crazy that we met these people on video, and now we can even work with them, and help them! I mean … us! It’s so cool!” Students, USA

“Thank you for helping me realize my dream.” Babar, India. world’s youngest headmaster. IBN India’s Real Heroes, Rotary World Teacher Prize, TED Fellow

“Thank you for helping India’s girls.” Usha Vishwakarma, Red Brigade Lucknow

“We have many needs here, and young people are dynamic, but we need vision, direction, and some help. The chance to cooperate with schools in Europe is really life-changing for our region. Thank you so much” N., YL Coach, South Africa 

“Meeting, speaking, planning projects and exchange visits with young people in Europe is really a big thing for our youth here. You know, this is the slum, they get no respect from their people. We really appreciate.” A., India 

“I would never have dreamed to get help from school children doing $10,000 sponsor runs for us. This is a gift from heaven. We have a lot to offer them from our side and we are so glad to plan a visit.” S., Community Organizer, Africa

“Adding youth leadership for local youth here is exciting. I would not have known how to do that on my own, but with you it’s so easy and so much fun!” T., Rwanda

“When I started a church group, I was so disappointed that the people have no interest. I want to DO something! I want to light a fire for these kids and get them DOING stuff. Real stuff. Ongoing stuff. I relate to Greta, saying she felt panic and had to act. I feel it too, and I have been frustrated beyond belief, but you have given us real direction and we thank you!” T., USA

“When I saw your website, I instantly felt this is what I want. I feel that I have found my tribe.”

“I love being part of this, and making a real change in the world. It’s so exciting to be in touch with real hero*ines and do stuff for youth. I know that lots of my friends will be up for it.” C., Memphis

“I’ve always been a passionate writer, but being able to write about changemakers and things that really matter to me – is beyond exciting!” K., Canada

“That would be a DREAM … for our rural eco-cultural heritage ventures … to be connected with schools and active youth crews supporting our project … and other projects. We really need citizens to wake up, because we’re losing our water table and this will end … all our farming here.” Village councillor, Brandenburg, Berlin

“We would love to have something interesting for village youth. They tend to go to the city. But as you say, both ways, also city youth can benefit from the space, liberties, adventure out here. We’d love to see youth leadership teams form.” Village councillor, Brandenburg, Berlin

“We have many people that could speak at schools. We also have LearnSpaces, farms, sanctuaries that kids and teens can visit and do real things, take responsibility, since these places always need help. We would love that this active link with schools gets formed.” Animal rights group, Berlin