Literacy Day and Peace Day are great for a meaningful fundraiser and book drive. One of the collest imaginable is for Babar’s legendary school and his NEW schol being built RIGHT NOW and to open by 1 January 2015.

Babar has no fiction and cool books for the kids like Harry Potter, dinosaurs, Bone, science, all those good things, novel or picture books. Do you have some left over? We are sure you have, since Julia and Emma are raising 1,000’s of good books every month and sending them up North to aboriginal NAN kids of Northern Ontario, But they have sent boxes to India already, and NEXT on the list is Babar.

We are preparing our fundraiser materials for Babar to USE AT SCHOOL, in your OFFICE and elsewhere. You can find out more about Babar in a lush article with videos on our Field Partners page.

Get in touch, if you would like to help! We can accelerate publication of our media tools for you.