or JOIN ONE or act by yourself AS YOUTH and AS ADULT


Hey, Youth!

YL is a community. You need not pay, become member of an organization, show up for board meetings or training at 5. 

It’s like with free online gaming communities like League Of Legends or Fortnite. You use  online tools to self-organize activities, not on screen but in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, cities and regions with impact on lives and land FOR REAL.

You choose your quest, form your path, interact with who you likewe are here to help you #bemoreawesome also at night, on week-ends and holidays #fulltimeforfuture. Plus, there’s local YL Coaches and Allies for you. You will meet them as you walk.

You can act on your own, as many successful hero*ines do. But working as a team will boost your fun, reach, relations, scope of talent and impact. Like in sports, you pick your pace, amateur or pro athlete, casual or fulltime, it’s entirely up to you. Whether silent or loud, visible or acting in secret, all of us are part of the sport we love and we are all important part of one Tribe!

So, do what you love #bemoreawesome

For YOUTH teams, we differ 3 forms, mostly defined by pace and by space of operation.

Act Casually

on causes you love

Act Regularly

where all youth meet daily

Act Full-Time

commit to 3 missions per month

Hence, although we show you mostly badass bold superhero*ines (like in the field of sport or music), don’t feel shy or obliged to do like them. Please be entirely true to yourself. We want you to feel good. The special thing about YL though is that we don’t stop at one-off $50 Xmas cookie sales or tell you we can’t do that or that’s too big. Like others do. Here, you can always go bigger, surprise us, be crazy and spectacular! And isn’t that magic?!

Whichever path and pace you choose, you have access to the full scope of YL Tribe resources, partners and support, by signing up free with our #BeMoreAwesome program for youth age 8 to 18

Check out how Adults can form teams below. This knowledge can help you better activate them.

Dear Adults,

YL is a community. You do not need to pay, join an organization or attend board meetings. We may chip in homemade cookies, though! Busy bees have to live on something.  

You self-organize your activities to activate youth, boost hero*ines, do good for people and planet – using loads of resources, tricks, tutorials, coaching, partners, platforms that we provide with the YL Tribe. To strengthen our bond, move forward with robust steps,  enjoy lovely company, make bigger impact and live greater dreams … 

1. you can take roles as online and local volunteer. We offer 3 options.

2. you can self-organize with colleagues and fellow citizens using our resources, methods and network partners.

Both boosts youth leadership and is important. Pick what fits you best.

Your spheres of operation

Youth Leadership connects with these spheres of life.

Team up with Friends

Here are our 3 current options.

Boost Hero*ines

donate + in-kind

Raise more

+ spread the word

Activate youth

Guide crash courses, exhibits

Co-create YL

Magazine, media, community

Team up with Colleagues

Options are limitless. Here are ideas and examples. 

We see “Teams of Adults” in these spheres






Public Library + Living Museum

Town Council

Community + Youth Centre

Ho(s)tel + Summer Camp

Nature Centre + Park

Prison + Hospital

Refugee Camp + Orphanage

… do these things




Seed media


Book Group Trainings



Guide Crash Courses

Help in-kind

Project Partnership

Group Family or Volunteer Travel


Local Campaigns


Book Hero*ine Speakers

LearnSpace for Youth

Imagine Yourself + 3 Friends

What can you do together …

with your resources, in-kind, relations, talent, reach?

with plenty of causes, tools, partners and support?

Adults are often specialised.

You can FOCUS on your priority topic. Here are examples. There are many more. 

Community Gardening

with focus on dyeing gardens, permaculture, edible landscapes etc

Theatre + Arts + Music + News

Do hero theatre, compose Change Generation Music, positive news stories and films 

Rural Activation

Activate youth for river or ecosystem restoration, wildlife corridors, youth-led eco-cultural tourism, small business, collaboration with city youth …

Youth in Crisis

Refugee camps, orphanages, trafficking survivors, gun violence, food deserts …

Professional Users

have their own team of colleagues to inspire and involve.




Civil Society


Youth Workers

… from day 1 connected with the global YL Tribe

for quick, temporary or long-term non-/formal interaction and collaboration with



Project Partners


Partner Schools

YL Program Partners

… easily evolving an “Extended Team Network”

using simple steps and communications described in our LearnSpaces Manual in the LearnSpace Evolution section

Crash Course Phase 4 “Activate Paradise City” is an excellent playful training and equips you with a UN Action Days Map and 100s of icons to localize allies

Citizens, i.e. parents, artists, entrepreneurs, seniors ...

Youth Teams + Student Clubs

Teachers, which means entire schools

Magical Coaches teaching practical skills, e.g. music, permaculture, bee-keeping, sourcing colors from plants ...

LearnSpaces to gather, learn, plan, realize projects


Organizations, which means members, know-how, relations

Also – plenty of options to

Get Out There

with your lovely people for a lovely time in lovely nature and making life in town and country more lovely, since many young hero*ines in YL role model stories take outdoor action.

Team up with YL

Collaborative Team Projects

are fun greater goals that challenge you use all your skills, creativity, resources and relations. You can tell that they align perfectly with the goals of caring citizens, YL Coaches and professionals.

Participation in YL Programs scores you video meetings and support of YL Staff and Master Coaches and interaction with lovely people like you that have embarked on the same adventure. Yay!

Help a Hero*ine

reach grand milestones shaping their region’s future

X Crash Courses

at XX schools, form teams, unite them for fireworks of action

Set up a Space

for youth to gather, learn, plan, realize projects, e.g. at library

Heal the Land

Restore urban+rural ecosystems with purpose, win-wins for many

Live SDGs in Action

1 action on all 17 SDGs, pick from 200 actions of 50 hero*ines

Discover Food

Seed, sprout, harvest, ferment, bake, create vegan delights

Visit Hero*ines

Make impact with your presence gifts, docu, follow-up actions

Team Up Schools

to spark clubs, protect natural, cultural heritage, youth-led business, tourism, visits

1 or 2-way visits

between youth teams to boost action, campaigns on both sides

Tell Your Stories

in vivid positive news form as part of YL online, digital, print, radio and tv to show, boost, work with local changemakers