Youth Leadership – “(training) young people as agents of change in their communities”

has been part of civic education in North America, for 50 years. Today, young heroInes are popping up everywhere, changing lives, laws, industries at record scale. They score our societies’ highest awards, prime time on tv, and have action teams at 12,000 schools. It is everybody’s dream come true, a game changer for people and planet. 

Yet, it is still brandnew to many! Being part begins with knowledge and inspiration : seeing & feeling is believing! We’ve compiled a powerful selection of clips conveying the spirit, scope and scale of youth leadership like few have ever seen it.

Get you fav’ snack, dive in, enjoy!

“You got to feel the change to live the change, you got to share the change to spread the change, you got to give the change to be the change.” Earth Guardians

Chapter #1 : Youth Leadership examples

#2 : Change Generation Culture – Xiuhtezcatl

#3 : Superpowers of Youth at School – Craig

Youth Leadership at & beyond school is the most important innovation on the planet. Imagine all young people today to grow up like this. This unfolds the worldview and skillset of the new human model.

“To change something, create a new model making the current model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

No longer infantile voters waiting for a rain of regulations and money to fix 50% cancer, 20% sex abuse, ecosystem collapse, species extinction but each cell of the societal organism Able, Active, Caring Citizens learning and implementing humanity’s finest solutions for inner and outer peace, bliss and abundance for all, in real-time collab with today’s Einsteins and Gandhis, as #1 priority, at record speed.

Young people today have the basics to develop the new dynamic OS that their hero peers display with mastery. It is a question of SPIRIT!

They want to. They can! Of course. But they have to grow up with it from early age. This calls all of us to get involved and play our role. Great news: It’s simple. 

#4 : Seed, Spark, Support Youth Leadership

#5 : High Impact Student Clubs

#6 : CG RISING Warrior Clans

All media and music belong to the featured changemakers and creatives. Check out the credits clip for some cool stuff and links to the music and organizations.

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