FOCUS: Put the FUN into fundraising for much greater impact, reach, building supportive community and making it part of daily life throughout the year – modeled on the tactics and philosophy of master wizard Lulu Cerone.

RESULTS: New worldview on style and scope of fundraising and Philanthro-Parties, during lunch break at school, work, access to countless tips, occasions, vivid documentation for greater reach and impact.

Study it by yourself.

Make it a group activity in class, or coach a workshop.

We’ll add a playful exercise. Dreaming up where to use these dozens of options in one’s daily life, and mapping them in spaces, parks, parents’ workplaces, school fests etc. Feels like fireworks! Then – do it! Yay!


Yeah, it’s horrible to stand in the wind, people too shy. But that’s a matter of spirit, story, occasion, presentation, too. FUNdraising raises big cash moving mountains for heros in poor regions. It’s way underrated by activist NGOs, since it vastly builds media presence, community, so we combine strikes, cookies, vegan delights, petitions, posters, books, flyers etc. all in 1 stand!



We can create way more fun for ourselves, our team and others to join, support, spread the word and contribute.

This multiplies our reach, impact, fun, and recurring, even constant activities – because fundraising changes from work to PARTY! 



This works great at school also.

We have to be the most fun place and group to attract attention of our wild bunches of peers streaming through corridors and halls during breaks. 

We got to have the most yummy foods, presented in a neat, witty way. We create them with Philanthro-Parties the day before or during the day. 

We can create all sorts of fun activities during lunch break, recess, and at fests, also in combination with UN Days.

Remember : Our posters, HQ, ISLEs etc. help create a well visible space with uplifting ambience. Yummy food makes it better. FUN makes it better. Diverse and changing activities make it better.

It all adds to building community that will also join petitions, campaigns, projects of all sorts.

Remember : school is the one place where our entire generation gathers daily. This is the ultimate potential for informing, educating, involving and empowering all youth – for now and for the future, because they’ll forever remember this cool stuff. 



Add activities that encourage conversations, and playful interaction with kids, parents, journalists …

Don’t just stand there. Give people a good time. There’s super smart stuff to engage people. It’s not easy to come up with ideas. Here they come.

This little extra creativity makes it super more fun for people, and also fantastic for involving school classes and kids. Also to spark follow-up activities.



Our HeroInes make

  • an average of $15,000 a month since age 9
  • $2,000 on a single day
  • 25,000 € in 48 hours
  • $20 with daily bakesales, 5 times a week, year-round
  • $100 on a farmer’s market day


We can raise impact by 3, 5, 100 times. Let’s use all these magic tricks – also in combination!



Showing up need not be embarassing.

Like our passionate heroInes you can only succeed.

Approach it like an improvized street theatre performance. You’ve got to learn from Lulu. 

Get your stage, story and tools together with your mix of

  • superhero causes, posters, flyers
  • play, kindness, interactions
  • yummy goodies, lemonaid
  • decor, shirts, costumes

It becomes a beautiful spot, hang-out, occasion to INVITE people to show up!

friends and parents (as part of the crew), more parents (as supporters), journalists (to report), organizations (for conversations), the general public (via your news articles) to get informed on causes, and bring their kids (for fun)

Basically like your public HQ and ISLE !!

And so – you will love it.

Plus, it generates

  • happy photos
  • = media presence !!
  • friends
  • in-kind support
  • invitations as speakers



FUNdraising creates tons of human interactions and encounters.

Preparation, planning, drafting, building, costumes, on the road to the farmers market, set up, ready, all shiny, encounters, first donations, full glass of bills, vivid conversations, fun and laughter, yummy treat, discoveries, selfies, crowds … it’s stuff for a mini documentary any time you go there. 

  • Document with selfies, photographer friends, video folks, journalists
  • Share “live”, on social, YL and news media


It’s fun, and a great exercise with wonderful motifs you keep your community inspired and you are a great example to others.

Look at the photos on the YL website. They are all generated BY youth in action. Send us yours!



Well, you see it across this entire page … you generate fantastic cause, story, interviews, contents, interactions, inspiration … a caring journalist’s dream … unsiting global and local causes, youth + ordinary citizens + adult allies. 

It’s an ongoing, evolving story also. Which chapter will be next? Will the audience co-write it by becoming part? You can team up perfectly with your journalist friends.

And it’s not only about the gritty gruesome campaigning for changes of laws and injustices. Nope. It’s full of happy people across generations and cultures, blissed and inspired to give their money, ideas and talents for the upliftment of others, of people and planet – with YOUth at the centre. You become a legend.

Very few people play this well. The super heroInes featured in this pack do. 

Do this right, and you cannot fail. You’ll change culture for many thousands of readers and viewers, old and young.



A stand, okay. Let’s add a sense of magic and adventure.

It’s hard to imagine until you’ve seen Lulu’s examples :

  • sleep-overs, birthdays, seasons, week-ends …
  • water wars, backyard carnivals, superbowl alternatives, labor day party-in-a-box …

Lots and lots of it.

The idea is to make doing social good for our favorite causes and charities our lifestyle, so that we become a Generation Of Generosity.

You totally get the vision when seeing the examples and following Lulu’s Lemonaid Warriors on social media. 



Yes. Our books. That’s stuff people love and like to buy. Get a bulk and sell them!

Looks great on stand tables, is a perfect gift for kids, and a veritable artefact in a child’s room. 

We need all kids to grow up with this daily, as bed-, couch- and backseat stories. 

You are inspired by heroInes. The same is true for others.

All our gold is compiled in our books, and those of our friends are no less magical.

You are the best Messengers to bring this into the hands and homes of kids.



Year-round bake- and lemonaid sales at your HQ and ISLE are wonderful. 

Small Philanthro-Parties for learning and doing social good fit into lunch breaks, and afternoon club activities. Handmade cards, local guide dogs for the blind, quick things. #MakeSchoolAwesome

But let’s vary our fireworks with highlights and pinnacle events. Peace Week, school fests, UN Day of Biodiversity, Shark Week, Day of Talking Like a Pirate and many others … are fit for costumes, theatre, special activities … teachers like creative, interactive, interdisciplinary stuff.

It’s not for every week, but why not each month? 

Well, yes, make life awesome, make school awesome. 

You can combine themes with creative preparation in classes. Arts. Music. Fablab.

Teachers like this work of doing projects with an aim, performance and result. They just can’t do it because they lack opportunity, student support and wit. 

YOU can bring this in. They’ll love it! Document, share, report on the news – offer it to other schools! Their club will then follow your example.



Fests are good mooded gatherings

  • at school, in town, in companies, parks, festivals, families

Frankly though, most are either super boring OR there is definitely space for another uplifting installation to inspire kids and attract adults’ generosity.

Plus – it’s a chance for the general public to meet the famous kids they know from articles and television interviews. So, use radio etc to invite people to your stand for a special occasion.

On fests one has official permission to be weird, fun and loud. That is like a call to go overboard with passion and creativity. Let out the comedians and wonders!

Have you learned your songs? Change Generation music?!

Thousands of people. What can we do with that?

Kids and teens but only served with boring stuff, cheap sugar and bratwurst.

Wield your magic, invite, document, raise big, make friends, spark follow-up!



That’s where you want your parents and adult allies to generate support, by informing and inspiring their people : colleagues, employees, customers … they can be many.

The options are enormous, and it can add much fun and creativity to their work days, too. Their workplace also means capital : finance, tools, skills, services … such as printing, building websites, running social media campaigns, and spaces : for workshops, fests, summer camps

Youth meet daily at school.

Adults meet daily at work.

Approach it the same way: inform, inspire, involve, unleash superpowers, with ripple effects to their families, communities and media.

It enriches their lives and professions just as much as those of youth at school.



Our platform for ADULTS to boost young heroInes globally and locally has tons of tools and tricks for adults to unfold their superpowers, especially at the workplace.

Youth hardly think about this opportunity, and have difficulty to reach there, unless they team up with their parents and supportive adults. 

YOU as youth can inspire these activities, and then cultivate them with adults.

Once again, this mega scales your reach and impact, community and allies.

We’re treading new ground together. We don’t know of anyone unfolding all these potentials.