TEAM UP FOR PROJECTS & evoke exciting changes together

Multi-year program partners for schools, businesses & philanthropists

* wildlife * girls * self-defense * education * village development * tourism * low tech * leadership *

A Unique Adventure

Have you ever even dreamed of the chance to work with outstanding changemakers, participate in taking their high impact initiatives to inter/national scale, and help them achieve their dreams?

We want to give you, your group and school the most exciting opportunity to work with

  • young and adult changemakers
  • established, or new ventures starting from scratch
  • talented folks seeking to create a future for their people

and enjoy a rich, intensive and multi-faceted learning experience.

Who else could we work with?

View who you can team up with!



Protect Our Grand Wildlife

Track Raabia’s bootprints and learn why this radio host has left the city behind and chosen to walk with rangers and protect the innocent. Hear her message : Our beloved beautiful cousins being mercilessly slaughtered. We need to act. We only have a brief handful of years. Help activate the region’s youth to be Guardians of the Wild.



20,000 Poor Kids Into School in 1 Year

and we want to see more of this!

Learn how we can make a big impact on many lives for generations to come. Our topics : enforcing a new law, kid-powered campaigns, micro-school, culture, arts and fun, youth leadership. Will you even go visit?


are a student-powered “social business” to finance the development of Gati, a village in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal. The youth use a variety of sources to raise $40,000€ annually, pay a work visit, and build schools, libraries, afforest, introduce new crops, organize healthcare services. Since the enormous earthquake a few years ago, their school was the only building standing unharmed on the mountain, a symbol of hope for the entire valley. Inspired, NN now want to build schools in the valley’s 7 villages, and call other schools to help!



“I love putting a smile on these children’s faces.”

We have so much to give to children that have nothing, not even parents. Neha sets records at empowering orphans since age 9, and calls all of us to get involved, to create our common good future for all of us, together. This project awakens our awareness to our abundance of safe home, play, peace, friendship, healthcare, education, bicycles, vocational training … and our powers to give it to those children – impacting their next 70 years and everybody they will meet. Be part, and go visit!


The Youngest Headmaster In The World

It began as a game at age 9, and never stopped. Today, his story in Indian textbooks reaches 50 million kids. Babar has got a second school built for him! We team up to develop his school. What can we add to make a rural school awesome? Can we add value for the surrounding community? What can we offer by visiting as volunteers?



Erin has turned a most basic matter – hotel soap thrown away ‘for reasons of hygiene’ after a couple of uses – into beautiful recycled soap bars, and 

  • a rolling business for rural women
  • a hygiene and health program for children in poverty
  • an education program

She is using donations, funds, and new partnerships with soap-wasting businesses (hotels simply can’t do much about it considering today’s tourism norms) to scale up her campaigns. Learn more and be part.


The Red Brigade, and its institutional twin The Red Brigade Trust are an epic success story of rape survivors turned badass self-defense coaches, of role models that have broken the taboo of “girls fighting back” and liberated thousands from violence. Their quest continues. Do you have backbone to help?

Many societies have made great progress on ending gross violence against children and women. Can we help them achieve it for their state?

They know of human suffering, tenacity, and how to break through walls. Can we learn from them to get harassment and rape down to zero on our end? 

We also start new community development ventures from scratch

Be with us from the start and see it unfold!



Our courageous friends would love to create some income sources for their young women (living in the poorest part of the city) – so we thought of tourism. There’s hotels nearby that can promote tours.

Who would be better guides than these locals with their amazing spirit, story and campaigns? They can even invite them to self-defense trainings and more.

 Will you help us seed fund the campaign?



Joseph would love to bring low tech development solutions to villages in rural Malawi. His beautiful, peaceful country along Lake Malawi was struck by severe droughts in recent years, plunging half the population into poverty.

Electricity, drop irrigation and new crop varieties can make a big difference – especially when introduced by young people! Are you ready to activate the team, and start some cool projects  on your side, too?



Animals of the Serengeti suffer from climate changes, loss of water, poaching and human encroachment. Elephants start moving … into villages, devastating gardens and fields, destroying harvests. The locals want to keep ellies alive, but for villagers, it is about survival.

One proven solution to keep these giants away are bees – bee fences around the fields. They are more expensive than one would expect, and we seek additional sources of revenue, selling ellie honey, tourist visits, and your ideas…

Some Highlights & Building Blocks of the Experience

Study their Story

Learn about the cause, and the solution. Retrace their steps from start to breakthrough success, what’s next, what’s needed and what you can contribute.


Use educational resources on the "issue"

for basic understanding of education, poverty, girls, environment, wildlife conflicts, street harassment, sexual violence in different parts of the planet, and your region.

Get involved

Do what needs doing. Start simple, then scale up. As you grow impact, media presence, community and understanding, your group will naturally come up with more ideas and begin to freestyle. With time, new partners and in-kind support appear.

Use our tools, tips and tricks

to raise FUNds, inspire people, build presence at school/s, in public and media, to activate parents and their workplaces

Stay grounded, dream big

Small, gentle, full power… tiny elementary school, elite academy, or huge inner city school – everybody is welcome.

  • do what you can achieve as a teacher
  • do not force or instrumentalize students
  • it needs to be voluntary, fluent, lightweight, fun

and dream big. You can always go bigger.

Let fired up students go big

If some youth would LOVE to work a lot on this project – don’t stop them! Trust in them! Let them organize as Changemaker Student Club. We offer resources, guidance, support and a global community, available during school hours and beyond. Life doesn’t end with the gong, does it? In fact, that’s when it really begins! We are here to help.

Think of, and create Benefits

Caring youth committed to doing social good deserve benefits for their personal and professional paths. We have badges, and tell your story in YL media. You have chances for awards, to win sponsors and stipends to attend YL Camp and more. Your activities, story, impact, interviews, encounters with partners and VIPs, media coverage etc. are great for CVsGet creative. Let’s talk how we can best give back to your students together.



in a myriad ways using our tools and tricks


Presentations, workshops, stalls, flashmobs, exhibits …

Media work

Media production and interaction with news media

Local project activities

aligned with the topic… also building things, fair trade, with local partners etc.

Co-write the next chapter

As you get involved, you become part of the story, see success unfold and can add to the plot. It will all show up in their social media, in YL Magazine, on this page, and your news media.

As we touch many people’s lives, we will write history together.

No joke.

Meet “live”

As you become part of the unfolding venture, it is evident that interaction increases, and we get a chance to meet via video, share gratitude, celebrate our common achievements, exchange ideas and make plans for what’s next.

Even go visit & volunteer

You can even go visit – as individuals or as a group. This will advance the project, make a fantastic personal experience, and vivid documentation will grow reach via media and presentations back home. There are so many creative ways to make a change! Find out, surprise us and make our hero*ines’ day!


Document your Experience

in vivid positive news form for social, news and YL media.

See, this, and the others are great, exciting ongoing projects for focus teams

Keep the school community inspired

through a stand, print out visually uplifting progress reports, bake sales, Philanthro-Parties …

Use special occasions to inspire the greater community

like school and town fests, UN Days with focus on specific issues

Connect at eye-level

with changemakers, mayors, journalists, funders, celebrities … who else can you get involved?

Consider and create Benefits

Caring youth committing to doing social good deserve to be given back some value for their personal and professional paths.

We have badges, features in YL media, nominate for awards, there might be sponsors and stipends for attending YL Camp and more. Think about the value that the big impact (size and numbers matter) and unusual stories we create together, encounters with VIPs, media coverage have for CVs.

Let’s talk how we can best give back to your students together.