Mass Media are our societies’ macro communication sphere. Their purpose is to uplift all citizens to lead full, rich, peraceful, creative lives and achieve our good aspirations and dreams. And in time of crisis, to convey tangible solutions equipping all citizens to take action and end the crisis. There is need to do much better and we are highly motivated to help the few conscious people in the media field to better live their societal purpose and better achieve their professional aspirations. 

At YL we live our lives among the world’s finest, wildly successful and adored hero*ines. We see success unfold daily, we know a million more solutions and things to do, if only citizens got involved in a million ways.

We tell their stories in vivid form, provide actionable knowhow and countless exciting action opportunities with favorite causes and activities for everybody to use aligned with their personal focus, setting, passion and goals.

Audiences across all age groups and cultures get inspired with fresh hope, new vision and a sense of action. 


It’s about content, depth, spirit, purpose, intent and respect.

As a conscious, caring, intenful media professional you can gain access to

Outstanding kid, teen and adult hero*ine role models

  • with high impact solutions changing lives, land, learning, laws and industries
  • highly successful, many well visually documented, replicable by your audiences and accessible for conversations
  • from all parts of the planet
  • full spectrum of causes, diverse creative approaches

Finest quality Spirit

  • pure and uplifting; no protests, no politization, no bullies, no waiting for dirty industry government to pay someone to fix things
  • pure uplifting spirit, passion; kind changemakers with pure priorities and the Heart to act for others, unconditionally; life-long changemakers acting #fulltimeforfuture


  • with featured changemakers
  • with world experts


  • pay visits to changemakers
  • deep interviews
  • photo sessions
  • documentaries


  • for events
  • for workshops
  • for trainings 

Project Partners

Step us as a changemaking medium and adopt a project:

  • hero*ines leading high impact initiatives for development that you and your audiences can support and team up with to reach precious milestones and shape the future of entire regions
  • community organizers nurturing youth leadership in crisis regions; e.g. in India, Africa, Amazonia, e.g. refugee camps, violence against girls, rurtal education, acid attack survivors, post-Apartheid rural South Africa 

This is a unique and highly exciting, with many options to engage with audiences, schools and diverse stakeholders.

Worldclass expertise

  • world experts with and solutions
  • not trendy incomplete narratives promoted by special interest groups and uneducated newbies e.g. in porn, false negative stereotypes about boys and men, false negative stereotypes about girls and women, e-society, climate, education, food, development, active citizenship

Youth Leadership as a Cultural Asset and game changer for society

Interview YL Director Eric Schneider on

  • youth leadership
  • the massive power of schools
  • benefits for a good life in town – especially for towns experiencing loss of peace, democracy, rising violence against public servants
  • how to activate schools, workplaces and public spaces with spirit of hope, vision, motivation, involvement, fun and active citizenship
  • the role of positive news media
  • what roles you can play as youth, citizen, key professional like teacher, journalist or councillor
  • on youth leadership for diverse global challenges
  • on local topics, causes, challenges you care for 

Learn about Positive Change Media Culture

  • join a training
  • its nature compared to serious reporting, tabloids, NGO media, lukewarm positive news
  • its effect on clicks, mental health, worldview, active citizenship
  • how to easily practice it in daily life and work


You set a good example through your stories with action calls and project partnerships

Your stories support changemakers with

  • quality reporting
  • reach, access
  • tangible support through crowdfunding, diverse in-kind support, relations

Your stories boost society with the cultural asset youth leadership

  • positive worldview on youth
  • positive view of school
  • solution-oriented thinking
  • passion, idealism, can-do feeling
  • power of one, social enterprise
  • belief and trust in humanity’s creative force
  • trust in neighbors and citizens from all walks of life
  • a good future

Y/our stories provide your audiences with

  • tangible hope, vision, positive worldview
  • inspire tangible funding and diverse in-kind support for featured changemakers
  • ideas for concrete action and projects. With how many might a handful of your audience come up with? 5? 10? We provide more than 400 – and
  • access to outstanding partners, tools and support

Easily engage your audiences

  • call for nominations of teen hero*ines
  • call for nominations of adult changemakers near and far
  • do a survey on experience and views on youth, schools, learnspaces … tip: use our surveys
  • call for contributions to hero*ines initiatives
  • encourage local application of solutions and replication of initiatives
  • AND call them to tell of their taken activities to get their story vividly told IN YOUR MEDIUM and inspire others to join